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Statistics coursework gcse edexcel

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Edexcel GCSE Statistics (2009) | …

Statistics coursework gcse edexcel

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Edexcel GCSE statistics coursework …

Arts and Architecture assignment help. We provide Arts and Architecture assignment help in Fine arts, Visual arts, Industrial design, Architectural design etc. At, you can receive Arts and statistics coursework, Architecture Project writing help , research paper writing help , essay writing help and many more. Art is reflection of plan, imagination, creativity and ideas whereas architecture is a part of art that is art of statistics coursework edexcel, building monuments, structures and building. If art is an ocean, architecture is a small river that merges in that ocean. This is the reason that both these concepts are studied together to develop better understanding of this field. Our online tutors of Arts and Architecture have defined arts and architecture separately to importance make the statistics coursework edexcel concept clear to the students. Answer to this question can be found in and scollon essayist literacy, different books and gcse, online sites but an accurate definition that display the actual picture of this field is difficult to obtain. It is because the concept of critical minded, art is blend with many other fields of study like history, psychology, anthropology etc. For quick understanding, the arts and architecture expert in gcse, myassignmenthelp has answered art as a work of food essay's, creativity that is statistics edexcel prepared by individual designated as artist.

Though in sampe, earlier time handicraft, music and dance were termed as art but now art can be broadly classified as visual art, performing art, literature and decorative art. In a simple language our art tutors have defined this subject as the medium of displaying emotions, ideas and creativity of an individual. Gcse. If you want to obtain more information on art and popular artistic work, choose our arts and architecture assignment help and get the sampe content designed from our online experts . The term Architecture is used in most of the fields. Coursework Gcse. But here this term is specially designated to implementation of critical minded, artistic work for construction of buildings, monuments or some specific structures. Our arts and architecture experts have clarified that “architecture is a small portion of visual art that is statistics gcse executed after proper analysis of place and inspection of preformed design”. Plan. Though earlier, architectural design was outlined in paper using proper measurements and coursework, calculations but now the technological inventions have made it easy to get an accurate architectural view through 3D design and graphical interference. “An architect worthy of the name must not only know how to design functional structures that will be safe in critical minded, all kinds of conditions, he must also have an eye for beauty. Many in the field just try to come up with something different that will draw attention, but if you will observe the most charming and lovely neighborhoods, the architecture of the homes will harmonize and complement each other. This is especially true in many of the villages in Europe or Japan. What is true of gardens and apparel is also true of houses. Statistics Coursework Gcse Edexcel. Just as one wouldn't usually plant flaming red flowers under a redbud tree or wear colors that clash, the same is true of houses.

An architect should have a sense for such matters and be able to how to write for a master enhance the overall effect of a neighborhood rather than destroy the beauty that others have achieved by putting a mismatch in their midst. Too often today loveliness is sabotaged in the attempt to compete for attention. A true architect, however, will appreciate beauty.”—Guest Don Daniels (wigglecane) The work of architect is to complete an architectural project that starts from designing a building to its construction and ends after doing the paper work. Statistics Gcse Edexcel. Our online arts and architecture experts have also commented that the 5 years program of Art and Architecture allows student to seek master degree in this field. Also you can find description of all the forms of arts and its importance in present context at food, Arts and Architecture assignment help provided by our skillful tutors.

Visual art: The artistic work that can be visualized by our eyes is coursework gcse termed as visual art. It include drawing, architecture, photography, painting, and many more of related areas. Assignment help service on Art and Architecture allows you to form get every minor details on visual art including its history and reality. Decorative art: The designing and decoration of objects, mostly the edexcel useable ones is termed as decorative art. We provide you arts and architecture homework help in decorative art that covers every portion of your assignment in this topic. Performing art: The process of displaying the artistic work through dance or music that requires presence of individual or a group is termed as performing art. Critical Minded. Architectural design: Study of Architectural design makes individual proficient and creative in building spaces or buildings that are affordable to live a sustainable life. Statistics Coursework. This subject expands technical idea and creative vision of students. If you are finding it problematic in discovering the required information for completion of your assignment, call us to receive arts and architecture assignment help in given topic. Interior architecture: It develops student’s knowledge to generate design, use innovative technology that enhance their creative ideas to shape the interior environment of commercial, ethnic and domestic buildings.

If you are pursuing course on art and architecture, you will be asked to food essay's do assignment on the mentioned topics. But usually students are encircled with lots of doubts and questions while writing art and statistics coursework gcse, architecture assignment . You can check our online assignment help site for your arts and architecture assignment. Get help from for your arts and architecture assignment. The study of Art and critical minded, Architecture broadens student knowledge to become a skilled artist who can improve the quality of edexcel, our life. They are engaged in business, shaping our world. Undoubtedly, students pursuing arts and architecture are given number of projects and assignments. They need to go for field work to gain practical experience and develop inventiveness. Along with the course specific subjects, students of Art and statistics coursework, Architecture need to have a good knowledge on other fields as well.

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pe theory coursework Extracts from this document. Analysis of statistics, performance coursework I am analysing myself on the position I play in football which is centre back. The important skills needed in order to play centre back are: * Power * Balance * Coordination * Agility * Timing * Control These skills are important for: * Power is important so the player is able to strike the ball hard enough to clear it from danger. It is also important so the player can jump high to win headers. * Balance is important so the player is able to stay on their feet whilst landing after jumping for a header and taking on players. * Coordination is important in order to run and header at the same time and to run and kick at the same time. Critical Minded? * Agility is important so the gcse, player is able to take on scollon literacy, players whilst coming out of defence. It is also important for the layer so he is gcse, able to keep track of his marker whilst his marker tries to lose him in and out of players. Form Covering Letter? * Timing is important so the player is able to kick and header the ball at the right time to get the best effect. * Control is important in order to able to control high balls. The fitness components that are needed to play centre back successfully are: * Speed * Flexibility * Cardiovascular endurance * Speed endurance * Power * Acceleration These fitness components are needed for: * Speed is statistics coursework gcse edexcel, needed in order to keep up with the pace of the game and to importance of music, keep track of your marker. * Flexibility is useful when playing centre because it helps you to intercept passes and control high passes with your feet. * Cardiovascular endurance is statistics gcse, needed so the player is able to keep moving for the whole length of the match. * Speed endurance is needed so the scollon and scollon literacy, player is able to keep up with their marker when through balls are played throughout the whole match. During this time you must be moderately active which means working at about 60-80% of your maximum heart rate (MHR). Continuous training is essential for everyone who takes part in activities for a long period of time.

Fartlek training can simply be modified to work on improving cardiovascular endurance just by making the statistics edexcel, sessions longer and including more running. My second weakness that I find I have is passing with my left foot, and my third weakness is heading. These two weaknesses could be combined and improved on in the same session. Circuit training could be used to scollon and scollon essayist literacy, improve these two weaknesses and instead of using health based exercises at each station, skill based exercises could replace them. For example at statistics coursework edexcel the first station the exercise could be passing the ball onto a wall with your left foot as many times as possible in 45 seconds. To judge to essay's, see if you are improving you count the number of times you pass the statistics coursework edexcel, ball successfully and compare with your next set of results. At the second station the sampe business, same thing could be done but using headers instead. Another way of statistics coursework gcse edexcel, improving these weaknesses is by doing a skills training session. For this it is best to involve other players so they can help you improve. To improve heading there could be three extra players; a goal keeper, someone to cross balls in and a defender. How To An Introduction For A S Thesis? First a player would cross the ball in and I would be trying to win the header and header at goal, the statistics, job of the defender is to win the ball and the goal keeper's job is obviously to save it.

This would help me to improve my heading accuracy whilst I go up for corners, it would also get me more used to heading in a game situation. Once about 15-20 balls have been delivered I would then swap with the crosser and then cross balls in with my left foot in order to improve it. As a result of the six week training programme I would expect to critical minded, see a good improvement in not only the edexcel, test results but in a competitive match as well. Essay's? I would hope that I would find it a lot easier running around for the whole match and I would think that I would have improved my weaknesses as well as my strengths. My next steps once I have finished the training programme are to statistics coursework edexcel, focus on any other weaknesses that could be improved. I will also keep on an essay on the importance, concentrating partly on my previous weaknesses, but not as intensely because I now have more important weaknesses. These weaknesses are speed endurance and coordination. I will write up an additional training programme in order to improve these other weaknesses. However due to the six week training programme I will not yet be good enough at my previous weaknesses in statistics coursework edexcel order to call them my strengths, therefore I will need to carry on working on them but not as often. I will write up another six week training programme and in one of those weeks I will include working on my previous weaknesses, in this week I will carry out the same sort of training methods but do them more intensely as I should be better at them.

In the other five weeks I will still include one of those training methods once a week but for the rest of the week I will concentrate on improving my other weaknesses. To improve my speed endurance I will need to include training methods such as interval training in my programme. I used interval training in my previous programme but in order to aim it specifically at speed endurance I will need to scollon, add more sprints in to statistics coursework, it. To improve my coordination I will carry out a circuit training programme that will include various activities to improve my coordination, then I will repeat them three or four times. The above preview is unformatted text. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in how to an introduction for a master our section. Abo fur kundigen? 3.1.

Leisure Recreation. Unit 3: Reasons Opportunities for Participation in Physical Activity. Unit 2: Health, Safety Training. Unit 1: Factors affecting performance. practical activities/sports from. Planning, Performing Evaluating. Written Exam (1h 45m) First things first. will still have 2 lessons of P.E. a week in Year 10 11! National Curriculum = mandatory! 3 lessons per week.

Abo fur kundigen? Abo f#xFC;r Sithembiso Nkosi k#xFC;ndigen? Year 10 11 IGCSE Business Studies Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The main aim of the course is to develop an understanding of the environment within which business activity takes place, and knowledge of how the main types of business and commercial institutions are organised, financed and operated. Students are encouraged to view business from the roles of consumer, shareholder, employee and manager, and to learn to make informed judgements on gcse, various aspects of business activities from a range of an essay on the of music, perspectives. The course offers the student an opportunity to study the real world of business by looking at the following topics: #x2022; Business Environment - business activity, aims and objectives. #x2022; Business Organisation - formation, organisation and location. #x2022; Business Accounting#xA0;#xA0; - functions and practices. #x2022; Marketing - Theory and practice. #x2022; Production - Use and management of resources.

#x2022; The role of government in business activities. #x2022; People in Business - understand the role of statistics, employees in a business. Year 10 11 IGCSE Computer Studies Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The aims are to: 1. Sampe Plan? Develop an appreciation of the range and power of computer applications.

2. Foster an interest in, enjoyment of, and confidence in the use of computing. 3. Develop the ability to solve problems using computing techniques. 4. Develop an awareness of the coursework edexcel, place of computing in society and issues computing raises in society. 5. Gain a firm understanding of the an introduction for a master, basic techniques and knowledge required for computing applications. 6. Develop a desire to use computers within other interests.

Applications of computers and their social and statistics coursework edexcel, economic implications. 1. System analysis. 2. Problem solution, including algorithm design and scollon essayist literacy, programming concepts. 3. Generic software and the organization of coursework edexcel, data. 4. Hardware, systems and communication.

Year 10 11 IGCSE Information Technology Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The aims are to: 1. Help students to on the importance, develop and statistics edexcel, consolidate their knowledge, skills and understanding in Information Technology. 2. Encourage students to develop further as autonomous users of Information Technology. 3. Encourage students to continue to develop their Information Technology skills in order to enhance their work in a variety of subject areas. 4. Application Letter? Provide opportunities for students to analyse, design, implement, test and evaluate Information Technology systems. 5. Encourage students to consider the statistics, impact of new technologies on methods of working in the outside world and on social, economic, ethical and moral issues.

6. Help students to grow in their awareness of the ways in which Information Technology is used in critical minded practical and work-related situations.#xA0; The main topics are: 1. Components of a Computer System. 2. Statistics Edexcel? Input and Output Devices. 3. Storage Devices and Media. 4. Computer Networks. 6. The Effects of using IT. 7. Essayist? The ways in which IT is used.

8. Systems Analysis and Design. Candidates should be familiar not only coursework gcse with the types of software available and the range of Information Technology knowledge and skills detailed above, but also their uses in practical contexts. Year 10 11 IGCSE Geography Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The course aims to encourage students to develop: #xA0;1. A sense of place and an understanding of relative location on master, a local, regional and global scale. #xA0;2. An awareness of the characteristics and distribution of a selection of contrasting and physical environments. #xA0;3. An understanding of some of the processes affecting the development of such environments.

#xA0;4. An understanding of the statistics coursework gcse, spatial effects of the ways in which people interact with each other and with their environments. #xA0;5. An understanding of different communities and cultures throughout the world and an awareness of the contrasting opportunities and sampe, constraints presented by different environments. The course consists of a study of 3 themes which are collectively designed to coursework gcse, develop an understanding of the application form letter, natural and human environment. The first theme, Population and Settlement, involves an investigation of population dynamics and settlement patterns.

The second theme, The Natural Environment, is an investigation of climatic and gcse edexcel, vegetation regions and landscape processes. The third theme, Economic Development and Resources, investigates the ways in which people use (and misuse) natural resources, including agriculture, energy and industry. On The Importance? Students will undertake fieldwork investigations to coursework, develop an understanding of the principles studied in the classroom, and as preparation for Paper IV. Year 10 11 IGCSE History Two Year Course. Aims of the critical minded, Course.

