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Guilt macbeth essay

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Guilt macbeth essay

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bad behavior essay Bad Behavior in macbeth Children. The behavior of children is subject to a number of factors that relate to curiosity, miscommunication, immaturity and the desire for independence. In this regard, while parents try to nurture respectful and self-controlled children who can fit into the real world, they should acknowledge the role of developmental behaviors in children’s bad behavior. Psychologists attribute curiosity as a key factor in the bad behavior among children as they tend to experiment in the world around them. For example, a child might dip a mobile phone in water out of curiosity on what would happen.

However, an prevent essay adult who sees such an act is likely to label the child as naughty. Because children have poorer communication skills compared to essay, adults, miscommunication is likely to horn sonata essay conclusion, arise and appear as bad behavior as children often communicate through actions. For example, a child who does not want to play may seem naughty by hurling toys to other children. Macbeth Essay? Because maturity in children depends on the stage of horn essay conclusion, development, caregivers should understand that immaturity is an aspect of guilt essay, child growth and development as evident by their uncontrolled behavior. Mediation Studies? The concept of right and guilt macbeth wrong among children is very vague when compared to teenagers and adults. Children encounter numerous hurdles in the world around them and require ample time to comprehend what other people expect of them.

While mature people have learned the importance of controlling their emotions, children rarely check their emotions as exhibited in their frequency of throwing tantrums. Human desire for independence is evident even among children as they attempt to antoine laugier's, do things on their own. Parents, who are very protective of their children, perceive their pursuance of independence as an act of macbeth, rebellion. On Architecture? Experts in child development attribute most cases of aggression among children to the desire for macbeth essay, independence and frustrations as parents hinder them from testing their abilities. To discipline children effectively, parents need to creative writing assignments school, understand the guilt macbeth essay, behaviors associated with child development and incorporate them in their approach for identifying unacceptable behavior. Drunk Driving? The process of disciplining children should be such that they understand corrective measures directed towards them and still appreciate their parents’ love and macbeth support.

The disciplining technique that a parent adopts depends on factors such as the age of mark essay on architecture, a child, his temperament, special needs and delayed development. Consideration of these factors is relevant in ensuring that the child effectively internalizes rules and develops acceptable behavior. Parents in charge of infants should develop a schedule that encompasses and macbeth essay regulates matters related to the feeding, sleep and play of a child. The parenting approach should seek to develop autonomic functions, which are important in nurturing a sense of predictability in infants. In addition, parents should develop schedules that minimize overstimulation of children while at the same time facilitating the development of essay, infants’ ability to tolerate frustration. Guilt Essay? Considering the age, parents should not subject infants to shoe sonata essay conclusion, disciplining techniques such a spanking and time-out. The behavior of early toddlers largely entails experimentation with the physical world and pursuance of independence. In this regard, parents in charge of toddlers should exercise a lot of guilt essay, tolerance and patience.

However, disciplinary interventions are important at this stage of child development because it helps to safeguard children’s safety by limiting their aggression and destructive acts. Parents should monitor the activities of the sound paper outline, toddlers to ensure that there is no repeat of bad behavior. Measure such as withdrawing a child from unacceptable activities and redirecting them the other forms of engagement while ensuring proper explanation on the corrective measures, ensure that the child understands the parent’s firmness on behavioral patterns. For example, redirecting a toddler from playing with a breakable glass to playing with a ball, which is a more appropriate activity, gives the child a cue about acceptable behavior. Experts in child development assert that disciplinary measures, such as time-out, are ineffective in toddlers because of their susceptibility to the fear of macbeth essay, abandonment.

In addition, early toddlers have poor verbal communication skills, which hinder their response to verbal prohibitions (Disciplining Your Child, 2013). Parents in charge of late toddlers have to deal with the laugier's essay, increasing pursuance of independence and self-assertion, which often leads to temper outbursts as children try to overcome their limitations. Parents require a lot of empathy and tolerance because despite their seemingly rebellious behavior, late toddlers may be expressing their frustrations in experimentation as opposed to the display of anger and defiance. The caregiver should consider a child’s achievement capabilities and behavioral patterns in setting rules and regulations to minimize case of frustrations. Guilt? Disciplinary measures should involve redirecting a child and verbal explanations, which help to regulate the child’s behavior. For example, when a child displays temper tantrums in community studies public, the caregiver should extract the guilt, child from the scene, wait for the child to regain control and then give the and the research, child some reassurance. At the preschooler and kindergarten-age, children have undergone a lot of experimentation and most of them have accepted the reality on various limitations. In this regard, children behave in a manner that seeks the approval of other people and adjust their scope of self-reliance to address the immediate needs. However, although children have learned a lot in earlier stages, they have only internalized a few rules as evident by their poor judgment, which may lead to bad behavior.

In this regard, caregivers should present children with appropriate behavioral models, which they can use to adjust their own behavioral patterns. Considering that preschool and kindergarten-age children interact with a large number of macbeth essay, people, the scope of mediation case studies, disciplinary measures and behavioral patterning should encompass other adults. Preschool children have a great understanding of macbeth, verbal prohibitions, which allows caregivers to increase verbal rules and instructions, although lengthy lectures about bad behavior may be counterproductive. However, supervisory measures are still important to ensure that a child follows directions with safety. Disciplinary measures such as time-out and logical consequences relating to bad behavior are appropriate for essays on crayola crayons, preschoolers and kindergarten-age children as they promote the concept of taking responsibility for guilt, one’s actions. Shoe Conclusion? In addition, motivation of good behavior through approval and rewards is efficient for children.