The aims are to: Stimulate interest and enthusiasm about the statistics, past Promote the acquisition of knowledge Understand the nature and use of historical evidence Understand cause and consequence, continuity and critical minded, change, similarity and difference Provide a sound basis for statistics coursework edexcel, further study and the pursuit of personal interest Encourage international understanding Encourage the development of linguistic and write master, communication skills. The course concentrates on Twentieth Century international relations from the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 up until the end of the Cold War in 1989. This includes the statistics coursework edexcel, work of the League of Nations and the United Nations, the events which led to the Second World War and the superpower rivalry between the USA and business, the USSR.#xA0;The depth study option is USA 1918-1941 and coursework gcse edexcel, this is used for students to write their coursework. Year 10 11 Art and Design Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The aims are to stimulate, encourage and develop:

1. Confidence, enthusiasm and for a master s thesis, a sense of achievement in the practice of Art and Design; 2. An ability to identify and solve problems in visual and tactile form; 3. An ability to record from direct observation and personal experience; 4. The technical competence and manipulative skills necessary to form, compose and. #xA0;#xA0;#xA0; communicate in two and three dimensions; 5. Knowledge of statistics coursework gcse, a working vocabulary relevant to the subject; 6. The ability to organise and scollon, relate abstract ideas to practical outcomes;

7. Experimentation and innovation through the inventive use of materials and techniques; 8. Intuitive and imaginative responses showing critical and analytical faculties; 9. Statistics? An interest in, and a critical awareness of, environments and cultures. In Year 10 students complete six projects with an emphasis on observational drawing and painting, interpretative drawing and painting, design, art history, architecture, three-dimensional art and printmaking. They record their experience and media trials on prep sheets. Critical Minded? Then they choose an area of coursework gcse, study for their coursework according to what they have most enjoyed studying in their projects. At the beginning of the third term, they make a choice of assessments for their exam in Year 11.

Year 10 11 IGCSE Drama Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. Drama enriches the application letter, students#x2019; imagination, creativity and self-esteem. The course provides an excellent means of developing personal and coursework edexcel, communication skills for all students, which contributes to the student#x2019;s individuality and character. students will explore and and scollon, create their own Drama. They will work on texts drawn from a variety of cultures and gcse, times, experimenting with the roles of directors, performers, devisors and designers.

Students will devise and script original material through various techniques such as improvisation and discussion. On The Importance? They will follow through with the style analysis, planning, rehearsal, performance and evaluation of the Drama. Students will be doing a lot of practical work and gcse, written work as well, most of it as part of a group working together throughout the two year course. Year 10 11 IGCSE Music Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The aims are to: 1. Enable candidates to acquire and essay's, consolidate a range of basic musical skills, knowledge and understanding, through the activities of listening, performing and composing.

2. Assist candidates to develop a perceptive, sensitive and critical response to the main historical periods and style of Western music. 3. Help candidates to recognise and understand the music of coursework gcse edexcel, various non-Western traditions, and thus to and scollon essayist literacy, form an appreciation of cultural similarities and differences. 4. Provide the basis for statistics coursework gcse, an informed and lasting love and appreciation of music. 5. Provide a foundation for further study in music for those candidates who wish to pursue their studies at a higher level. In Composition students are given a wide range of experiences, from pop songs to 20th Century art music to Bach chorales. In Performance students are offered free tuition on an instrument of their choice.

The unprepared listening component exposes the student to a very wide range of recordings, drawn from both Western and non-Western music. Form Covering Letter? The prepared listening component includes a study of a Western European Orchestral work and the study of music from a non-western country. Year 10 11 IGCSE Physical Education Two Year Course. Aims of the Course. The course provides candidates with an exciting opportunity to study both practical and theoretical aspects of Physical Education. It is gcse, also designed to foster enjoyment in Physical activity. Course Content -#xA0;The Syllabus has two components. Component 1- Terminal Examination (40%) This is made up of three units. 1. Factors affecting performance.

2. Scollon And Scollon Essayist? Health, Safety and training. 3. Reasons and Opportunities in Physical Activity. Component 2- Coursework (60%) Candidates have to choose a minimum of 4 activities from coursework gcse edexcel, a minimum of two categories. The choices for fast food essay's, 2012 will be from the following: - Games#xA0;Association Football, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Rounders, Rugby, Softball, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball.

- Gymnastics:#xA0;Artistic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Figure Skating, Rhythmic Gymnastics. -Athletic Activities:#xA0;Track and Field, Weight Training for fitness, Cross Country running. - Outdoor Activities:#xA0;Canoeing, Hill Walking and camp craft, Horse riding, Orienteering, Wind surfing, Rock climbing. - Swimming:#xA0;Competitive Swimming, Lifesaving, Personal Survival. Candidates should also demonstrate their ability to analyse and improve their own performance in written context.

Our qualifications have a straightforward structure with four engaging and gcse edexcel, up-to-date components, assessed through externally examined papers and non-examined assessments designed to be accessible for all students. GCSE PE (Physical Education) coursework Coursework resources. Home; Revision notes; Revision guides; Help Advice; Contribute; Don't forget to read our Privacy Policy. And Scollon Literacy? An introduction for the Cambridge Examinations IGCSE Physical Education course in relation to the syllabus, coursework (practical and theoretical) and general guidelines. GCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION Paper 2 #x2013; Socio-cultural influences and well-being in statistics edexcel physical activity and food, sport. Specimen 2018 Morning Time allowed: 1 hour 15 minutes. Coursework Gcse? Materials. For this paper.

PET 3020 Foundations of Physical Education and Sport Management. 3 sh (may not be repeated for credit) For physical education and sport management majors. These forms will help you administer controlled assessment/course work/enter candidates for external assessment in GCSE Physical Education 4890. PET 3020 Foundations of application letter, Physical Education and Sport Management. 3 sh (may not be repeated for credit) For physical education and sport management majors.

GCSE Physical Education provides students with the knowledge and understanding of coursework, how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, enabling them to make informed choices about their own physical. Sampe? GCSE PE Theory Edexcel Powerpoints. 4.9 (13) You#x2019;re downloading this resource from Created by dkershaw1. 4.9 (13) Download. Save for later. Pin ShareMore This is the first part of a. Theory of Knowledge (882) World Literature (1,581) All IB Subjects (8,531) Helpful guides Analysis of Performance GCSE PE Coursework.

Extracts from this document Introduction. Theory of Knowledge (882) World Literature (1,581) All IB Subjects (8,531) Helpful guides Analysis of Performance GCSE PE Coursework. Coursework Gcse? Extracts from this document Introduction. Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education (0413) Syllabus overview; Past papers, examiner reports and specimen papers;. 2013 Coursework Guidelines (PDF, 572KB) 2016 Coursework Guidance Booklet. GCSE PHYSICAL EDUCATION Paper 2 #x2013; Socio-cultural influences and well-being in physical activity and sport. Specimen 2018 Morning Time allowed: 1 hour 15 minutes. Materials. For this paper.

PE Theory Coursework. Scollon? Extracts from this document Introduction. PE GCSE Coursework: Section 1 My chosen sport is football and my position in that sport is right back. I play this because. Cambridge IGCSE Physical Education (0413) Syllabus overview; Past papers, examiner reports and specimen papers;. 2013 Coursework Guidelines (PDF, 572KB) 2016 Coursework Guidance Booklet. The world of A-Level PE brought. Home #xBB; Uncategorized #xBB; Sections B and C #x2013; A2 Coursework. Statistics Coursework? Sections B and C #x2013; A2 Coursework.

This entry was posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2014 by. Edexcel GCSE Physical Education (2009) Specification; Course materials; Published resources;. Short course available, offering flexibility and choice for centres and students. Show more. GCSE Physical Education provides students with the knowledge and understanding of how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, enabling them to make informed choices about application form letter, their own physical. Find free coursework examples here. We have provided some example coursework for coursework gcse, free to help you with your studies. An introduction for scollon, the Cambridge Examinations IGCSE Physical Education course in relation to the syllabus, coursework (practical and theoretical) and general guidelines.

GCSE PE Theory Edexcel Powerpoints. 4.9 (13) You#x2019;re downloading this resource from Created by coursework edexcel, dkershaw1. Sampe? 4.9 (13) Download. Save for later. Pin ShareMore This is the first part of a. Ok well i'm basically way overdue on edexcel, this entire piece of coursework due to being off a lot and stuff : But now i have to get it done soon as. I'm doing netball. And i'm stuck on basically. GCSE PE (Physical Education) coursework Coursework resources. Scollon? Home; Revision notes; Revision guides; Help Advice; Contribute; Don't forget to read our Privacy Policy. GCSE Physical Education learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic.

Syllabus on health and physical education (classes i-x) department of statistics gcse, education in social sciences humanities national council of educational research and training. Information about the fast, Edexcel GCSE in gcse Physical Education (2009) for students and teachers, including the specification, key documents and the latest news.

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20+ Free Resume Design Templates for Web Designers. Whether your aspirations are to gcse edexcel earn top dollar as a freelancer or to land a lucrative job with a prestigious firm, there’s one huge obstacle for you to overcome: the sampe business web design arena is ridiculously competitive. Sure, you might have the coursework edexcel design skills required for the job at hand, but how do you get your foot in business plan, the door? And what do you do if nobody is taking any notice of you? It’s the classic catch-22 situation: need experience to edexcel get a job; need a job to critical minded get experience. But standing out from a crowded applicant pool isn’t unique for those working in web design – in fact, it applies to statistics coursework gcse all industries. It’s just that in the creative world, you need to be a little more, well, creative . Landing your dream job starts with your resume. How To For A Master? I’m telling you now: a boring MS Word document you threw together in 12th grade and continued to statistics coursework edexcel update simply won’t cut it.

Fortunately, you#8217;re in luck: I’ve put together a collection of over 20 free resume templates to help web designers stand out of music, from the crowd. These resumes come in all shapes and forms, giving you the opportunity to find something that reflects your unique style. The templates are all available from Behance, one of the best places to showcase your creative skills, as well as to discover the work of up-and-coming talents. It’s also worth pointing out that the vast majority of these templates are available in PSD format. However, some of them can also be edited using InDesign, Illustrator, or Microsoft Word. Let’s start things off with this gorgeous, elegant mint number by statistics gcse edexcel designer Ira Vosorowa.

If elegance is on the of music, not your thing, Ira has several other awesome resume templates in coursework gcse, her collection. This is probably my favorite of and scollon her templates, with a striking dark skin and space for an attention-grabbing header image. The template is also available in two skins: neon pink and pale mint. Statistics Gcse Edexcel? 3. Mint Self Promotion Resume Template. Continuing with the mint color schemes, next up we have Paolo Pettigiani’s beautifully clean CV template.

Our next template is available in three colors: blue, yellow, and an essay of music green. Designer Nawas Sharif has done an gcse, excellent job with this one, also creating a cover letter template guaranteed to grab potential employers’ attentions. Saptarshi Nath’s awesome template uses a clean, simple, and minimal design. In particular, the sampe business striking green template is likely to make employers sit up and statistics coursework gcse take notice – or feel free to design your own color scheme. Another beautiful, minimal resume template next, this time from designer Al Rayhan.

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Zippy Pixels has put together a gorgeous collection of premium resume templates. The PSD version of this one, however, is available completely free of charge. The template looks premium-quality, comes in three color schemes, and scollon and scollon essayist literacy includes a cover letter template, too. Another bright and colorful resume template up next. It features a cool header design as well as prominent contact details. Statistics Coursework Edexcel? It’s also available in two colors. How To An Introduction For A? 10. Pixeden Resume Design Template. This creative resume was designed for maximum impact. Statistics Gcse Edexcel? The design feels modern and innovative, with the typography clearly the fast food main design feature.

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Mike Bradshaw’s resume template also takes a more minimalist approach. Coursework Gcse Edexcel? Just a simple white/orange color scheme which looks impressively professional. Next we have this resume template from fast essay's, Fay Zodiac – this has to be one of the gcse edexcel coolest in this collection. The template uses an interesting layout with lots of plan fun fonts. It also includes business card designs, too. 15. Den Serduke Business Resume Template. This one is a simple-but-elegant design from Den Serduke. Gcse Edexcel? It features lots of white space, clean organization, and stylish color scheme. It also comes with a quirky business card design, too. A super-minimal CV template up next, for those who’d prefer to let their skills and covering letter experience do the talking.

We’re back to gcse edexcel minimalist resume templates again, with this one designed by Ahmed Seneina. A simple design, sure, but it looks great. A gorgeous two-column resume template from Ashiqul Islam here. The minimalist design works beautifully with the striking header fonts, creating a great first impression. 19. Ashigul Islam#8217;s Swiss Resume Design Template. Critical Minded? Another from coursework gcse edexcel, Ashiqul Islam here. This one uses a similar minimal design, but this time, featuring a splash of color at write, the top of the bottom. This color can be fully customized, too. 20.

Emiliance Ismailov#8217;s Resume Design Template. Statistics Gcse Edexcel? A clean and fast essay's stylish template from Emiliance Ismailov. The color scheme is eye-catching and statistics gcse professional. This template was also updated for 2016 recently, too. An Essay On The Importance? 21. Createer Team Resume Template Design. Next, Createer Team has assembled this pack of coursework gcse resume templates. Rather than small color changes, this bundle includes a collection of five uniquely-designed one-page resumes.

22. Alamin Mir Resume Template Design. Alamin Mir has created this ultra-professional resume template, targeted at web designers and creative individuals. It comes with three separate templates – CV, portfolio, and cover letter. And that’s your lot – a run-down of 20+ free resume templates for web designers.

If you have any styling tips for creating a custom resume, or you’d like to fast food share your favorite template, let us know in the comments section below! Article thumbnail image by liravega / Love this post! The only problem is that I#8217;m such a newbie that I am somewhat confused about how to convert PSD into gcse WordPress. How To Write? There are tons of tutorials on YouTube, but I don#8217;t have time to check them all out. Any recommendations on one or two good tutorials? Thank you in advance! The idea here isn#8217;t to convert these designs to WordPress.

Though you could take some inspiration here and statistics coursework gcse build something cool with Divi on a #8220;resume#8221; page. But these are literally just free PSD templates for print resumes. An Essay Of Music? Hope this helps! I#8217;d be happy to coursework gcse edexcel help you do it Gary? Hi Shaun, thanks for this. Some of them really hurt my eyes #128578; but most of them are really gorgeous.

This is a great post for critical minded a creative professional looking for a resume template. But I still wonder what personnel experts say about statistics gcse, these things. How creative can you get before you go over critical minded the line and they drop your resume in the trash can because it#8217;s too #8220;out there#8221; ?? I suppose this varies by the type of job or even the type of gcse company. Application? But, for example, applying to coursework edexcel a big company for a creative position (but the critical minded whole company isn#8217;t in a #8220;creative#8221; field) #8212; how do they receive such resumes? Is it a risk to use some of these? Also #8212; some of these are going to be very ink-heavy. If you wanted to print it yourself, or if you sent it as a PDF, the recipient may not be happy to print a resume with a black background on their printer. Some things to think about . Statistics Gcse? . . I think the and scollon minimalist ones are the best ones of the statistics coursework bunch. On The? I would say the heavy on coursework edexcel, the ink ones would be best on a website. Write For A Master? I think it all depends on the job you#8217;re going for.

Some agencies want to process everything as efficiently as possible; no frills. Others want to see your personality and determine if you#8217;re a good fit for their company culture. In the later cases, something more visually in line with their own brand/values may be just the think that gets their attention. Somebody still has to explain to me how showing that I have #8220;80% proficiency#8221; in a field would in any way help me to promote myself. These percentages in skills are the worst thing that happened to portfolio pages in recent years. You either HAVE a skill or HAVE NOT. I am going to coursework gcse agree with you on that, I am going to fast food essay's agree with you on that, Completely agree with you both, too! I#8217;ve been mystified by that too. I mean what on earth would C++ Programming:70% mean?

And who wants to gcse edexcel hire 70% proficiency. Either you can build something or you can#8217;t. And anyone claiming 100%#8230;.Pffff! Hello Shaun Quarton , Thanks for shairing , Great post. Critical Minded? Templates for creative professionals looking for a creative position at a creative agency. Statistics Coursework Gcse Edexcel? I made a pretty cool one just with Divi. I want to say that I do appreciate this post and the effort of the all of the resume designers out there, it#8217;s a bit much and most companies could care less #8220;how#8221; your resume works. Being someone who constantly interacts with digital agencies within and outside of the WordPress communities, I see this all the time. Most of the folks that deal with the hiring want to on the of music be able to read your experience. They don#8217;t want to see star bars, graphs or other garbage that takes of real estate on a resume. Make it one page, a contact email and a website that shows off your work.

Don#8217;t put it on a resume, it#8217;s a waste of time. Thanks for the insight Alex. I#8217;m not sure I 100% agree with this. While some of these are WAY over the top for me, there are a couple that I, as a hiring manager, would#8217;ve appreciated for coursework edexcel some positions. For instance: Many of these are way too over the top for someone applying to how to master s thesis be a web developer, software engineer and even a web designer in most cases#8230; unless you#8217;re applying to a highly creative firm (ie: Adobe). However, as a graphic designer who does work for print the more minimalist designs on this post would give the hiring manager some nice insight to your abilities. But, if someone submitted #2 to coursework me I would instantly be weary of their abilities for the job. While that layout might look okay as an sampe business, online resume, there are very few instances where it#8217;d actually work in statistics coursework gcse, print. If someone handed that to me as their resume, I#8217;d probably throw it in critical minded, the trash.

They didn#8217;t think about how it#8217;d display on statistics gcse, paper or how much ink they#8217;d waste printing it. Also, the fact that these are Photoshop files, instead of InDesign files, also makes me think that the write an introduction master s thesis designers that made these have no idea what they#8217;re doing in terms of print design. However, #4 (with a white background, instead of gray), 6, 12 (also with a white background), 13 22 would all get my attention and have plenty of room to coursework edexcel showcase design skills, along with experience. It#8217;s very interesting that only a handful of these resumes were made without a bleed, though. An Essay Importance Of Music? Most people don#8217;t have printers that can actually reproduce these correctly and you#8217;re going to have to print them undersized and manually trim the edges so the color is seamless. Most of statistics coursework these designs (without trimming them) would look really weird when printed, because they#8217;d have a white outline on the page.

These would look great if you#8217;re able to have them all printed professionally and sampe business plan handed out in that manner, but if the agency will be printing them, they#8217;re not going to edexcel take the time to importance do this and it may end up making your resume look even worse in their stack. Terrific post ! Tks ! Thanks for statistics edexcel the post. Since you have done the research, do you know of a timeline type cv that could be loaded with images? Horizontal or vertical. A bit Facebooky perhaps. I#8217;d like to show images of letter exhibitions and work that give an idea of development. They look cool#8230; in theory. My experience with these types of coursework gcse resumes is that there is not a lot of room for an essay of music actual written text (i.e. Statistics Coursework? bullet points about your successes for each job you#8217;ve done).

If you have a lot of experience your resume would be like 5-10 pages in this format. Also, printing a lot of these because of the background color is such a hog that I#8217;m not sure if a lot of execs would appreciate it. I think they are great inspiration for a web-based version of your resume though#8230; for of music the actual resume I#8217;d stick to black text and white background#8230; and just format everything very nicely to make yourself look professional. Don#8217;t quite get this one. A resume with so much design takes away from the content. And, we#8217;ve moved to a more sophisticated online resume, LinkedIn. Also, I regularly read all the posts published by Elegant Themes. How about more posts discussing the incredible products Elegant Themes offers. The Divi Nation podcasts are great and they#8217;re getting better all the time. Would also like to see a subscribe to comments option when you submit a comment so you can keep up with the conversation.

I#8217;m already subscribed to the blog posts. Coursework Gcse Edexcel? This was inspiring! Many of these designs are inspiring, while few of fast essay's them were disturbing and will not help anyone to land a job. Thank you for write this good post and for sharing resume design trends. I#8217;m a recent graduate and a counselor told me not to statistics coursework gcse edexcel put any designs on my resume because so many organizations now have software where you can upload your resume and it scans and pulls out your information.

She said, having a design (even a small one) on your resume messes with this software and as a result could ruin your chance of getting the job/interview. And Scollon Essayist? She said a regular Word resume is best. That being said, for print a lot of these are nice looking. Although I wish they didn#8217;t have those graphs. Why would you put you only know half of something? It never made sense to statistics gcse me.

Thanks for shairing , Great Idea. Love all the chit chat. Thanks for the info, everyone. As a resume designer, it helps to critical minded hear what people really need. I hate that job hiring has become so automated. Statistics Coursework Gcse? I think it could be done better. Write An Introduction For A? Well, maybe a plain text resume is a good idea for edexcel uploads and pretty ones like these and the one I just made could do for critical minded in-person leave-behinds. Mint Resume Design (1), Dark Theme Resume Template (2) Graphics Fuel Resume Template (9) looks great. Fay Zodiac Resume Template (14), is too bleak for my taste. 437,821 Customers Are Already Building Amazing Websites With Divi. Statistics Gcse? Join The Most Empowered WordPress Community On The Web.

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Historical Review Of Mutual Funds. In the early commercial history, Egyptians and Phoenicians sold shares in vessels and caravans in statistics edexcel order to spread the business, risk of their venture. On the coursework, same lines the master, idea of mutual fund has its formal origin in Belgium, here the idea was used in transportation of coursework, ships. An Essay Of Music. In 1822 Societes' Generale de Belgique was started as first Investment Company to finance investments in national industries with high associated risks. Later, in Switzerland and in France similar agencies took birth, still later in 1860's it also moved to England, in 1868, the foreign and colonial government trust was established. In USA, the statistics coursework, idea took root in the beginning of the 20 Century and there was little activity up-till 1924, in 1924 three investment companies were organized. ' Massacheusells Investment Corporation.

' State Stree Investment Corporation. ' US and foreign securities corporation. All these institutions are still operating. Investment companies Act of food, 1940 was enacted to protect the gcse edexcel, public investment. There are over fast, 5000 mutual fund schemes with total assets of over US $1million will prefer to mutual fund route to investing in equity instead of direct participation in statistics coursework gcse share market. And Scollon. Fidelity Investment, is the largest fund, the annual growth rate is 20-25% the trend is almost similar in all Europe. In 1920, it entered Canada, Canadian Investment Fund in 1932, was the statistics coursework, first mutual fund in Canada, later on critical minded it spread to almost all countries of the world. In U.K, nearly 80% of investors look to the mutual funds unit trusts as they are called there. The unit trust is leading bank deposits. Mutual funds in the U.K. are divided into two, namely, 1. Unit trusts are essentially Open-ended funds.

2. Investment trusts are Close ended funds. Japanese Trusts are of two kinds: 1. Unity type investment centers. 2. Open type investment centers. In Japan investment trusts were set up under the statistics gcse edexcel, securities investment law, 1951. The unique characteristic difference between Japanese investment trusts and American mutual funds is the fact tat the mutual fund industries in America evolved in response to scollon literacy, market needs, whereas the development of the Japanese investment trusts has been in response to statistics, Government Policy.

In recent years mutual fund in Japan and fast Far East countries have been showing excellent performance. Statistics. Mauritius and Netherlands are emerging as tax heavens for off shore mutual funds. HISTORY OF MUTUAL FUNDS IN INDIA. Mutual funds entered Indian Market in 1963. Unit trust of India was set up under the UTI Act, 1963. It operates both as a Financial Institution and as an Investment Trust. Unit scheme 64 was the first scheme started with a basic objective of mobilizing savings though the sale of units and invests them in equities and other securities. It offered three-dimensional benefits namely high yield, capital appreciation and liquidity. The history of mutual fund in India till the critical minded, mid of 80s' in virtually synonymous with the history of UTI.In 1986, the UTI launched first growth scheme. Statistics Gcse. Master shares which was listed and treated in stock exchanges.

The monopoly of the UTI was broken in 1987. Public sector banks entered the scene with their mutual funds schemes with much fun fair i.e. in 1987, five banks. ' State Bank of India. ' Punjab National Bank. ' Along with LIC and GIC came out with their mutual funds.

Mutual funds sponsored by the banks and other public sector financial institutions became popular on account of. ' Wide network of collection centers of the bank and plan other sponsoring organizations. ' Trust in the ability and reliability of the sponsors. ' Accessibility and familiarity with the statistics coursework gcse edexcel, sponsor bank/ organizations. Till 1992, the scene was well as the stock market was in a boom and share prices were rising quite sharply. So there was a great demand for business plan, equities, the coursework edexcel, investors could have never even thought in their wildest dreams to deliver.

The investors rushed to buy at what ever was on offer they were not bothered about the risk associated with the critical minded, quality of the statistics coursework, funds on on the of music offer their objectives and track records of the fund managers. This irrational action on the part of the investors cost them heavily, when the bubble of Securities Scam burst in 1992, as the rise in gcse edexcel the prices of the stock were not because of the covering, business performance but because of handiwork of few brokers it was destined to statistics edexcel, meet its logical tragic end. Covering. And when this happened the market reacted in a great panic, which led prices to fall like rune pins. After this, SEBI issued guidelines to Mutual Fund Industry in Mutual Fund Industry in 1993 and statistics coursework edexcel due to the Economic Reforms, Private sector and critical minded foreign companies entered into this sector. The reasons for private mutual fund to gcse, enter maybe- 1. Poor servicing, in ordinate delays in the receipt of critical minded, unit certificates and divided warranties.

2. Indifferent performance of most of the mutual fund schemes, which under performed the market thus denying the investor, reasonable returns. 3. Absence of adequate disclosure norms. 4. Lack of an investor friendly approach in statistics coursework edexcel general. Kothari pioneer was the first privates company to application form letter, launch its mutual fund in 1993 and Morgan Stanley was the first foreign company to enter into the Indian market which is one of the world's largest mutual funds. Briefly the categories of players can be divided into four types, viz. ' Public sector banks. ' Insurance companies / All India financial institutions. ' Private sector- inclusive of foreign companies and statistics coursework edexcel joint ventures. Private sector funds are performing well in the market. A fund mobilized by private sector is more than UTI and public sector.

RESOURCES MOBILISED BY MUTUAL FUNDS. Private Sector MF's Public Sector MF's UTI Grand Total. Open end Close end Total Open end Close end Total Open end Close end Total. of Funds 7769.59 76.91 7846.5 364.1 1307.1 1671.3 6820.23 6372.66 13192.9 22710.7. Amount 1101.93 36.73 1138.66 291.85 404.16 696.01 9773.41 546.26 10319.67 12154.34. Redem-ption Amount 5180.98 74.16 5255.14 0.27 639.90 640.17 0.00 5610.75 5610.75 11506.06.

Net In/Outflow of Fund 1486.77 -33.98 1452.70 72.03 263.13 335.16 -2953.18 215.65 -2737.53 -949.67. According to data available on provisional basis, the mutual funds mobilized Rs.22710.73 crore without adjustment of repurchase redemption during the financial year 1997-1998. However, it is important to note that in case of critical minded, Open-ended schemes, there was a continuous sale and repurchase of mutual funds, and there was redemption of some of the schemes as specially of unit 64 scheme of UTI. Thus after adjustment of repurchases and redemptions, there was an coursework, outflow of funds of Rs.949.67 crore during 1998-1999. Further analysis of data shows that while there was a net inflow of funds of Rs.1452.70 crore and Rs.315.16 crore in an essay on the importance case of private sector mutual funds and public sector mutual funds, respectively, there was a net outflow of Rs.2737.53crore in case of the UTI the largest mutual fund. Details are given in the following table: Table showing Resources Mobilization by Mutual Funds (Rs. In crore) CLASSIFICATION OF MUTUAL FUNDS. Based on statistics advantages and services offered to various sections of the society, mutual funds can be classified into three broad categories. Viz.,

It is how to, based on the basis characteristics of the gcse edexcel, mutual fund schemes opened for the public subscription; it can be classified as; (A) OPEN ENDED MUTUAL FUNDS: It is a scheme in which a investor can buy and sell units on daily basis, where in the scheme have perpetual existence and a flexible ever changing corpus. Investors are free to buy and sell any number of units at any point of time, at prices, which are linked, to NAV of the units. As the NAV changes with time, so do the prices at which the investors can buy and an essay on the importance of music sell these units it gives complete flexibility to coursework edexcel, the investor as he can invest or dis-invest at any time. The fund is and scollon essayist literacy, not listed in the stock market. The investor can buy and sell these units form and to the mutual fund. In accordance with the recent changes, the fund manager has the option to list the coursework edexcel, fund in the stock market in addition to repurchase and resale. (B) CLOSE ENDED MUTUAL FUND:

It is a fund where in it has a fixed corpus and critical minded operates for fixed duration at the end of which the entire corpus is disinvested and gcse proceeds are distributed to the various unit holders in proportion of their holdings. The fund can also make interim payments if it so decides. And Scollon Essayist Literacy. Thus it ceases to exist after final distribution. The units are issued like any other company's new issues, listed and statistics gcse edexcel quoted at the stock exchange. The units of close-ended funds are not always redeemable at their NAV.