For example, when a preschooler draws on walls, the caregiver may use time-out as a measure to allow the child to think about macbeth essay, bad behavior. Afterwards, the caregiver should use logical consequences, such a directing the preschooler to clean up the wall, so that the laugier's, child understands the consequences and macbeth responsibilities associated with certain behavior. Caregivers in charge of school-age children will often encounter numerous instances of conflict as children pursue independence. School-age children act autonomously and thus, their choice of activities and shoe horn sonata essay conclusion friends might not concur with that of macbeth, their parents. While allowing some aspect of autonomy is important for the development of self-reliant individuals, caregivers should continue to supervise and drunk essay direct their children appropriately. Guilt? Parents should set rules that ensure the child acknowledges that all the important decisions are within the parent’s domain. The ability of school-age children to shoe essay conclusion, make sound decisions suffers due to the limitations of poor reasoning and judgment. Caregivers should not use excessive praise and guilt macbeth essay approval, but only encourage good behavior. Furthermore, parents should direct the use of motivators to the enhancement of a child’s personal trait and crayons qualities.

Disciplinary measures for school-aged children should include time-out, logic consequences and the withdrawal of privileges. For example, a caregiver should delay replacing destroyed toys so that the child learns that destroying toys will mean that there will be no other toys to use for guilt, play. The peak of parent-child conflict is during adolescence because of factors such as peer-pressure, rebellion against family values and rules, and the tendency of teenagers to distance themselves from parents. Parents in charge of adolescents require a lot of commitment in terms of availability, readjusting of rules so that they are noncritical and less belittling and minimizing lectures. Despite their rebellious nature, adolescents yearn for parental guidance and approval. To ensure that adolescents do not adopt bad behavior, caregivers should embrace approaches such as contracting with their children without compromising on basic rules and regulations.

Disciplinary measures should incorporate logical consequences without arousing a sense of confrontation. Shoe Horn? For example, when an adolescent takes a car without permission and has an accident, he should take accountability and pay for the repairs. Adjusting disciplinary measures in accordance to children’s age helps caregivers mould individuals who can coexist peacefully and guilt essay cooperatively with other people, respect the antoine on architecture, law and avoid harm. Children’s behavioral patterns and ability to socialize depends on the rules and limits that they have learned and internalized throughout various stage of development. The variation in values, belief systems and culture highlights some disciplinary measure as more acceptable compared to guilt macbeth essay, other methods of disciplining children. Therefore, the caregiver’s approach in disciplining a child should encompass all factors that ensure a child has skills and knowledge acceptable to other members of the society.

In nurturing discipline, the caregiver’s discipline should be of key concern because caregivers who inconsistently apply disciplinary measures will cause children to develop bad behavior. Furthermore, harsh disciplinary measures, such as verbal and physical abuses, are likely to have counterproductive effects. Disciplining your child. (2013). Retrieved from Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay? Then look no further.

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Revenge of the Reality-Based Community. I know that it’s unattractive and bad form to say “I told you so” when one’s advice was ignored yet ultimately proved correct. Essay. But in the wake of the sonata conclusion, Republican election debacle, it’s essential that conservatives undertake a clear-eyed assessment of guilt macbeth who on their side was right and drunk essay who was wrong. Those who were wrong should be purged and ignored; those who were right, especially those who inflicted maximum discomfort on movement conservatives in being right, ought to get credit for it and guilt become regular reading for writing for high school students, them once again. I’m not going to beat around the bush and pretend I don’t have a vested interest here. Frankly, I think I’m at ground zero in the saga of Republicans closing their eyes to any facts or evidence that conflict with their dogma. Rather than listen to me, they threw me under a bus.

To this day, I don’t think they understand that my motives were to guilt essay help them avoid the permanent decline that now seems inevitable. For more than 30 years, I was very comfortable within the conservative wing of the Republican Party. I still recall supporting Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater as a schoolchild. As a student, I was a member of Young Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom at the height of the community studies, Vietnam War, when conservatives on college campuses mostly kept their heads down. In graduate school, I wrote a master’s thesis on essay, how Franklin Roosevelt covered up his responsibility for the Pearl Harbor attack—long a right-wing obsession. And The Fury Research Paper. My first real job out of graduate school was working for Ron Paul the guilt macbeth, first time he was elected to Congress in a special election in 1976. (He lost that same year and came back two years later.) In those days, he was the only Tea Party-type Republican in the sound research paper Congress.

After Paul’s defeat, I went to macbeth work for shoe essay, Congressman Jack Kemp and helped draft the famous Kemp-Roth tax bill, which Ronald Reagan signed into macbeth essay law in 1981. I made important contributions to the development of supply-side economics and detailed my research in a 1981 book, Reaganomics: Supply-Side Economics in fury research paper outline Action . After Reagan’s victory, I chose to stay on guilt macbeth, Capitol Hill, where I was staff director for the Joint Economic Committee and and the fury research outline thought I would have more impact. I left to macbeth essay work for Jude Wanniski’s consulting company in 1984, but missed Washington and came back the drunk essay, following year. Guilt. Jude was, of drunk essay course, the founding father of macbeth supply-side economics, the man who discovered the economists Robert Mundell and Arthur Laffer and made them famous. I went to work for the Heritage Foundation, but left in 1987 to join the White House staff. I was recruited by Gary Bauer, who was Reagan’s principal domestic policy adviser. Gary remains well known among religious conservatives. Mark Laugier's. Late in the administration I moved over to the Treasury Department, where I remained throughout the George H.W. Bush administration. Afterwards I worked for the Cato Institute and the National Center for Policy Analysis, a conservative think tank based in macbeth Dallas.

I wrote regularly for prevent drunk, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, National Review , and guilt other conservative publications. For 12 years I wrote a syndicated column that ran in the Washington Times , Investor’s Business Daily , the New York Sun , and other conservative newspapers. I supported George W. Shoe Horn Sonata Essay. Bush in 2000, and guilt many close friends served in high-level administration positions. I was especially close to the Council of Economic Advisers and often wrote columns based on input and suggestions from its chairmen, all of whom were friends of mine. Once I even briefed Vice President Dick Cheney on prevent essay, the economy. But as the macbeth essay, Bush 43 administration progressed, I developed an increasingly uneasy feeling about its direction. Its tax policy was incoherent, and it had an extremely lackadaisical attitude toward spending.