Market prices are determined by demand and supply and importance of music not solely by coursework gcse edexcel NAV. If the fund manager so chooses, he can offer repurchase facility. Business Plan. So also he can resume resale to the extent of statistics coursework edexcel, repurchase. All the scollon literacy, schemes discussed below are either open ended or close ended. Mutual funds differ with reference to the type of instruments in which the coursework gcse, money can be invested. Food Essay's. These are specified in the offer documents/ prospectus and accordingly the fund is structured for a particular purpose. They provide fixed returns for those who desire safety and steady income. The Fund is invested in Government securities and Bonds.

It is more liquid, diversified and conservative investment with regular income and moderate capital gains. The price of units of a Mutual Fund fluctuates with changing interest rates. They are mainly those who are willing to accept risk in the hope of a high Return. These are called Common Stock Fund. They are of statistics coursework gcse, two types ' Growth Funds and an essay on the Go-Go Funds. The former consists of investments in coursework Blue Chips and the latter is fast, High Risk Stocks. They are mainly to maximize the current income of investors.

They are two types of funds Low Investment Risk with steady income and High Risk Investment with maximum income. Investment would typically be in fixed income securities to greater extent; and in shares, to a smaller extent. Capital appreciation in such schemes may be limited. It is ideal for statistics coursework gcse, retired people and others with a need for capital stability and on the importance regular income, and investors who need some income to supplement their earnings. As most of Investors prefer income Funds, the sales of statistics coursework, this fund had dominated the other types of funds. (D) MONEY MARKET MUTUAL FUNDS: Investments are predominantly in Money Market Instruments like, Certificate of form covering, Deposits, Commercial Paper, and Treasury Bills etc. They are short term in tenure, highly liquid with high safety.

This fund is an alternative to saving account of high bracket savers. The fund cannot invest the corpus in shares, debentures and other such papers. Returns on coursework edexcel these schemes may fluctuate depending upon the interest rates prevailing in application form letter the market. (E) SPECIALISED FUNDS: These funds invest in securities of certain industries/specific set of or specific income producing securities. They carry more risk due to lack of diversification. (F) LEVERAGE FUNDS: The funds borrow money in order to statistics coursework, increase the size of the corpus and there by increase the benefit to the Unit Holders by operating with a larger corpus than the money collected. Fast Essay's. Now doubt the cost of borrowing funds, which have to be more than compensated by returns on investments. (G) BALANCE FUNDS: Here the assets are made up of a judicious mixture of industries, Stock and Bonds.

To secure reasonable rate of return, the funds are employed in high-grade common stock and conservative fixed income securities like debentures, bonds and preference shares. Gcse Edexcel. In a rising stock market, the NAV of scollon and scollon, these schemes may not normally keep pace or fall equally when the gcse, market falls. It is ideal for how to, investor's looking for a combination of income and moderate growth. (H) PENSION FUNDS: These Funds provide for long-term investments out of individuals' investors' superannuation savings. They take advantage of tax rate available for such investors. Investments are made in the index scripts with the same proportion and weight age as that of index. The performance of fund will be in the line with the index.

(J) TAX SAVING SCHEMES: These schemes offer tax rebate to the investors under tax laws as prescribed from time to coursework gcse, time. This is food, made possible because the government offer tax incentives for investment in specific avenues. Statistics. Recent amendments to the Income Tax Act provide further opportunities to investors to critical minded, save capital gains by coursework gcse investing in sampe business plan Mutual Funds. Statistics Gcse. This scheme is ideal for investors seeking tax rebate. MUTUAL FUND ' FRAME WORK. ' Approval by SEBI. ' Sound track record.

' Experience in Financial Services. ' Professional Competence, Financial Soundness, Reputation, etc. ' Contribution to AMC Capital 40% minimum. ' Names to write for a, be approved by SEBI. ' Legally responsible for administering the Trust and Compliance.

' Norms for Trustees. ' Experience in Financial Services. ' Minimum 4 members on the board and 50% of the statistics gcse edexcel, members not to be connected with the sponsor. ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY (AMC) ' Managing funds for schemes. ' Performing Accounting Function. ' All day-to-day affairs of the Mutual Funds.

Income of an AMC/ AM fee. ' 1.25% of weekly average NAV (Net asset value) of each scheme up to fast food, Rs 1000 crore of assets managed. ' 1.00% greater than 100 crore. ' Infrastructure expenses to be borne by the AMC. ' Safe keeping of the assets held by the Fund. ' Receives and Delivers Securities for payment. ' Follow up on gcse edexcel Corporate benefits. ' Provide an independent means of control. ' Issue of Account Statements to how to master s thesis, Investors. ' Arranges payment to Investors when they redeem.

' Takes care of non-commercial transactions like change of address, loss of account statement etc. The registrar maintains the investment account of the Unit holders and also handles the complaints and grievances from the investors relating to dividend, purchase and sale of units. REGULATION OF MUTUAL FUNDS. The Mutual Funds operating in India was governed by a number of Regulations and guidelines issued by various Agencies viz., UTI Act 1963 and UTI Guidelines, the Indian Trust Act 1882, Income Tax Act 1961 etc. Mutual Funds sponsored by Banks were governed by coursework edexcel guidelines dated June 28,1990 and sampe Revised Version dated February 14,1992. The Ministry of Finance and statistics coursework gcse edexcel Government of India realized the need for a set of common rules governing entire Mutual Fund Industry, appointing a Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr.S.A.Dave, who was the sampe business plan, Chairman of UTI. The Committee submitted its report in 1992, based on these recommendations SEBI issued guidelines for the Mutual Fund Industry in January 1993. And these are known as Securities and Exchange Board of India (Mutual Funds) Regulations 1993.

After the issue of these guidelines by SEBI, Mutual Fund Industry was opened for private sector to enter the field. And all the Mutual Funds controlled by SEBI except UTI. Brief details of the SEBI Guidelines are: - ' Mutual Funds are to be established in the form of Trust under the Indian Trust Act. ' Funds and assets are to be managed by an Asset Management Company. ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY. ' AMC shall have minimum net worth of Rs.10 Crores. AMC and statistics coursework edexcel Trustee of Mutual Funds are two separate legal entities. ' AMC should furnish SEBI their respective Memorandum and Articles of business plan, association for approval.

' AMC or its affiliate can undertake activities like management and statistics edexcel advertising services to Pension Funds, Provident Funds, Venture Capital Funds, Financial Consultancy and Research, but should not act as manager for any other Fund. ' All schemes floated by Mutual Funds are to be registered with SEBI. ' A standard format of Scheme's prospectus has to be introduced. ' All the investors up to 5,000 Units will be given full allotment in case of over subscription. ' Mutual funds dealing with money market instruments are to be regulated by SEBI. ' Other Mutual Funds Schemes, which invest partly in importance money market and partly in Capital market, are regulated by SEBI.

' No Mutual Funds, under all its schemes should own more than 10% of any company's paid up capital carrying voting rights. ' Mutual Funds may invest in another scheme managed by the same AMC or others to the extent of 5% of the NAV. ' Mutual Funds can invest only transferable securities in Money Market or Capital Market. ' Investment in debt instrument should generally be in those rated an investment grade and above. All Mutual Funds must distribute 90% of gcse, their profits every year among their investors. MARKETING OF MUTUAL FUNDS. Marketing is the big challenge in business especially of marketing of and scollon literacy, Mutual Fund. The challenge is that with the coursework gcse, same product and write an introduction master s thesis customers with diversified profile. Mutual Funds deal with small investor's hard-earned money, a sensitive commodity and only service is statistics, involved in application selling the product.

Since mutual Funds interacts with lakhs of investors who are likely to be associated for a longer tenure, post issue services plays an important role in customer satisfaction. Along with four P's namely, product, price, place, and promotion, Mutual Fund has one more P i.e., Portfolio. The marketing division has to design the edexcel, product according to the needs of the investors and critical minded place it in right market, in right manner, targeted to the right segment. Formalities of marketing Mutual Funds starts with taking permission from statistics coursework gcse edexcel, Agencies like Ministry of Finance, RBI, SEBI etc. Gazette Notification of Schemes is then done. Marketing division has to evaluate the strengths, potentials, opportunities and weakness of the on the importance, market. According to gcse edexcel, the market condition it has to write an introduction for a master s thesis, design the products i.e., the Scheme. Gcse Edexcel. The price should be so designed, such that to reach and attract small investors. The price of one scheme will differ from the other according to its segments of customers. Various techniques are used to food, reach the unaware pocket of investors like direct mailers to full-fledged marketing campaigns, the Fund will spend lakhs of rupees to mobilize investments and consequently marketing cost will increase.

So a marketing division should always balance its costs with the price of the scheme. The expenses of the fund should not increase the income from the fund. A Mutual Fund is an investment vehicle for those who want to spread their risks and seek returns, which are than those available from Bank deposits or other investment avenues. Such investors from statistics edexcel, should be educated to avoid facing situations of loss of faith in investments or heavy off-loading in the huge discount of NAV. Positioning of critical minded, Mutual Fund is very important.

Mr. G.D.Shenai, Managing Director, Canara bank Mutual Fund states that ' Most funds have targeted the statistics edexcel, wrong segment of customers, he feels mutual offer a solution to those people who do not have access to the Stock Market, due to lack of time or because of and scollon essayist, geographical spreads limitations. Gcse Edexcel. It is this segment of food essay's, investors, which should be trapped through television. Rural markets could be penetrated with special schemes aimed at this population. Also the wide Canara Bank network in the rural areas could serve this clientele. The portfolio of investments made by fund should be regularly reviewed by calculating the returns from each segment of the portfolio, their present market positions, evaluate their future market position etc. Gcse. if one segment is not up to the target then the portfolio should be changed. The portfolio should be so designed which satisfies the Scheme's need. The portfolio of a debt scheme will have more equities and scollon less debt, liquid funds have money market instruments and debt of very short-term tenure. Marketing of Mutual Fund is not deal based, but it is relationship based. The psychology of investor's needs deep insight; understanding and responding to present investor will obviously bring new investors besides retaining present investors. Thus data based marketing should be emphasized for open-ended schemes.

PRICING OF MUTUAL FUND UNITS. Pricing is a very concept of marketing mix. Pricing of financial products is a complicated issue. Very often, there are vast differences between face value and market price. There are some legal restrictions on statistics coursework pricing of units. SEBI Experts Committee on pricing units: An Expert Committee was set up by SEBI under the Chairmanship of an introduction for a, Mr.L.C.Gupta. The Committee has suggested two options namely: 1. The purchase and sale price can be determined with a fixed discount and premium respectively on the NAV. 2. The AMC should have the discretion to fix the repurchase and statistics gcse sale prices as long as they are anchored to the NAV i.e., the repurchase price is not lower than 93% of the NAV, provided that the spread between repurchase price and the sale price does not exceed 7% calculated on the sale. Thus the Committee has opined the repurchase and sale prices in the case open-ended schemes should be nearer to NAV after suitable adjustments for business plan, expenses in connection with entry and exit to or from the scheme as the statistics gcse edexcel, case may be.

SOME TERMS RELATING TO PRICE. 1. Entry load or front end load ' A sales fee charged at the time of purchase. 2. Plan. Exit load or back end load ' A fee charged at coursework, the time of redemption of repurchase of units. 3. Premium - If the price of the unit is higher than NAV then the units is issued at critical minded, discount. 4. Discount - If the NAV is statistics gcse edexcel, higher than the sampe plan, price of the unit then the unit is issued at discount. 5. Managed Fees ' The percentage changed for portfolio management. This expense will be stated in coursework edexcel Fund's prospectus. These expenses may decline proportionately as the Fund's asset base increases. 6. Net Asset ' Total value of Fund's cash and securities less its liabilities or Obligations.

7. Expenses Ratio ' The annual expenses of a Fund include the Management fee, Administrative costs, divided by net assets. 8. Public Offering Price ' The sale price per unit at which a unit holder can buy the units. POP = NAV / 1 ' Sales Load. 1. Redemption Price ' The sales price per unit at which a unit holder can sell the units of open 'ended scheme. REDEMPTION PRICE = NAV / 1 + Exit Load.

2. Repurchase Price ' It is the price at which a close-ended scheme repurchased its units and it may include a back end load. Benefits of Mutual Funds. 1. Scollon Literacy. Professional Management: Availing of the statistics coursework gcse edexcel, services of experienced and skill professionals who are backed by food a dedicated investment research team which analyses the performance and prospectus of Companies and statistics coursework select suitable investments to achieve the objectives of the Scheme. Mutual Funds invest in a number of companies across, aboard cross section of industries and sectors. This diversification reduces the risk because seldom do all stocks time and in the same proportion. Investors can achieve this diversification through Mutual Fund with far less money he can do on application form covering letter his own. 3. Convenient Administration:

Investing in a Mutual Fund reduces the statistics coursework gcse edexcel, paper work and helps in avoiding many problems such as bad deliveries, delay payment and unnecessary follow up with brokers and companies. Mutual; Fund save time and make investing easy and convenient. 4. How To Write An Introduction Master. Return Potential: Over a medium of long term, Mutual Funds have the statistics gcse edexcel, potential to provide a higher as they invest in a diversified basket of selected securities. Mutual Funds are a relatively less expensive way to invest, compared to directly investing in the Capital Market, because the benefits of scale in sampe business plan brokerage, custodian and gcse other fees translate into lower costs for investors. In open-ended schemes, one can get their money back promptly at Net Asset Value related prices from the Mutual Fund itself. Close-ended schemes units can be sold in a Stock Exchange at the prevailing market price or avail the facility of application form covering, direct repurchase at NAV related prices, which some close ended and statistics coursework gcse interval schemes offer. Investor can get regular income information on fast essay's the value of their investment in addition to statistics coursework, disclosure on the specific investment made by the scheme, the proportion invested in each class of assets and the fund managers investment strategy and outlook. Through features such as regular investment plans, regular withdrawal plans and dividend reinvestment plans one can systematically invest or withdraw according to their needs and convenience. 8. Choice of Scheme: Mutual Funds offer a family of scollon and scollon essayist literacy, schemes to suit the varying needs of different types of investors.

9. Well Regulated: All Mutual Funds are registered with SEBI and they function within the provision or strict regulations designed to protect the investor's investment. Edexcel. The operations of Mutual Funds are regularly monitored by scollon and scollon essayist literacy SEBI. While risk cannot be eliminated, skillful management can minimize risk. Edexcel. Mutual funds help to reduce risk through diversification and professional management. The experience and expertise of Mutual Fund manages in selecting fundamentally sound securities and timing their purchases and sales help them to build a diversified portfolio that minimizes risk and maximizes returns. At present investment in food mutual fund schemes enjoy the following tax benefits ' 1. Since, April 1, 2003, all dividends declared by debt-based mutual funds are tax-free in the hands of the investor.

A dividend distribution tax of 12.5% (including surcharge) is be paid by coursework edexcel the mutual fund on the dividends declared by the fund. 2. Investors in fast essay's ELSS (equity-linked savings schemes) can avail rebate under Section 88 of the Income Tax Act, 1961 on investment up to statistics, Rs 10,000 subject to the various conditions laid down in the said Section. 3. Under Section 10(38) of the Act, long-term capital gains arising from transfer of a unit of how to an introduction s thesis, mutual fund is exempt from tax if the said transaction is undertaken after October 1, 2004 and the securities transaction tax is paid to the appropriate authority. 4. Under Section 111A of the statistics coursework gcse, Act, short-term capital gains arising from transfer of essay's, a unit of mutual fund is chargeable to tax @ 10% (plus applicable surcharge) if the said transaction is undertaken after October 1, 2004 and the securities transaction tax is paid. However, such securities transaction tax will be allowed as rebate under Section 88E of the Act if the transaction constitutes business income. ' Under Section 112 of the Act, capital gains, not covered by gcse the exemption under Section 10(38), chargeable on transfer of long-term capital assets are subject to following rates of tax: ' Resident Individual HUF --- 20% plus surcharge. ' Partnership Firms Indian Companies --- 20% plus surcharge. ' Foreign Companies --- 20% (no surcharge). Capital gains will be computed after taking into account cost of food, acquisition as adjusted by Cost Inflation Index notified by the central government. Under Section 115AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961, long-term capital gains in respect of units purchased in foreign currency by an overseas financial organization held for a period of more than 12 months will be chargeable at the rate of 10%.

Such gains will be calculated without indexation of cost of coursework gcse edexcel, acquisition. No surcharge is applicable for taxes under section 115AB, in respect of write for a, corporate. PROBLEMS FACED BY MUTUAL FUNDS; The problems in mutual fund industry are as follows: 1. Statistics Coursework. Volatility in Indian economy: Shares prices in Indian stock changes frequently. Thus a fund manager has to change the portfolio according to the changes of share prices.

2. Investors education: Many investors are not aware of the benefits from mutual funds, they are not aware of the characteristics return risk trade off in investing in a mutual fund many investors are inactive and ignorant. 3. Incapable fund managers: Many fund managers lack the knowledge economy, industries and how to write an introduction for a master s thesis companies many playing with investor's money, they are not capable of Judge between investment choices and review portfolio. 4. Non co-operation between organizational committees:

Sponsors, custodians, fund managers are not working hand in hand. SEBI guidelines say mutual fund has to maintain transparency in its operations, but many funds are not transparent to its investors, government and public. 6. After sales service: Mutual funds are not providing after sales services to investors like give details for reference, NAV disclosure etc., 7. Direct launching of equity: This may be the reason for coursework gcse, the failure of mutual funds.

In USA debt schemes were first incepted and for a master s thesis then equity schemes were started, but in coursework India due to boom in share market direct equity schemes were started and then debt schemes were introduced. 8. Application Form. High risk, low return: The return, which a investor gets from mutual fund, is low, but the risk is high. Return earned from fund has to be distributed among the unit holders only after deduction for statistics gcse edexcel, maintenance of the fund, thus the return will be low. New trends in mutual fund industry. a) Systematic investment plan (SIP): Unit holders can benefit by investing specified rupee accounts at regular intervals for a continuous periods, for purchasing additional units of the schemes at NAV based prices. Letter. By this unit holder can take advantage of the coursework, benefits of rupee cost averaging.

b) Systematic withdrawal plan (SWP): SWP allows the unit holders to withdraw a specific sum of money each month/ quarter/ half year/ yearly from his investments in the schemes. The amount thus withdrawn by redemption will be converted into units at applicable NAV based prices and the numbers of sampe plan, units so arrived at will be subtracted from the units balance to the credit of the coursework gcse, unit holder. c) Switching options: Unit holders under one scheme can switch or all of their holdings in the schemes to another, which is critical minded, available for investment at that time.

d) Dividend at short intervals: Dividends from coursework, liquid funds are now coming thick and form fast, with funds promising fortnightly and even weekly, pay-outs, liquid funds mainly targets companies and high net worth individuals. e) Loans against statistics gcse edexcel, Mutual Funds: Birla Global finance offers loans against mutual fund units. Write For A. The company tracks 10 best performing open-ended mutual funds and grant loans against units of statistics coursework, these funds. Investors have to how to write an introduction for a s thesis, pledge their units at interest rate of 17.5%. the company will disburse loan up to 60% of the value of equity fund up to 85-90% of the debt fund units. Term of the loan is a minimum of 15 days up to a maximum of a year. f) Electronic clearance: Reserve bank of India has introduced a new method of payment which promises investors an statistics coursework gcse edexcel, option to collect periodic interest/ dividend/ repurchase/ redemption directly through bank account.

In this system payment instruction would be issued electronically through bank to the clearing authority and the clearing authority would supply credit reports to the bank with which investors maintain the specified account. The branch will credit the account directly and covering an ECS entry will appear in the passbook. Statistics. A payment advice will also be send to investors. This facility will help kin avoiding cases of pilferage, fraudulent encashment etc., TITLE OF THE STUDY. 'INVESTERS' PERCEPTION TOWARDS MUTUAL FUNDS' STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM. The topic is selected assuming that the mind of every common man investing in mutual funds is a very risky affair, if not the business plan, riskiest. This sentiment will result in the collapse of secondary market and edexcel the investments in stock market. Scollon Essayist Literacy. The wrong feeling from general customers mind there is a need to study the statistics coursework gcse edexcel, perception towards Mutual Funds in fast Bangalore and to see if there is dependency of statistics coursework edexcel, income level over investment in Mutual Funds and some efforts have been made to know about existing investors opinion about Mutual Funds and their performances. OBJECTIVES OF THE RESEARCH.

' To know customers awareness about Mutual Funds. ' To study of investment in Mutual Funds is dependent on income levels or not. ' To study investors willingness to take market risk. ' To know the covering, Brand and Advertisement influence on customers about Mutual Funds. ' To study the possible direction and growth in the context of the recent development in the Indian capital market.

' To study the age of people who are most interested to invest in Mutual Funds. SCOPE OF THE STUDY. The scope of the study is extended to investors' perception towards the mutual fund schemes, which is based on the conducted by coursework gcse edexcel the research Bangalore during the period of 2013 2014. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY. Efforts were made to see that the data has been collected and analyzed as accurate as possible. In spite of all precautions was taken, and certain limitations of the study can be observed, they are as follows:- ' The sample size taken for research may not give exact figure or may not cover the entire population artificially or that the respondent may be biased. ' The second constrain was that the respondent may skip some questions.

Also they may not respond every question correctly. ' The third and sampe business plan important constrain is the time limit. ' Finally the statistics coursework, techniques used in data analysis may not be as accurate as other software applications. The study methodologies are as follows. ' Direct interview with some mutual funds holders. ' Discussion with persons who have some knowledge about mutual funds. ' Discussion with some mutual funds brokers.

' The study of various books of mutual funds, magazines, and newspapers. TOOLS USED IN DATA COLLECTION. Primary data: - It has been collected by. ' Discussion with some persons who have knowledge about this subject. Secondary data: - It has been obtained from. ' Magazines, journals and newspapers. It includes investors investing in mutual fund and money market. The sample size of 50 respondents and method of business, sampling is random sampling. Global trends in Mutual Funds. Mutual funds have emerged as the chief vehicle of individual savings and investments the world over.

In the U.K, nearly eighty percentage of investors look to statistics coursework edexcel, the mutual funds- 'Unit Trusts' as they are called there. In the U.S an individual with even $1 million of investable funds takes the mutual fund route to investing in equity, instead of resorting to how to write for a master s thesis, direct participation. This is so even though he has access to a mass of statistics gcse edexcel, information like Standard and Poor's 500 and Dow Jones Index to guide him in scollon and scollon essayist taking his own investment decisions. Presently in statistics coursework gcse edexcel the U.S there are nearly 5000 mutual fund schemes with asset of $1.6 trillion invested by 75 million unit-holders. By the on the of music, turn of the gcse edexcel, century, the total assets are likely to touch $4 trillion. Sampe Business. The largest fund, Fidelity Investments manages funds aggregating $268 billion. This has to be appraised in the context of total market capitalization of all the stocks listed in Bombay Stock Exchange standing at a mere $115 billion. In the U.S the mutual fund business is growing at an annual rate of statistics coursework, twenty to twenty-five per cent. According to a review conducted by Gold man Sachs, a leading U.S merchant banker, mutual funds are now the market's driving force, having brought eighty-four per cent of all shares acquired on 1993. The great diversity if mutual fund schemes in the U.S is illustrated by the Amana funds, the first and apparently the only U.S mutual fund operating according to strict Islamic guidelines reportedly.

Since Islamic law prohibits a guaranteed return on investment, the fast food essay's, fund holds no bond or preferred stock, and keeps its cash in statistics coursework checking accounts, which pay no interest. Fast. Thus fund, however, invests in stocks, which rise and fall in value and can rise, lower or eliminate any dividend. In all of Europe, too, the trend is similar. The major stock exchange at coursework, Luxembourg which has developed specialized skills in euro-issues, had 67 mutual funds, 'funds commons' as they are known, listed in 1984 with net assets of LUF 24,690 billion. In 1990,the number of funds increased to 268 and their net assets to application covering, LUF 1,38,660 billion. In keeping with general trend there was a dramatic surge in mutual funds investments. Coursework Gcse Edexcel. Obviously with such a large choice, the western investors has a wide variety of options and scollon and scollon doesn't have to rely on the same stereotyped schemes popularly known as 'plain vanilla' schemes. Mutual Funds in statistics India. Mutual funds first made their entry in India in 1964 with the letter, Unit Scheme 64 launched by the Unit Trust of India (UTI). UTI was set up under the UTI Act, 1963, to operate both as a financial institution and investment trust.

Unit Scheme 64 turned out to be extremely popular, initially as a vehicle for statistics, domestic savings, but subsequently as an instrument for corporate holding as well. On The. By 1964, the investable funds in this scheme had crossed Rs. 12,000 crores. In 1986 the coursework gcse edexcel, first mutual fund growth scheme, Master shares, was launched by UTI. This was successfully listed and traded in the stock exchange.

Encouraged by this venture, other players emerged. Fast Food Essay's. In 1987 The State Bank of India Mutual Fund (SBI MF) and Canara Bank Mutual Fund (Canbank MF) started their operations, followed by the mutual funds sponsored by the Bank of India, Indian Bank and Punjab National Bank. Statistics Coursework Edexcel. Not to lag behind, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation (GIC), too, sponsored their respective mutual fund schemes. Seven institutions in the Public Sector -five banks and two insurance companies thus followed UTI. They all had the inherent advantage of basic infrastructure, an overflow of essayist, funds and statistics customer service outlets.

By the end of March 93, the total corpus of the big eight was approximately Rs. 50,000 crores. With UTI alone, accounting for Rs. How To An Introduction For A Master. 40,000 crores. The spectacular surge came in 1992-93 when the total number of investors increased from 18 million to 32 million and the combined corpus rose to Rs 38,000 crores. Much of gcse, it was no doubt account for by UTI Master Gain 92 which netted in literacy Rs 4,791.79crore winning for itself a place in Guinness book of records. This increase has to be viewed against the background of coursework edexcel, net assets of a measly Rs4, 000 crore in 1987 for the entire eight-fund put together. Phase of development of mutual funds in fast food India. The mutual fund industry in India started in 1963 with the formation of Unit Trust of statistics coursework, India, at the initiative of the Government of India and and scollon essayist literacy Reserve Bank the. Statistics Coursework Gcse Edexcel. The history of mutual funds in how to write an introduction s thesis India can be broadly divided into four distinct phases. FIRST PHASE ' 1963-1986.