In November 2003, I had an intellectual crisis. All during the summer of that year, an antoine, expansion of Medicare to pay for macbeth, prescription drugs for seniors was under discussion. Creative Assignments For High School Students. I thought this was a dreadful idea since Medicare was already broke, but I understood that it was very popular politically. I talked myself into believing that Karl Rove was so smart that he had concocted an extremely clever plan—Bush would endorse the new benefit but do nothing to bring competing House and Senate versions of the legislation together. That way he could get credit for supporting a popular new spending program, but it would never actually be enacted.

I was shocked beyond belief when it turned out that Bush really wanted a massive, budget-busting new entitlement program after all, apparently to buy himself re-election in 2004. He put all the pressure the White House could muster on House Republicans to vote for guilt, Medicare Part D and even suppressed internal administration estimates that it would cost far more than Congress believed. After holding the the sound and the fury outline, vote open for an unprecedented three hours, with Bush himself awakened in the middle of the night to apply pressure, the House Republican leadership was successful in guilt essay ramming the legislation through after a few cowardly conservatives switched their votes. It’s worth remembering that Paul Ryan, among other so-called fiscal hawks, voted for this irresponsible, unfunded expansion of government. Suddenly, I felt adrift, politically and intellectually. I now saw many things I had long had misgivings about, such as all the Republican pork-barrel projects that Bush refused to veto, in essays crayons sharper relief. They were no longer exceptions to conservative governance but its core during the Bush 43 years.

I began writing columns that were highly critical of Bush’s policies and those of Republicans in Congress—all based on solid conservative principles. In other words, I was criticizing them from the inside, from the guilt macbeth essay, right. In 2004 I got to know the studies, journalist Ron Suskind, whose book The Price of Loyalty I had praised in a column. He and I shared an guilt macbeth, interest in trying to figure out outline, what made Bush tick. Neither of us ever figured it out. A couple of weeks before the 2004 election, Suskind wrote a long article for the New York Times Magazine that quoted some of my comments to him that were highly critical of Bush and guilt macbeth essay the drift of Republican policy. The article is and the research paper best remembered for his quote from an anonymous White House official dismissing critics like me for being “the reality-based community.” The day after the guilt essay, article appeared, my boss called to chew me out, saying that Karl Rove had called him personally to complain about it. I promised to shoe essay conclusion be more circumspect in the future.

Interestingly, a couple of days after the Suskind article appeared, I happened to essay be at a reception for some right-wing organization that many of my think tank friends were also attending. Essay. I assumed I would get a lot of guilt essay grief for my comments in the Suskind article and was surprised when there was none at writing students all. Finally, I started asking people about it. Not one person had read it or cared in the slightest what the New York Times had to macbeth say about anything. They all viewed it as having as much credibility as Pravda and a similar political philosophy as well. Writing For High Students. Some were indignant that I would even suspect them of guilt macbeth reading a left-wing rag such as the New York Times . I was flabbergasted.

Until that moment I had not realized how closed the right-wing mind had become. Even assuming that my friends’ view of the Times ’ philosophy was correct, which it most certainly was not, why would they not want to know what their enemy was thinking? This was my first exposure to what has been called “epistemic closure” among conservatives—living in their own bubble where nonsensical ideas circulate with no contradiction. My growing alienation from the creative school students, right created problems for me and my employer. I was read the riot act and macbeth essay told to lay off Bush because my criticism was threatening contributions from right-wing millionaires in Dallas, many of whom were close personal friends of his. I decided to stick to writing columns on topics where I didn’t have to take issue with Republican policies and to channel my concerns into a book.

I naively thought that a conservative critique of Bush when he was unable to run for reelection would be welcomed on the right since it would do no electoral harm. Crayons. I also thought that once past the election, conservatives would turn on Bush to ensure that the 2008 Republican nomination would go to someone who would not make his mistakes. As I wrote the book, however, my utter disdain for Bush grew, as I recalled forgotten screw-ups and researched topics that hadn’t crossed my radar screen. I grew to macbeth essay totally despise the man for sonata essay conclusion, his stupidity, cockiness, arrogance, ignorance, and general cluelessness. I also lost any respect for macbeth essay, conservatives who continued to glorify Bush as the second coming of Ronald Reagan and as a man they would gladly follow to research paper outline the gates of hell. This was either gross, willful ignorance or total insanity, I thought. My book, Impostor: How George W. Bush Bankrupted America and Betrayed the Reagan Legacy , was published in February 2006.

I had been summarily fired by the think tank I worked for guilt macbeth essay, back in October 2005. Although the book was then only in manuscript, my boss falsely claimed that it was already costing the organization contributions. He never detailed, nor has anyone, any factual or analytical error in the book. Among the interesting reactions to my book is conclusion that I was banned from Fox News. My publicist was told that orders had come down from on high that it was to receive no publicity whatsoever, not even attacks. Whoever gave that order was smart; attacks from the right would have sold books. Being ignored was poison for sales. I later learned that the order to ignore me extended throughout Rupert Murdoch’s empire. For example, I stopped being quoted in macbeth the Wall Street Journal .* Awhile back, a reporter who left the shoe horn sonata, Journal confirmed to me that the paper had given her orders not to mention me.

Other dissident conservatives, such as David Frum and Andrew Sullivan, have told me that they are banned from guilt Fox as well. More epistemic closure. Seeing the demographic trends toward an increasingly nonwhite electorate, which were obvious in easily available census projections, I decided to write a book about how Republicans could deal with it. I concluded that the anti-immigrant attitude among the Republican base was too severe for writing for high school students, the party to reach out meaningfully to the fast-growing Latino community. Recall that Bush’s proposal for immigration reform was soundly rejected by his own party.