An Act of Parliament established Unit Trust of India (UTI) in 1963. It was set up by the Reserve Bank of India and functioned under the Regulatory and administrative control of the Reserve Bank of India. In 1978 UTI was de-linked from the statistics gcse, RBI and how to an introduction for a s thesis the Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) took over the regulatory and administrative control in place of RBI. The first scheme launched by UTI was Unit Scheme 1964. At the statistics, end of 1988 UTI had Rs.6,700 crores of assets under management. SECOND PHASE ' 1987-1993 (Entry of Public Sector Funds) 1987 marked the entry of non- UTI, public sector mutual funds set up by public sector banks and Life Insurance Corporation of business plan, India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation of edexcel, India (GIC).

SBI Mutual Fund was the first non- UTI Mutual Fund established in June 1987 followed by Can bank Mutual Fund (Dec 87), Punjab National Bank Mutual Fund (Aug 89), Indian Bank Mutual Fund (Nov 89), Bank of India (Jun 90), Bank of Baroda Mutual Fund (Oct 92). LIC established its mutual fund in June 1989 while GIC had set up its mutual fund in December 1990. At the end of 1993, the mutual fund industry had assets under management of scollon, Rs.47,004 crores. THIRD PHASE ' 1993-2003 (Entry of Private Sector Funds) With the statistics gcse edexcel, entry of private sector funds in 1993, a new era started in the Indian mutual fund industry, giving the Indian investors a wider choice of fund families. Also, 1993 was the year in which the first Mutual Fund Regulations came into being, under which all mutual funds, except UTI were to be registered and governed. The erstwhile Kothari Pioneer (now merged with Franklin Templeton) was the first private sector mutual fund registered in July 1993.The 1993 SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations were substituted by a more comprehensive and revised Mutual Fund Regulations in 1996.

The industry now functions under the scollon and scollon literacy, SEBI (Mutual Fund) Regulations 1996. The number of mutual fund houses went on increasing, with many foreign mutual funds setting up funds in India and also the industry has witnessed several mergers and acquisitions. By the end of January 2003, there were 33 mutual funds with total assets of Rs. 1,21,805 crores. The Unit Trust of India withRs.44,541 crores of assets under management was way ahead of other mutual funds. FOURTH PHASE ' since February 2003. In February 2003, following the repeal of the Unit Trust of coursework gcse, India Act 1963 UTI was bifurcated into two separate entities.

One is the Specified Undertaking of the Unit Trust of India with assets under management of Rs.29,835 crores as at the end of January 2003, representing broadly, the assets of on the of music, US 64 scheme, assured return and gcse certain other schemes. The Specified Undertaking of Unit Trust of India, functioning under an administrator and under the rules framed by Government of India and does not come under the sampe plan, purview of the Mutual Fund Regulations. The second is the UTI Mutual Fund Ltd, sponsored by SBI, PNB, BOB and LIC. It is registered with SEBI and functions under the Mutual Fund Regulations. Gcse Edexcel. With the bifurcation of the erstwhile UTI which had in March 2000 more than Rs.76,000 crores of assets under management and with the setting up of a UTI Mutual Fund, conforming to the SEBI Mutual Fund Regulations, and with recent mergers taking place among different private sector funds, the mutual fund industry has entered its current phase of consolidation and growth. As at the end of September 2004, there were 29 funds, which manage assets of Rs.153108 crores under 421 schemes. GROWTH IN ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT The graph indicates the growth of assets over essayist, the years:- However, the monopoly of the statistics coursework gcse, big eight was ended by the new economic policy spearheaded by Dr.

Manmohan Singh from 1991. The process of liberalization threw the doors open to on the of music, players in the private sector to provide the. much-needed competitive edge and a wider scope of options to the investors. The existing mutual funds, it was felt, had failed to live up to the expectations of statistics edexcel, common investors due to: (a) Poor servicing, inordinate delays in the receipt of unit certificates and dividend warrants; (b) Indifferent performance of most of the mutual fund schemes which under-performed the market thus denying the investors a reasonable return; (c) Absence of adequate disclosure norms; and. (d) Lack of an investor-friendly approach in general. Hence the securities and Exchange Board of an essay on the importance, India (SEBI) accorded approval to a number of players in statistics coursework edexcel the private sector to sponsor mutual funds. Food. These include some of the biggest heavyweights of Indian corporate sector. An important feature of the statistics coursework, private sector mutual funds-at least the first few-was their collaboration with foreign investment and fund managers.

Thus Kothari tied up with Pioneer, the oldest fund in and scollon essayist the US managing $8 billion, 20th century with Kemper Corporations which claimed to be the eight largest fund manager in coursework gcse USA managing assets over $70 billion. Credit capital asset managers' inc. that launched the Taurua Star share had for its partners, apart from Commonwealth Development Corporation, London and Asian Development Bank, Manila, International Finance Corporation, Washington (Rs 22.50 crore), and Edinburgh Fund Managers, U.K (Rs 24 crores). While many Indian private sector mutual funds collaborated with foreign partners, Morgan Stanley, which manages funds worth $44.2 billion, chose to go it alone. Its issue was a runaway success. Form. There was serious controversy and the apex court had to intervene. The issue was heavily over-subscribed netting in Rs 1,000 crore against the target Rs 300 crore. The vital aspect of a strong research capability of foreign collaborators had been recognized and statistics coursework edexcel the public sector GIC Mutual Fund, too, reacted to the winds of fast food essay's, change and statistics edexcel tied up with he U.S Soros Fund Management headed by the legendary George Soros who manages funds worth $10billion.

ICICI Mutual Funds had merged with Prudential, Tata Mutual Funds with Toronto Dominion (TD). Same ways there are many companies merged and entered in Indian mutual fund industry. Important Domestic Mutual Fund Players. (I) SBI Mutual Fund. SBI Mutual Fund draws strength from India's premier and on the importance largest bank; the State Bank of coursework, India. Business. Set up on July 1, 1955, the State Bank of India is the largest banking operation in the country. Statistics. SBI Mutual Fund has grown tremendously in terms of corpus as well as number of investors. Today they are one of the largest bank sponsored Mutual Fund in the country. SBI have launched 35 Schemes, of which 15 have been redeemed, yielding handsome returns to on the importance, investors. They were also the first Bank sponsored Mutual Fund to launch an offshore fund, the India Magnum Fund, with a corpus of around Rs. 225 Crores..

Today, the fund manages over Rs. Edexcel. 16500 crores of assets and has a diverse profile of investors actively parking their investments across 30 active schemes. Form Covering. With a large network over 100 collection branches, 26 Investor Service Centers, 28 Investor Service Desks and 52 District Organizers, SBI constantly endeavor to get closer to their growing family of investors. SBI gives the investors the following options: (1) Open ended schemes. Magnum equity fund. Magnum tax gain. Magnum Index Fund. Magnum Sector Funds Umbrella. Magnum Multiplier Plus Scheme. Magnum Global Fund. Magnum NRI Investment Fund.

Magnum Income Plus Fund. Magnum Income Fund. Magnum Children's Benefit Plan. Magnum Monthly Income Plan. Magnum Gilt Fund. (2) Closed schemes. Magnum Equity Linked Saving Scheme 94. Magnum Equity Linked Saving Scheme 95. Magnum Equity Linked Saving Scheme 96.

II) Birla Sun Life. Birla Sun Life Financial Services offers a range of financial services for resident Indians and Non Resident Indians. Brought together by edexcel two large, powerful and reputed business houses, the Aditya Birla Group and Sun Life Financial, the aim is to sampe business plan, offer diverse and top quality financial services to customers. The Mutual Fund and Insurance companies provide wealth management and protection products to customers while the statistics coursework edexcel, Distribution and Securities companies provide brokerage and an essay on the importance of music trading services for investment in statistics coursework gcse equities, debt securities, fixed deposits, etc. Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Limited. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund follows a conservative long-term approach to investment, which is sampe, based on identifying companies that have good credit-worthiness and are fundamentally strong. Coursework Gcse. It places a lot of emphasis on plan quality of management and risk control. Coursework Edexcel. This is business plan, done through extensive analysis that includes factory visits and field research. Statistics Coursework Gcse. It has one of the an introduction for a, largest team of research analysts in the industry. III) Reliance Mutual Fund.

Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF) has been established as a trust under the statistics, Indian Trusts Act, 1882 with Reliance Capital Limited (RCL), as the Settlor/Sponsor and Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Limited (RCTCL),as the trustee . RMF has been registered with the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The name of Reliance Capital Mutual Fund has been changed to Reliance Mutual Fund effective 11th. March 2004. Reliance Mutual Fund was formed to launch various schemes under which units are issued to the Public with a view to contribute to the capital market and to provide investors the opportunities to make investments in sampe plan diversified securities. Reliance Mutual Fund (RMF) is one of statistics, India's leading Mutual Funds, with Assets Under Management (AUM) of form covering, Rs. Coursework Gcse Edexcel. 39019 crore (AUM as on 31st Jan 2007) and an investor base of over an essay of music, 3.1 million. RMF offers investors a well-rounded portfolio of products to meet varying investor requirements and statistics gcse has presence in an essay of music 115 cities across the country. OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO AN INVESTOR. ' Reliance Monthly Income Plan.

' Reliance Income Fund. ' Reliance Medium Term Fund. ' Reliance Liquid Fund. ' Reliance Short Term Fund. ' Reliance Gilt Securities Fund. ' Reliance Fixed Term Scheme. ' Reliance Floating Rate Fund. ' Reliance Growth Fund. ' Reliance Vision Fund. SECTOR SPECIFIC SCHEMES. ' Reliance Banking Fund.

' Reliance Diversified Power Sector Fund. ' Reliance Pharma Fund. (IV) ICICI PRUDENTIAL MUTUAL FUNDS. Prudential ICICI Asset Management Company, (55%:45%) a joint venture between Prudential Plc, UK's leading insurance company and statistics gcse edexcel ICICI Bank Ltd, India's premier financial institution. The joint venture was formed with the key objective of providing the Indian investor mutual fund products to suit a variety of investment needs.

The AMC has already launched a range of products to suit different risk and maturity profiles. Prudential ICICI Asset Management Company Limited with asset over Rs.37906.24 crore as on march 31, 2008. Both Prudential and ICICI Bank Ltd have a strategic long-term commitment to the rapidly expanding financial services sector in India. The funds offered under this category are the critical minded, Prudential ICICI Growth Plan, Prudential ICICI FMCG Fund, Prudential ICICI Technology Fund, Prudential ICICI Tax Plan, Prudential ICICI Index Fund and Prudential ICICI Power. The funds offered under this category are the Prudential ICICI Income Plan, the Prudential ICICI Gilt-Treasury Fund, The Prudential ICICI Gilt-Investment Fund, Prudential ICICI Liquid plan, Prudential ICICI Fixed Maturity Plan, Prudential ICICI Short Term Plan, Prudential ICICI Long Term Plan and Prudential ICICI Sweep Plan. The funds offered under this category are the gcse, Prudential ICICI Balanced Fund and Prudential ICICI Child Care Plan. V) TATA MUTUAL FUNDS. Tata Asset Management Limited is one of India's fastest growing fund management companies with more than Rs.

12562.65(31st august 2006) crores of assets, from application letter, about 0.3 million investors. The Tata Group is one of India's best-known conglomerate in the private sector with a turnover of around US $ 11.2 billion Long known for its adherence to business ethics, it is India's most respected private business group. With 210,443 employees across 93 companies, it is also India's largest employer in coursework gcse the private sector. The Group has always believed in returning wealth to the society which it serves. Thus, nearly two-thirds of the equity of fast food, Tata Sons, the Group's promoter company, is edexcel, held by philanthropic trusts which have created a host of national institutions in natural sciences, medical care, energy and the arts, and which give substantial annual grants and endowments to scollon essayist literacy, deserving individuals and institutions in coursework the areas of education, healthcare and social upliftment.

Investment Process Every aspect of this process is tightly controlled and monitored to optimize returns for covering letter, the investors. The investment process is built around four key principles: Equity Products Balanced Products Debt Products. Tata Pure Equity Fund. Tata Balanced Fund.

Tata Liquid Fund. Tata Tax Saving Fund. Tata Young Citizens' Fund. Tata Short Term Bond Fund. Tata Select Equity Fund. Tata Gilt Securities Fund. Tata Life Sciences Technology Fund. Tata Income Fund. Tata Equity Opportunities Fund. Tata Income Plus Fund.

Tata Index Fund. Tata Fixed Horizon Fund. Tata Growth Fund. Tata Monthly Income Fund. Vi) KOTAK MAHINDRA MUTUAL FUND. Kotak Mahindra is one of India's leading financial institutions, offering complete financial solutions that encompass every sphere of life. Statistics Coursework. From commercial banking, to stock broking, to mutual funds, to life insurance, to investment banking, the group caters to the financial needs of individuals and corporates. Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited (KMAMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of KMBL, is the asset manager for Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund (KMMF). The group has a net worth of around Rs.2,900 crore and employs around 8,800 employees across its various businesses servicing around 2 million customer accounts through a distribution network of branches, franchisees, representative offices and satellite offices across 282 cities and towns in India and offices in New York, London, Dubai and fast essay's Mauritius.

KMMF offers schemes catering to investors with varying risk- return profiles and was the first fund house in the country to launch a dedicated gilt scheme investing only in government securities. ' Kotak Dynamic Income. ' Kotak Floater Short Term. ' Kotak Floater Long Term. ' Kotak Income Plus. ' Kotak Equity FOF. ' Kotak Global India. Table shows that the Age Profile of the Respondents. Age No. Of Respondents Percentage.

36 Above 10 20. This table shows the Age Profile of the Respondents. 48% of respondents are in 31-35 age groups. 20% of the respondents are in the age of 36 above. 18% of the respondents are in the age of 26-30. The remaining 14% of the coursework gcse, respondents are in the age of 18-25. From the age of the respondents, it is write an introduction s thesis, clear that the people are investing once they earn a regular income. Coursework Gcse Edexcel. The 86% of respondents are above 26 years, which means the write an introduction master, people invest once they are settled. Graph shows that the Age Profile of the Respondents.

Table shows that the coursework, occupation profile of the respondents. Occupation No. Of respondents Percentage. Profession 17.5 35. Housewife 07 14. In the occupation profile there are five groups, which are namely business, profession, housewife, services and others. The professional respondents are 35%, services 33%, business 11%, housewife 14% and others are 7%. This data shows that the respondents from professions and services are aware of mutual funds and critical minded they are interest to invest in it. The business people are aware of mutual funds and coursework edexcel they are not interest to invest in fast essay's it. Whereas in the case of other and housewife is interest to invest is coursework, lesser. Graph shows that the critical minded, occupation profile of the respondents.

Table shows that the Number of family dependents of the respondents. SL NO. Statistics Gcse Edexcel. SIZE No Of respondents Percentage. 3 5 Above 17 34. In the table, 48% of the respondents are family dependents. And in how to for a master s thesis the range of statistics coursework, 3-4,34%of the respondents are 5 and above of family dependents, and 18% of the respondents are family dependents in the range of 0-2. In the table most of the respondents are having their dependents in covering range of 3-4 and 5 above they are more serious in investing their savings for future of their dependents. Graph shows that the statistics coursework gcse, Number of Family Dependents of the respondents. Table shows that the income profile of the write master s thesis, respondents. Income No.

Of respondents Percentage. Below 5000 00 00. 6000 to 15000 05 10. 16000 to 25000 21 42. 26000 to 35000 15 30. 36000 and above 09 18. In the table 42% of investors falls in statistics coursework the income bracket of 16000-25000. 30% of the respondents have income of 26000-35000,where as 18% of the investors are the application covering letter, income of 36000 and statistics gcse above, the remaining 10% of the investors falls in the income bracket of literacy, 6000-15000. In the table 90% of the respondents earn Rs.16000/ or more every month. The more they earn the statistics coursework edexcel, more they can invest and vice versa.

The People who earning less can invest in small amounts, whereas the people earning more can go for higher investments and take higher risks for for a, the higher returns. Graph shows that the Income profile of the respondents. Table shows that the Awareness of coursework, investment options among respondents. Investment Option No. Of respondents aware Percentage. Insurance 45 90. Real Estate 20 40.

Mutual Fund 43 86. In the for a master, table it is found that the 90% of the respondents are aware of the insurance, 80% are the aware of the coursework gcse, bonds, 40% of the respondents are aware of real estate, 84% on stocks and 86% of the respondents are aware of mutual funds. The table gives the idea about of awareness of respondents on investment options among all the respondents. In the table it indicate that the mutual funds are popular, second are insurance. This is the study conducted for general public and mutual funds investors. The mutual funds are not as old as insurance in India. Graph shows that the Awareness of Investment options among the respondents. Table shows that the how to an introduction for a master s thesis, Investment profile of the statistics gcse edexcel, respondents. Investment Option No. Of the respondents Percentage. Insurance 25 50.

Real Estate 05 10. Mutual Funds 33 66. In the table 66% of the respondents are mutual funds investors and rest of the respondents are not interest to invest in mutual funds. They are interest to invest in fast essay's various options like as insurance, bonds, real estate and statistics coursework gcse stocks. In the table most of the critical minded, respondents are interest to invest in statistics gcse edexcel mutual funds with bonds and stocks coming second. Graph shows that the and scollon, Investment profile of the respondents. Table shows that the reason for not investing in mutual funds. SLNO REASON NO of respondents % 1 Don't know about coursework gcse edexcel, mutual funds 10 15.

2 They are risky 26 39. 3 Don't have enough money 0 0. 4 Happy with present investments 30 46. In the table 46% of the write an introduction for a, respondents are satisfied with their investments, 39% of the respondents thinks that the coursework, mutual funds are risky, and an essay importance of music 15% of the respondents are says that they don't know about the mutual funds. In the edexcel, table most of the critical minded, respondents who have not interest to coursework gcse edexcel, invest in the mutual funds. Some of the form letter, respondents are think that the mutual funds involve risk. Graph shows that the statistics coursework gcse, reason for critical minded, not investing in mutual funds. Table shows that the annual investment of the respondents. SLNO ANNUAL INVESTMENT NO % 1 Less than 5,000 07 14. 2 5,000-10,000 22 44.

3 10,000-20,000 10 20. 4 Above 20,000 11 22. In the table most of the gcse edexcel, respondents are invest/save between 5000 to 10000 is 44%. 22% of the critical minded, respondents' save/invest above 20000, 20% of the respondents 'save/invest between 10000 to 20000 and 14% of invest less than 5000. In the table many respondents income lie below 100000 p.a. they are possible to save/invest only for about five to ten thousand p.a. Graph shows that the annual investment of the respondents. Table shows that the statistics coursework gcse edexcel, popular mutual funds products among the application form, respondents. Mutual Fund Products No.of respondents Percentage. Prudential ICICI 29 88. Kotak Mahindra 15 45.

HDFC Mutual Fund 19 57. Birla Sun life 17 51. SBI Mutual Fund 09 27. LIC Mutual Fund 08 24. Can bank Mutual Fund 08 24. Franklin Templeton M.F 21 63. In the table most of gcse edexcel, popular mutual funds among of the respondents are, prudential ICICI with 88%, franklin Templeton mutual funds with 63%, HDFC mutual funds 57%, Birla sun Life 51%, Kotak Mahindra mutual funds 45%, and rest of them are with average of critical minded, around 24% and 27%. In the table it's clear that the ICICI and Franklin Templeton are popular among investors. They are because of the aggressive of the advertisements they employ. Graph shows that the popular mutual funds products among the statistics coursework edexcel, respondents.

Table shows that the ranking of form covering, factors for statistics coursework gcse edexcel, investment. Factors Simple average Ranks. Assured Return 7 02. Risk Cover 4 05. Government Guarantee 5 04. High Return 7 01. Voting right 2 06. In the table, it is designed to study of most important factors for interest to invest in the various investment options.

In the above table,most of the sought after criteria for interest of invest. The investors are not worried about the risk involved. They are high-risk areas with high returns. The people are ready to take more risks for more returns. Graph shows that the ranking of factors for investment. Table shows that the investment opinion of respondents if the returns between 15% to 25% and above.

Opinion No. Of the respondents Percentage. In the table, it is constructed to critical minded, know the statistics edexcel, opinion of the respondent if the returns are between15% to 25%. These are the respondents not in interest to invest in mutual funds. In the table, this also it is clear that investors care primarily about critical minded, one things only return. Graph shows that the investment opinion of respondent if the returns between 15% to 25% and above. Table shows that the Investing option among the respondents between risk and return. Returns No.

Of the respondents Percentage. 15% to 20% return with moderate risk 04 33. 20% to 30% with high risk 06 50. 30% to 40% with very high risk 02 17. In the table that shows the expectations of investor on the returns, the data shows that 33% are interest to invest in 15% to 20% returns with moderate the risk. In the edexcel, case of 50% says 20% to 30% with high risk and finally 17% respondents want to 30% to 40% with high risk. In the table of a high risk is letter, okay for the respondents, as 50% is suggested. More than three fourth of the respondents are not concerned about risk if they are get returns for gcse, the risk taken. Graph shows that the investing option among the respondents between risk and and scollon return.

Table shows that the Awareness of mutual funds advertisements among the respondents. Awareness No. Of the respondents Percentage. In the table, data analysis says that 78% are aware of mutual funds is advertisements and 22% says that they are not aware. In the table, the awareness about the product is very important for financial service marketing, in particular, to succeed in modern competitive world. Graph shows that the Awareness of mutual funds advertisements among the respondents. Table shows that the most common mutual funds company advertisement. Mutual Fund Company No. Of the statistics, respondents Percentage. ICICI Prudential 28 72. Kotak Mahindra 09 23.

HDFC Mutual Fund 07 18. Birla Sun life 19 49. SBI Mutual Fund 18 46. LIC Mutual Fund 06 15. Can bank Mutual Fund 04 10. Franklin Templeton M.F 26 67. In the table, 72% of the respondent has voted prudential ICICI advertisement as the most popular closely followed by Templeton. Sampe Business. And Birla and SBI, with can bank getting the least percentage. In the table, it is coursework gcse edexcel, designed to study the most common advertisement of Mutual Fund companies of the an introduction master, respondents.

Prudential ICICI and Franklin Templeton are the popular companies as far as advertisement goes. Graph shows that the most common mutual funds company advertisement. Table shows that the statistics edexcel, influence of brand among respondent while investing in sampe mutual funds. Influence No. Of respondents Percentage. In the table, it is designed to study of the influence of brand name while investing. The study it is clear that 88% of respondents says that the branding is very important to build investors confidence, and 12% of respondents says that the brand name is not important. In the above table brand name comes along with experience, quality, and trustworthiness and most importantly by the advertisements.

A company acquiring all the above features will have a good brand name. In Mutual funds, investors look for the brand before investing as 88%. Graph shows that the influence of brand name among respondents while investing in mutual funds. Table shows that the opinion of respondents on returns on returns in mutual funds compared to shares/derivatives. Opinion No. Of the respondents Percentage.

In the statistics coursework, table, it's shows that 62% of the form covering letter, respondents says that mutual funds returns are better than share or derivatives. In other hand 38% of respondents says that the mutual funds returns are not good compared to share or derivatives. In the table, it is in all the three are having good returns, as well as unpredictable returns. But Mutual funds seem to have an impression in the respondents mind as they think its unpredictability is edexcel, less compared to the other two. Graph shows that the opinion of sampe business plan, respondents on return of mutual funds compared to shares/derivatives. Table shows that the investment firm's transparency in recent times. Transparency No. Of the respondents Percentage. In the table, it is statistics gcse edexcel, as far as transparency is concerned the scollon and scollon, survey says that the 72% of the respondent says that firms are transparency presently and 28% says that firms are not transparent as compared as to earlier times. In the table, people now a day went everything to be revealed.

It is hidden agenda makes them conspicuous. Graph shows that the statistics coursework edexcel, investment firms' transparency in how to write for a master recent times. Table shows that the performance of funds according to respondents. Funds No. Of the respondents Percentage. Index and statistics coursework gcse edexcel Industry 12 24.

In the table, this data analysis says that which fund is performing better at the present. It is the response that the fast, debt and gilt funds are performing better, where as index and industry and equity schemes are less popular. It is interesting to note that equity schemes, which were once popular with the investors, have gone down as debt and gilt funds have picked up. Therefore the investors' perception changes from time to time and statistics edexcel a successful company needs to understand this. Graph shows that the performance of fast food, funds according to respondents.

' The main findings' of the study is that, there is statistics, no dependency of scollon and scollon essayist literacy, income level over the investment in the Mutual Funds. Therefore income being high or low is coursework gcse, not the major criteria for the Mutual Fund investments. ' The awareness towards Mutual Fund is good, but it is and scollon essayist literacy, not excellent. For the study of the collected sample size was 50. Statistics Gcse Edexcel. Out of them 33 are mutual funds investors.

' Another findings' is that the brand name of the investment firm is very important to gain. Out of 50-sample size 44 respondents said that brand name is sampe business plan, required. Only 6 respondents said that brand name is not required. ' The investors' point of view, the popular mutual fund companies are Prudential ICICI, and Franklin Templeton mutual funds. ' The Most common advertisements of Mutual Funds Companies from investors' point of statistics coursework edexcel, view are Prudential ICICI with 71.79% and application covering Franklin Templeton with 66.66%. ' Investors have ranked High Return, Assured Return, Liquidity, Government Guarantee, Risk Cover and Voting Right as the important factors for the investments respectively. ' The transparency is the order of the day.

The overall perceptions about this matter is that 72% of the respondents says that these days' firms are more transparent than in old days. ' The Private sectors of Mutual Funds are on a rampage. The market share of the private sector mutual funds is increased. ' From the existing mutual funds investors, it is found that the debt funds and gilt funds are performing better than last years. ' Investors are worried and confused about the legal formalities of the Mutual Funds. Coursework Gcse Edexcel. It is scollon and scollon literacy, complicated compared to other investment avenues like as bank deposits. ' The launching up of new schemes by Mutual Funds companies has increased the number of investors.

' Mutual Funds have become the buzzword currently. The numbers of statistics gcse edexcel, people are investing in Mutual Funds lately. Essayist Literacy. Shares, Real Estate, and Insurance are presently other hot areas for the investment. ' Mutual Funds Company should be more the transparent while declaring their dividends, Net Asset Value, administration charges and their accounting norms. ' Brand name of the investment firms is very important to statistics, gain or attract customers. Mutual Fund companies should make their advertisements more aggressively, so that the fast, common public should come to know about their product features and their position in the market. ' It is the perception of statistics edexcel, investors that the Mutual funds will not give any surety on returns.

This perception should be removed from their mind. Mutual funds Company needs to formulate some of the critical minded, marketing strategies. ' These analysis shows that Mutual fund returns are better than shares or derivatives. So the statistics coursework gcse, existing investors are satisfied with their returns, so the mutual funds company should makes efforts to fast, retain the existing investors. ' The launching up of coursework, new schemes of the Mutual Funds Company has increased the number of investors. ' Investors are worried and confused about the food essay's, legal formalities of the Mutual Funds. It is complicated compared to other investment avenues like bank deposits. Therefore legal formalities need to be the statistics coursework gcse edexcel, minimized and the dealing have to be simplified.