If Republicans had no hope of attracting Latino votes, what other nonwhite group could they attract? Maybe the time had come for them to make a major play for the black vote. I thought that blacks and guilt Latinos were natural political and creative writing assignments for high school students economic competitors, and I saw in guilt macbeth essay poll data that blacks were receptive to crayons a hardline position on guilt, illegal immigration. I also knew that many blacks felt ignored by and the fury research paper outline, Democrats, who simply took their votes for granted—as Republicans did for 60 years after the Civil War. If Republicans could only increase their share of the black vote from macbeth 10 percent, which it had been since Goldwater, to the 30 percent level that Dwight Eisenhower enjoyed, it would have major electoral ramifications. The best way to shoe essay get Republicans to guilt macbeth read a book about reaching out for the black vote, I thought, was to fury research paper outline detail the Democratic Party’s long history of maltreatment of blacks.

After all, the macbeth essay, party was based in the South for for high students, 100 years after the war, and all of the ugly racism we associate with that region was enacted and enforced by Democratic politicians. I was surprised that such a book didn’t already exist. I thought knowing the Democratic Party’s pre-1964 history of macbeth racism, which is horn sonata essay conclusion indisputable, would give Republicans a story to tell when they went before black groups to solicit votes. I thought it would also make Republicans more sympathetic to the problems of the black community, many of which are historical in guilt essay their origins. Analyses by economists and sociologists show that historical racism still holds back African-Americans even though it has diminished radically since the 1960s. So I wrote Wrong on Race: The Democratic Party’s Buried Past . Unfortunately, it was published the day Barack Obama won the Iowa caucuses. But I still held out hope that Hillary Clinton, who was pandering to the white working class in unsubtle racial terms, would capture the Democratic nomination. The anger among blacks at having the nomination effectively stolen from Obama would make them highly receptive to GOP outreach, I believed. I even met with John McCain’s staff about this. As we know, McCain took a sharp right turn after Obama won the writing assignments for high school, Democratic nomination. The Arizona senator abandoned any pretense of being a moderate or “maverick” and guilt macbeth essay spent the campaign pandering to shoe horn conclusion the Republican Party’s lowest common denominator.

His decision to put the grossly unqualified Sarah Palin on his ticket was nothing short of irresponsible. Perhaps more importantly, it didn’t work, and macbeth Obama won easily. After the failure of community studies my race book, I turned my attention again to economics. I had written an guilt essay, op-ed for the New York Times in 2007 suggesting that it was time to retire “supply-side economics” as a school of thought. Having been deeply involved in its development, I felt that everything important the supply-siders had to assignments students say had now been fully incorporated into mainstream economics. All that was left was nutty stuff like the Laffer Curve that alienated academic economists who were otherwise sympathetic to the supply-side view. I said the essay, supply-siders should declare victory and go home. I decided to write a book elaborating my argument. I thought I had a nice thesis to creative writing for high put forward.

All successful schools of economic thought follow a progression of being outsiders and revolutionaries, achieving success when economic circumstances cannot be explained by guilt macbeth, orthodox theory, acceptance for the dissidents, followed by inevitable failure when new circumstances arise that don’t fit the model, leading to the rise of a fresh school of thought. It was basically a Thomas Kuhnian view of economic theory. I thought I had two perfect examples that fit my model of the rise and fall of economic ideas: Keynesian economics and supply-side economics. Prevent Drunk Driving Essay. I thought at first I knew enough about the former to say what I wanted to say, but eventually I found the guilt, research I had previously done to writing for high students be wanting. It was based too much on what academics thought and not enough on how Keynesian ideas penetrated the policymaking community. I hit upon the idea of ignoring the academic journals and looking instead at what economists like John Maynard Keynes, Irving Fisher, and others said in newspaper interviews and articles for popular publications. Guilt Macbeth Essay. Recently computerized databases made such investigation far easier than it previously had been. After careful research along these lines, I came to the annoying conclusion that Keynes had been 100 percent right in the 1930s.

Previously, I had thought the opposite. But facts were facts and shoe horn essay there was no denying my conclusion. It didn’t affect the argument in my book, which was only about the guilt macbeth, rise and fall of ideas. The fact that Keynesian ideas were correct as well as popular simply made my thesis stronger. I finished the book just as the economy was collapsing in the fall of creative writing assignments for high school 2008. Essay. This created another intellectual crisis for me. Having just finished a careful study of the 1930s, it was immediately obvious to me that the creative assignments for high students, economy was suffering from the guilt, very same problem, a lack of aggregate demand. We needed Keynesian policies again, which completely ruined my nice rise-and-fall thesis. Keynesian ideas had arisen from the intellectual grave. The book needed to be rethought and rewritten from scratch in light of new developments.

Unfortunately, my publisher insisted on publishing it on schedule. I tried to repair the damage as best I could, but in the sound and the fury research the end the book was a mishmash of competing ideas with no clear narrative. It sold poorly. On the plus side, I think I had a very clear understanding of the economic crisis from day one. I even wrote another op-ed for the New York Times in December 2008 advocating a Keynesian cure that holds up very well in light of history. Annoyingly, however, I found myself joined at the hip to Paul Krugman, whose analysis was identical to my own. I had previously viewed Krugman as an intellectual enemy and attacked him rather colorfully in an old column that he still remembers.

For the record, no one has been more correct in his analysis and prescriptions for guilt essay, the economy’s problems than Paul Krugman. The blind hatred for him on the right simply pushed me further away from my old allies and comrades. The final line for the sound paper outline, me to guilt macbeth cross in community mediation case complete alienation from the right was my recognition that Obama is not a leftist. In fact, he’s barely a liberal—and only because the guilt, political spectrum has moved so far to the right that moderate Republicans from the essays on crayola crayons, past are now considered hardcore leftists by right-wing standards today. Viewed in historical context, I see Obama as actually being on the center-right. At this point, I lost every last friend I had on the right. Some have been known to pass me in guilt silence at the supermarket or even to cross the street when they see me coming. People who were as close to me as brothers and sisters have disowned me. I think they believe they are just disciplining me, hoping I will admit error and ask for fury outline, forgiveness. Guilt Macbeth Essay. They clearly don’t know me very well. Prevent Drunk Driving. My attitude is that anyone who puts politics above friendship is not someone I care to have in my life.

So here we are, post-election 2012. All the stupidity and closed-mindedness that right-wingers have displayed over guilt, the last 10 years has come back to haunt them. It is now widely understood that the nation may be center-left after all, not center-right as conservatives thought. Overwhelming losses by Republicans to fury research paper outline all the nation’s nonwhite voters have created a Democratic coalition that will govern the guilt, nation for the foreseeable future. Tellingly, a key reason for crayons, Obama’s victory, according to exit polls, is none other than George W. Guilt. Bush, whom 60 percent of voters primarily blame for the nation’s economic woes—an extraordinary fact when he has been out of office for four years. Even though they didn’t read my Impostor book, voters still absorbed its message.

Although the approach I suggested in my race book was ill-timed, the essays crayons, underlying theory is guilt essay more true than ever. If Republicans can’t bring blacks into their coalition, they are finished at the presidential level, given the community mediation studies, rapid rise of the Latino population. Perhaps after 2016, they may be willing to put my strategy into operation. The economy continues to conform to textbook Keynesianism. We still need more aggregate demand, and the Republican idea that tax cuts for essay, the rich will save us becomes more ridiculous by the sound and the fury research paper, the day.

People will long remember Mitt Romney’s politically tone-deaf attack on half the nation’s population for being losers, leeches, and moochers because he accurately articulated the guilt macbeth, right-wing worldview. At least a few conservatives now recognize that Republicans suffer for epistemic closure. They were genuinely shocked at Romney’s loss because they ignored every poll not produced by a right-wing pollster such as Rasmussen or approved by shoe sonata conclusion, right-wing pundits such as the guilt macbeth essay, perpetually wrong Dick Morris. Living in the Fox News cocoon, most Republicans had no clue that they were losing or that their ideas were both stupid and politically unpopular. I am disinclined to assignments for high think that Republicans are yet ready for a serious questioning of their philosophy or strategy. They comfort themselves with the fact that they held the House (due to gerrymandering) and think that just improving their get-out-the-vote system and essay throwing a few bones to the Latino community will fix their problem. There appears to be no recognition that their defects are far, far deeper and will require serious introspection and rethinking of how Republicans can win going forward. The alternative is permanent loss of the White House and probably the Senate as well, which means they can only temporarily block Democratic initiatives and never advance their own. I’ve paid a heavy price, both personal and financial, for prevent, my evolution from comfortably within the Republican Party and conservative movement to a less than comfortable position somewhere on the center-left. Honest to macbeth God, I am not a liberal or a Democrat. On Crayola. But these days, they are the only people who will listen to me.

When Republicans and macbeth conservatives once again start asking my opinion, I will know they are on the road to recovery. Bruce Bartlett is the author of The Benefit and the Burden: Tax Reform—Why We Need It and prevent drunk What It Will Take. *Gerald Seib, Washington bureau chief of the Wall Street Journal , has contacted me to macbeth say that it is flatly untrue that Journal reporters are prohibited from quoting me. Mediation Case. I take him at his word and do not doubt his sincerity. Revenge of the Reality-Based Community.

351 Responses to macbeth Revenge of the Reality-Based Community. “It is now widely understood that the nation may be center-left after all, not center-right as conservatives thought.” To the extent that the nation was “center right”, it was because the Silent Majority/Reagan Democrats resented the extension of the New Deal to minorities under the Great Society. For 40 years now, Republicans have used this fact to convince themselves that Joe Sixpack is actually a firm believer in prevent drunk driving essay Ayn Rand, Hayek and Mises. In reality, the Trump voters have no problem with big government.

The widely mocked “get your government hands off my Medicare” guy from the Tea Party era was a John The Baptist of guilt macbeth American politics, come to crayons warn GOP vipers of the wrath to come.

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Authored by: dweebert on Feb 17, '10 08:17:18AM. That's great; I was unaware of the guilt macbeth -n flag. As a longtime UNIX user, I've been using complex rsync command lines. Authored by: andrew112358 on Feb 17, '10 08:28:03AM. Authored by: joshewah on Feb 17, '10 08:42:31AM. To use rsync it is actually very simple for local files. rsync -av /source/path/to/directory/ /destination/path/to/directory/

Authored by: dronkert on Feb 17, '10 08:47:11AM. Important limitation: cp has no verification option. On Crayola Crayons? Also, modified files won't be copied at all. Authored by: rbsandkam on guilt macbeth essay Feb 17, '10 08:58:53AM. i love the driving essay cp command.

i use it all the time to copy files from dying hard drives. a finder copy will abort at guilt essay the first unreadable file that it finds. a cp command in terminal will register an community case studies Input/output error and guilt move on. it also copies files that are invisible in crayons, the finder. if there is only one terminal command you ever learn, it should be cp. Authored by: marriott on macbeth Feb 17, '10 09:06:56AM. You mention rsync as an alternative, and creative writing I've got to highly recommend that you use it instead of macbeth essay cp. The syntax isn't much worse than your cp command, and it is a much more robust and reliable program.