' Mutual Funds needs itself to be differentiated from other not investment avenues. Mutual Funds must offer to fast food essay's, the public more returns, safety and tax benefits so as to attract investors into investing in Mutual Funds rather than in Shares or Real estates. ' Increased deregulation of the financial markets in the country coupled with the introduction of derivative products will offer tremendous scope for statistics coursework, the industry to design and sell innovative schemes to suit individual customer needs, which helps the Mutual Fund industries. A perceptible change is sweeping across the mutual Fund landscape in an India. Factors such as changing investors' needs and their appetite for risk, emergence of Internet as a powerful platform, and above all the growing commoditization of mutual funds products are acting as major catalysts putting pressure on the industry player to form covering, formulate strategies to stay the course. Building and sustaining a powerful brand is also becoming an coursework gcse edexcel, issue of paramount importance. With the and scollon, investor today having a range of products to choose from, effective communication is required to reach a wider audience. The success of marketer in future would depend upon his ability to coursework, use 360-degree compounding effect of media through a presence in all media interfaces with all the investors.

Increased deregulation of the financial markets in the country coupled with the introduction of essay's, derivative products offers tremendous scope for the industry to design and sell innovative schemes to suit individual customers need. It is being increasingly felt, with the commoditization of products looking imminent, service to statistics, investors and performance would be the major differentiators in write an introduction the years to come. ' Evaluating Mutual Fund Performance -------- S.P Kothari. ' Mastering in Mutual Funds ---------- K. S. Murthy. ' Investment Analysis and ---------- Prasanna Chandra. 2) Age: 1) 18 to 25 2) 26 to 30. 3) Occupation: 1) Business 2) Profession. 3) House wife 4) Service. 4) No.

Of family dependents: 5) Income: 1) Below 5000 2) 6000 to 15000. 6) What type of investment options are you aware of? 1) Insurance 2) Bonds 3) Real Estate 4) Stock. 7) In which of statistics coursework, this type have you invested? 1) Insurance 2) Bonds. 3) Real Estate 4) Stocks. 8) Why have you not invested in Mutual Funds? Don't know about Mutual Funds Risky. Don't have enough money Happy with present investments.

9) What % of your income do you invest annually? Less than 5000 5000 ' 10000. 10000 ' 15000 Above 15000. 10) What are the and scollon literacy, factors' you will consider while investing in Ranking method? 3) Government guarantee. 11) Can you name any Mutual Fund products? 12) If Investment type gives return between 15 to 25% and more respect to market risk, what would you do?

1) Consider 2) Ignore. 13) If consider investing, how? 1) 15 % to 20 % return with moderate risk. 2) 20 % to 30 % with high risk. 3) 30 % to 40 % with very high risk. 14) Have you come across any Mutual Fund Advertisements'? 15) If yes Name the company. 16) Do you consider that Brand name is coursework, required while investing in any Mutual Funds? 17) Do you think Mutual Fund return is better than Shares/Derivatives? 18) After UTI scam (US-64) Mutual Fund, do you think that present day investment firms are more transparent than earlier? 19) Which Funds (Allocation) are performing better this year?

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Edexcel GCSE statistics coursework …

How To Set Up Your EMT Resume Correctly. For anyone that is gcse applying for an Emergency Medical Technician position the application form covering letter need for statistics coursework gcse a stand out EMT resume is extremely important. The employer will no doubt be inundated with lots of applicants so experience may not always count. Sampe Business Plan? The necessity for coursework a great resume is a way to make your application stand head and shoulders above the sampe rest. When applying for a job such as an EMT your EMT resume will need to coursework be to food essay's the point and full of the gcse necessary information that the employer is looking for. What To Include In Your EMT Resume. Personal Details – This is scollon and scollon basic information including your name, address, telephone numbers and statistics gcse edexcel email address. It will also have your date of birth, place of birth and and scollon essayist literacy driving licence that you hold.

Your Objectives – This should be at the beginning of your resume, it should be brief and to the point. It would include all your relevant work experience. Coursework Gcse? It should also include the reason for applying for the position, such as skills that you can offer to the institute offering the sampe business plan position. Your Summary of Qualifications – This is where you will list all your qualifications that you have gained. Again, you should keep this brief. Coursework Gcse? List your latest work experience, your educational qualifications in the emergency medical technician field, any extra certificates or diplomas that you have obtained to further your knowledge in the emergency services field. You could also mention skills such as time management, client relationship and computer skills. Professional Skills – List all the relevant skills you have that are relevant to the position you are applying for. Critical Minded? This could include your proven ability to respond immediately and gcse edexcel confidently during emergencies. Critical Minded? Your dedication to provide excellent medical assistance in stabilizing a patient’s condition when need be. Also list specialist skills you have performed on patients that could be advantageous for your application.

Professional Experience – List your latest work of employ first. You will need to supply the name and coursework gcse edexcel address of the employer. Also give the dates from when you started working there till when, and what position you held. You also will need to give a brief description of your duties you performed. If you worked in an emergency department you could state such things as providing direct care to all incoming emergency department patients.

Your initiation of providing patients with appropriate treatments, staying within established guidelines and current level of EMT training. You can also briefly mention your observation of patients and documenting and updating emergency department personnel as warranted. If you assisted or helped train new members of staff, state so, as well as if you volunteered for any extra duties out of the normal. After listing your most recent position you will carry on application with previous employment history. Education – List your advanced educational qualifications, where you studied and what your results were. Certification/ Licensure – List all your certification that you have obtained in the medical field. For a stand out emergency medical technician resume list everything possible that is relevant to the post you are applying for.

This should include your EMT paramedic qualification. It will hopefully also include specialist skills and courses that you have completed which could include courses such as an advanced cardiac life support certification, cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification as well as any other subject you have qualified in. It could also list skills such as advanced driving courses that you have completed, especially if applying for statistics edexcel an ambulance driver position. Affiliations – List any associations that you belong to. These can be professional or charity organisations that you belong to. References – Provide details of your previous employers that you have worked for and that will be able to give you a good reference. How To For A Master? If you have no previous employment history then you could put your school or college teacher who could vouch for your character. Gcse? Try to give at least two references and make sure you provide their contact details as well.

These are all the basic requirements that an EMT resume should reflect. Form Covering Letter? It will hopefully show your personality, as well as your skills and work history. Try your best to promote your special qualities that you posses, there is nothing more frustrating for a future employer to coursework gcse edexcel just receive a boring resume that will be the fast food same as ninety-five percent of the other applications they receive. Choose to state qualities on how you calm patients down or state that you want to study further to enable the statistics gcse edexcel well-being of patients that you treat. An Essay On The Of Music? Employers like to hear people who are keen to improve their knowledge. Coursework Gcse Edexcel? Everyone has something special to offer, so make sure you mention what particular skills you feel you have that could be the difference of how to write master, getting the statistics coursework job or not on your resume. It can be far more difficult for food newly certified EMT’s to offer a stand out resume due to the lack of any relevant work experience. If you have only just qualified as an EMT list any work experience that you have, even if it is not relevant to the post being offered.

To show that you had a job for a period of time and were punctual and reliable are still great traits to offer a future employer. If you are recently out of school, list the statistics coursework gcse edexcel qualifications that you gained and business any extra courses that you went on. If you have done volunteer work, be sure to statistics edexcel list it. An employer will deem this to show your energy and will to succeed in life. Just remember that we all have to start somewhere, and there are many junior positions on offer, after all you would not be applying for a position that requires ten years of experience, so you have nothing to fear about. By stating what goals you want to achieve in your life and career can go a long way towards getting the position you are applying for. If it is your first position that you are applying for form covering since qualifying as a EMT try to seek a position that can offer you the greatest diversity of gcse, experience. An example could be a position working for a hospital ambulance service or emergency room that will offer you this diverse experience, rather than working for a private ambulance service that only transports patients between facilities which would not be as interesting or gain you many new skills. Look out for the various positions that are offered and try to apply for application form covering letter the one that best suits you, if you enjoy working with children try to statistics coursework find a position that is write an introduction for a master s thesis connected to statistics coursework a children’s specialty hospital.

When submitting your EMT resume for applying for a position it is just as important to send a cover letter supporting your application. This letter will be a document that introduces you to sampe the potential employers. It should provide specific information that is relevant for gcse edexcel the job post and how you feel you could fit the role perfectly. You would want to thank them for taking the time to read through your resume and cover letter, stating how serious you are about how to write for a master s thesis, applying for statistics gcse edexcel the particular position available. Tell them what you can offer them in the way of relevant experience as well as how your personality would suit the position. You would finish the application letter asking them to consider your application and statistics gcse edexcel hope to be able to meet the employer for application form covering an interview in the very near future.

Keep this letter as brief and to the point as possible without mentioning irrelevant information. This letter can persuade the employer to consider your application as much as your EMT resume. Your EMT resume along with your cover letter are the first contact when applying for a position you have seen advertised. So be sure that your resume looks professional and that you use correct grammar. Do not be afraid to blow your own trumpet, if you have years of experience, or have been on statistics coursework gcse edexcel many extra courses to sampe boost your knowledge, let them know it. Try to make your resume stand out from the coursework edexcel rest of the applicants. A boring resume will not stand out, so include things will catch their eyes. If you have done charity or volunteer work, make sure you tell them about it.

By offering yourself without any remuneration is an excellent way to how to write master s thesis show your personality. By giving people less fortunate than you something, whether it is your experience or time without asking or expecting anything in return will be looked at coursework in a very good light. When you are sending your EMT resume through to an introduction s thesis the employer seeking to fill a position, do not forget to include a strong cover letter. This letter could be the difference whether you would be selected for an interview or not. Remember that there are usually many applicants applying for the position that you are applying for, so a strong, to the point EMT resume that stands out from the edexcel rest is what you are trying to achieve. Setting Up An EMT Resume – Sample Resume. Some of the aspects, which you might want to include in your resume are a Summary of scollon and scollon literacy, Qualifications, your Professional Skills, your Professional Experience and coursework gcse edexcel your Education. 242 Willow Bay Dr. Myrtle Beach, SC 29575. To obtain an Emergency Medical Technician position. Summary of Qualifications:

Your summary of for a, qualifications would include your experience in this field. Even as a trainee EMT, you would have done volunteer work or have been able to statistics coursework gcse assist in the field and sampe plan have gained some practical experiences. Hence, you would want to add these experiences to your resume. Some of coursework gcse edexcel, these you need to include are: Your years of experience, which will cover all work experience, especially the experience related to the EMT field. The type of fast food, person you are in terms of dedication to the task, time-management and compassion. Communication skills, which should reflect your ability to deal with clients.

Interpersonal skills that deal with your interaction with the people you work with. Statistics Gcse Edexcel? Organizational skills such as report writing, evaluations and write an introduction the ability to manage projects. Your development as a professional is extremely important as you need to show your willingness for further advancement to gcse edexcel assist your abilities as an critical minded, EMT. Your computer expertise, which needs to be listed with the ability or expertise you have in each program. Your skills in general such as your ability to work under pressure, creativity in making on-the-spot calls and statistics edexcel the ability to work optimally at all times. Other aspects to include are that you should not be guilty of drug abuse at all and that includes tobacco.

You should be in good standing with the authorities at all levels. That is, there should be no criminal records, DUI records or any speeding fines against your name. Letter? You need to include your physical ability, as you need this as an EMT. Statistics Edexcel? Driving skills are also a necessity. What this also means is critical minded that your summary should state how you bring these elements together in your work situation. These skills, which you should include in coursework edexcel, your EMT resume, should relate to your practical experiences. These are vital, as there should be clear indication of what your capabilities are. You should therefore include the following: The first inclusion here is that you should have the application covering letter proven ability to statistics gcse edexcel respond to emergency situations immediately, calmly, collected and confidently. On The Importance Of Music? You should include the emergency expertise you have in being able to assist victims in any given situation. You could include examples of this if need be.

Some of the expertise you need to include, as an statistics edexcel, EMT, are: C.P.R technique The Heimlich Resuscitation Method The skills in different types of dressing applications including burns and wounds How to treat gunshot wounds, and shock In-depth knowledge for write for a master s thesis tourniquets, IVs and oxygen application The ability to offer emergency medical care for rape victims To stabilize patients You should be able to include the fact that you have performed two successful needle thoracostomies in gcse, the field. These aspects are included in the training you receive, but it is important that you have these as practical experiences in order for you to essayist literacy be considered for a position as an EMT. Statistics Coursework Gcse Edexcel? You need to demonstrate, in your EMT resume, an excellent knowledge of the streets and application letter routes, the gcse ability to read maps as well as the ability to an essay importance gather ideas instinctively regarding directions. When you put together your EMT resume, you need to include your professional experiences as well. This is as important as all the aspects mentioned thus far. It will allow the gcse edexcel reviewer to see what you have been doing in critical minded, the field and how it was executed. If you have been working in the field for coursework a while, you should have a list of roles you have played and positions you have filled. As an on the of music, EMT, you should be able to include some of these in your resume: The business name for whom you have worked. The list would be according to the duration dates of your employment.

You would then add the coursework position you have filled at the given organization. Under each business position, you would add the role you have played in those organizations. This means that you have to list all the duties you have performed or are currently performing. Each of the positions you list would have a different set of roles and duties that you have performed. It is best to ensure that you do not just list each of the roles under the position, but to give a detailed description of the roles you have performed. How To For A? This would also indicate what your in-service experiences are as an EMT. It is also important to give details of the tasks you have performed. You have to add your education to your EMT resume.

It is a given that you would have the education to coursework gcse edexcel apply for the position, but it is necessary to include a section where you will state what your education is. This would include: Your EMT – Basic Training: You could include the critical minded courses and duration of the courses here. If you have done any additional training or courses you could add this here, especially if it relates to your application as an EMT. Your ongoing development training certification is statistics also a necessary addition to this section.

Thus, your specialization such as Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Certified in Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support and any other certification needs to application form letter be added under the statistics education section of your resume. You could also add any certification here such as your computer competency and certification. You could add other categories to your resume, but the ones mentioned here are the major categories to add to your EMT resume. Registered with the NREMT Certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certified in scollon, Pediatric Advanced Life Support Certified in Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support Have received E.M.T. License and statistics Certification from Atlanta General Hospital, 2005 Have received License no. Fast Essay's? 4530987 from State of statistics coursework, Atlanta, 2005 Have received Recertification credits from Atlanta General Hospital, 2009.

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