You do not need more robustness for your purposes, but if one wanted to extend this solution to a different situation, they may hit a wall with cp. Essays? I say that it is more reliable because you can set rsync to check that files were correctly copied, I'm not sure if cp can recover from an unlikely copy error. Authored by: billabOng on Feb 17, '10 09:08:03AM. Does your method copy updated files? Rsync's syntax is as simple as: --progress gives more info on the status of each file copy. Authored by: ScottTFrazer on Feb 17, '10 09:10:36AM. the rsync command you are looking for would look like this: If you're afraid that you'll blow something up with rsync, remember the guilt --dry-run option which will output what the command would do, without actually changing any files. You might also consider adding the -P command which would keep partial files in the event of laugier's essay a failure (not very useful) but also shows the progress of essay each copy as it happens.

I wouldn't use this option in case studies, a cron job though. Authored by: kiltbear on guilt macbeth essay Feb 17, '10 09:39:11AM. P=save intermediate Partial files (--partial) and give you Progress (--progress) Authored by: randalla on Feb 17, '10 09:40:02AM. Authored by: spullara on shoe horn conclusion Feb 17, '10 09:43:28AM. I'd use rsync instead just in guilt macbeth, case you modify the originals down the line: The messiness cannot go into the program; it piles up around the essay programmer. -- Ellen Ullman, Close to the Machine. Authored by: pepi on Feb 17, '10 10:09:01AM.

For the Mac OS X bundled rsync 2.6.9 you can use the following line to guilt essay, achieve the prevent driving essay same, but with the extra speed of delta copy. Guilt Macbeth Essay? I've included the long options to make the commands easier to comprehend. If you have rsync 3 from mlbackup installed you can use a slight variation which is required for community mediation case, the much superior version of rsync included there. This will also preserve ACLs and all extended attributes, forks etc. You can also use mlbackup to guilt, achieve the same by creating a simple 7 line (max.) config file and crayons have delta copies, backup rotation, growl and macbeth email notifications.

mlbackup was also featured in another hint and fury paper outline is available for macbeth, free, licensed under GPL. Full and fair disclosure: I am the author of mlbackup and I did write it for writing, a very similar need, namely to guilt macbeth, backup files from shoe essay conclusion, one disk to another. Authored by: timcrawf on Feb 17, '10 03:03:27PM. First, thank you for mlbackup. Now, I am not sure with v 3, but doesn't -a --archive give us -recursive, --perms, --group, --owner, and --times ? Then we only need to macbeth, add -E in the sound and the fury research paper, (for --extended-attributes) in 2.6 and I suppose --acls in 3.0? I am leaving off --progess, since I usually automate the backup process and don't watch it.

Authored by: pepi on Feb 18, '10 02:23:56PM. According to man rsync: -a, --archive archive mode; same as -rlptgoD (no -H) A correctly patched rsync3 is able to successfully pass all the backup bouncer tests which include ACLs, POSIX permisions, forks, extended-attributes, etc which is not possible with cp or the Apple provided rsync. See the README that comes with mlbackup for guilt macbeth essay, a more elaborate explanation on the matter. Authored by: bglnelissen on community case studies Feb 17, '10 10:11:00AM. Is cp 'touching' the files as it goes along your disk or does the original timestamp stay in macbeth essay, place? Authored by: rlinsurf on Feb 17, '10 10:14:29AM.

Sorry, but you say that will only copy new files, but that's not right, as there isn't any date checking, only filename checking. So any files of the same filename but newer date wont be copied over. Authored by: sclough on Feb 17, '10 10:18:50AM. This is exactly what rsync is and the fury research outline, made for and I'd wager it would be faster than cp on this. The rsync command you'd want if you want to keep them exactly in guilt macbeth essay, sync is: Authored by: jayhem on Feb 17, '10 03:30:53PM. actually, rsync is slower than cp. Shoe Horn Sonata? The fastest way is to use cp combined with 'tar' Authored by: jecwobble on Feb 17, '10 01:16:36PM.

Authored by: mael on Feb 17, '10 02:19:29PM. Why does this qualify as a hint?? Where is the guilt essay quality behind selecting what becomes a hint and what not. If there *is* anything, that does *not* become a hint anymore at all. Authored by: robg on essays crayons Feb 17, '10 05:25:17PM. Let's count the number of guilt macbeth people who have memorized all of Unix. Let's count the community mediation studies number of people who have not memorized all of guilt essay Unix. Driving? If the macbeth difference between the two is greater than zero, then Unix tips may help someone do something they didn't know how to do. Authored by: mael on prevent driving essay Feb 18, '10 01:08:37AM.

I am complaining about the quality of this hint and guilt macbeth the quality of hints in general on I have voiced my opinion here, at a good example of a cheap hint in the hope to find others that think like me. So I started to mediation case, vote for macbeth essay, good hints and vote less for trivial hints. Drunk Driving? And I am trying to make people aware that not everything they perceive as a hint really is worth blogging about. I wish more people would speak out, so as to learn their opinion.

If the guilt majority really thinks that cp is a hint, well, then I would not say anything about it anymore. Right now I am feeling this site gets swamped by prevent essay, trivial posts, and I would like to stay a quality site. Authored by: brucio on Feb 18, '10 08:10:55AM. How short-sighted. This hint solved a problem for me that I've been wrestling with for macbeth essay, a week. Authored by: Helge33 on Feb 19, '10 03:43:31AM.

I would agree that this hint is somewhat trivial but dont forget there are many Mac Users who never touch the Unix part of OSX so a simple cp or rsync can be mind-boggling as man-pages are often confusing and cumbersome to read. Authored by: robg on Feb 19, '10 04:40:21AM. I welcome complaints, but really, they have no value as part of the thread of comments on the hint itself: they just confuse users who are looking for case studies, discussion on the hint and guilt essay various alternatives. Authored by: mael on Feb 21, '10 02:08:05PM. Okay. I see your point.

Sorry to have voiced my opinion in the wrong place. I'll now unsubscribe this thread as I assume everything has been said and insults like arrogance or whatever else imbecile members try to phrase won't help this at community case all. Authored by: dan55304 on Feb 21, '10 07:59:25AM. What arrogance. This hint generated lots of guilt posts so it's of interest to essays on crayola crayons, . well, lots of good folks. Then you attack the site itself. OMG, go find a site that meets all your needs.

Oh wait, none exist. Some people just complain, some people try and help. Guilt? How about you switching sides and try and help someone. anyone. Authored by: jayhem on shoe horn sonata Feb 17, '10 03:24:37PM. I'd say the 'cp' command is indeed perfect for that. It's funny how many people don't read the guilt macbeth essay requirements (the dng's will never change) and writing for high students over-engineer their solutions (and don't check existing comments). Note about the guilt macbeth essay RAW's: Even if you want to keep the originals untouched, you might want to add or change some of the embedded EXIF, IPTC or XMP metadata in order to community studies, better manage your digital image collection.

There's even an awesome command-line tool for that: exiftool ( phil/exiftool/). Essay? Of course, then you will have to use rsync ;) Authored by: zkarj on Feb 17, '10 04:28:36PM. Some of you aren't understanding my situation. On Crayola? My photos are RAW files. Those files never change. It's one of the major points about RAW. So my requirement is far simpler than many people are assuming below.

The process for copying is best illustrated thus: Authored by: Hal Itosis on guilt macbeth essay Feb 17, '10 09:32:36PM. Sorry to join the mob but, I think the fear factor there is a bit exaggerated. There is only one rsync option which behaves that way. and it requires the creative assignments for high students user to type the following twenty one c.h.a.r.a.c.t.e.r.s: Nothing ambiguous or mystical about that. So long as that exact string is not used. there's nothing to fear (as far as the essay source files are concerned).

Authored by: zkarj on community Feb 18, '10 12:38:57AM. Not if you already know that fact. (And now I do, thank you.) Authored by: Hal Itosis on Feb 18, '10 08:35:14AM. Authored by: leamanc on Feb 17, '10 04:44:34PM. When I want a fried ham and cheese sandwich, I usually put a frying pan on guilt the stove, fry the ham and creative assignments for high school let the cheese melt over macbeth essay it right before it's done. Authored by: zkarj on Feb 17, '10 05:13:06PM. Well, believe. The first presumption that cp gives is I'm not endangering my source files. It copies from a to b. Period. There was some testing done to perfect the flags, sure. And I admit to not realising the --dry-run option of essays rsync.

Authored by: leamanc on Feb 17, '10 06:05:40PM. I only kid. :-) But please accept my apology, as I see you are getting quite a bit of flak for posting this hint. I didn't mean to insult you personally. Authored by: zkarj on Feb 17, '10 06:36:38PM. Thanks for guilt essay, the thoughtful reply. I understand and appreciate your comments.

As always, knowing exactly what to search for is the key. I had no idea, until now, that local had special meaning in antoine on architecture, rsync terms. Macbeth Essay? :-) Authored by: Han Solo on Feb 20, '10 02:13:02PM. It also would be useful to know both the antoine version of macbeth essay iTunes you are using and the version of mark antoine essay rsync . Thanks! Authored by: mmnw on Feb 17, '10 10:37:49PM. Ok, to all those who prefer rsync to cp, I give you one reason why cp is better at this job: it's easier to guilt macbeth essay, understand. Why? Ok, on on crayola my very large terminal window cp has a man page of two pages. rsync in macbeth, contrast has a man page of 38 pages!

38 pages. Who's gonna read all that? If I had to read all that, just to shoe conclusion, copy some files, you'd better not cross my way in guilt essay, one of those smug RTFM T-shirts, cause I gonna beat the hell outta you. Authored by: zkarj on Feb 18, '10 12:59:34AM. A further, and probably final comment. After re-reading most of the comments I feel I've learnt a lot more about rsync. But please note this. Authored by: AntiWendel on creative assignments for high school Feb 18, '10 05:39:51AM. Being a photographer, I see a BIG problem with the cp solution: You assume that no raw file will ever have the same filename as an already existing one.

That is a VERY DANGEROUS assumtion. Digital cameras have a limited number of guilt filenames, and then starts to reuse them. Those new files will not be copied, and you will never know. rsync is obviously the way to go. Authored by: thejoecarroll on mark laugier's Feb 20, '10 08:02:29AM. Is there an rsync option that will retain old versions of files as well as copying the new ones? Authored by: osxpounder on Feb 20, '10 12:55:41PM. I've read this hint and comments with interest, and I appreciate the effort our original poster, and our commenters, have put into them.

Authored by: agentbullvi on guilt macbeth essay Feb 22, '10 07:46:38AM. While apparently everyone has already said this, I think this hint is a horrible idea. Using cp is mediation case studies, fine for copying, but backup is macbeth, such a different beast. Spending a few minutes to understand rsync or better, unison ( Authored by: demoive on Feb 22, '10 08:37:13AM. There's a really useful widget called Data Vu that performs synchronizations between folders. It's powered by rsync so you get all the on crayola benefits mentioned above but the interface is incredibly simple so all you people who don't want to deal with the complexities of the command line don't have to!

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act essay strategy “We can learn more from conflicts than we can from agreements.” The Thesis Statement: Your position on the topic The Summary: Your preview of the points you will discuss. Essay! Although agreements have value, the juxtaposition of different ideas in a conflict inevitably leads to more significant progress and on crayola crayons evolution. Although agreements have value, the guilt essay juxtaposition of outline different ideas in a conflict inevitably leads to more significant progress and evolution. What scientific progress would we have, for macbeth, example, if it weren’t for intellectual debate? None—intellectual debate leads to scientific progress. The reformation of outdated political ideas and concepts is also marked by struggle. Finally, in the words of writing assignments for high students Friedrich Nietzsche, “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” This quotation captures the sentiment that personal growth arises from conflict. Essay! The Topic Sentence: The thesis statement of the on crayola paragraph The Evidence: The specific, concrete facts, phenomena, events, quotes, or situations that support your overarching thesis statement. First, historically, scientific progress has been inspired by conflicts of ideas.

First, historically, scientific progress has been inspired by conflicts of ideas. In the sixteenth century, for example, a great debate arose because Copernicus vehemently challenged the guilt macbeth essay notion that the antoine laugier's essay earth is the center of the solar system. Although he paid a price both socially and guilt politically for this remonstration, Copernicus disabused a long-held belief, much to the chagrin of the Catholic Church and to other astronomers of his day. Because of this conflict, humankind eventually gained a new understanding of astronomy. Recap your essay Expand your position. Clearly, conflict has been responsible for several upward surges of humankind in diverse respects. In the areas of essays on crayola crayons science, politics, and individual character, progress requires struggle.

Rather than avoiding conflict at all costs, we should accept conflict as a necessary—and beneficial—part of the human condition, whether the conflicts arise among scholars or states. Conflict permits true transformation and essay growth. An Argument Evidence Varied Sentence Structure Facility with Language. Although agreements have value, the the sound and the fury research paper juxtaposition of different ideas in a conflict inevitably leads to more significant progress and evolution. In the guilt sixteenth century, for example, a great debate arose because Copernicus vehemently challenged the notion that the shoe conclusion earth is the center of the solar system. Although he paid a price both socially and guilt essay politically for this remonstration, Copernicus disabused a long-held belief, much to and the fury the chagrin of the Catholic Church and other astronomers of his day. Science. Copernicus’s challenge to the idea that the earth was the center of the solar system Politics. The abolition of slavery Personal experience.

Hardships leading to personal growth. Sentence structure is very important. Sentence structure, if appropriately varied, can keep your readers engaged and help make your essay exciting and easier to read. Sentence structure, if it is monotonous and unchanging, can make your essay sound boring and unsophisticated. Sentence structure is important on the GRE essay. Sentence structure is also important in essays you write for school. Guilt! Historically, scientific progress has been inspired by conflicts of ideas. In the sixteenth century, for example, a great debate arose because Copernicus vehemently challenged the notion that the earth is the center of the solar system.

Although he paid a price both socially and politically for this remonstration, Copernicus disabused a long-held belief, much to the chagrin of the Catholic Church and other astronomers of community case studies his day. Because of this conflict, humankind eventually gained a new understanding of guilt macbeth essay astronomy. Sentence structure is the sound research paper, very important. Varying the structure of your sentences keeps your reader engaged; it also makes your writing easier—and more exciting—to read. Monotonous, repetitive sentence structure can make your essay sound boring and unsophisticated. Practice mixing up your sentence structure on macbeth the essays for the GRE, but don’t forget to also vary your sentence structure on the application essays you write for graduate school! Never write a sentence that contains more than three commas. Try to avoid sentences with more than two commas (unless you need to include a list).

Never write a sentence that takes up more than three lines on the screen. Showing contrast. Katie likes pink nail polish. Research Outline! In contrast , she thinks red nail polish looks trashy. Elaborating. I love going to the movies.

Even more than that , I love eating popcorn and candy in the dark while I’m there. Providing an example. If you save up your money, you can afford pricey items. Macbeth Essay! For example , Patrick saved up his allowance and eventually purchased a sports car. Showing results. Community Mediation! Manuel ingested nothing but soda and burgers every day for a month. As a result , he gained ten pounds. Guilt Essay! Showing sequence.

The police arrested Bob at the party. Soon after , his college applications were all rejected, and eventually Bob drifted into a life of crime. First, historically, scientific progress has been inspired by conflicts of shoe ideas. In the sixteenth century, for example, a great debate arose because Copernicus vehemently challenged the notion that the earth is the center of the guilt essay solar system. Although he paid a price both socially and politically for this remonstration, Copernicus disabused a long-held belief, much to the chagrin of the Catholic Church and the sound and the other astronomers of guilt his day. Because of this conflict, humankind eventually gained a new understanding of astronomy.

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Essay: Greek mythology compared to nordic mythology. This paper will outline an exploration between Greek mythology to Nordic mythology, and how similar or different they are from each other. Furthermore it will outline the basic origin of the two mythologies. Each paragraph will cover a specific character or characteristic of the two mythologies and then compared and contrasted between Odin VS zeus, creation it is presented with the essay, relevant concepts defined and drunk processes clarified. The Greek mythology compared to Nordic mythology view of creation is provided, wherein key terms are clarified and the mythologies are defined. Guilt Macbeth! The aim is to essays on crayola provide an overview of Greek mythology and Nordic mythology perception, upon which an understanding of mythology and their impact and how it is viewed in modern day in pop culture can be clarified. Myths can be looked at in many ways, which often can be employed at guilt macbeth the same time without contradiction. For example, in sonata essay, the story of Ra, Isis, and the snakebite, the possible political interpretation (Isis being advanced by her priests to guilt macbeth essay position of top god) doesn’t rule out a consideration of Ra as sun-god, or possibly seeing some ritual significance to on crayola his sickness and subsequent cure. As G. S. Kirk puts it, “a myth may have different emphases or levels of meaning.” Since it often serves more than one purpose, “a tale about human actions can contain more than a single aspect and implication” (39).

If we are to compare two different mythologies it is important that we know exactly what we mean when we write mythology. As we understand it, the essay, word myth was derived from the Greek word “mythos”. In this text the word myth is essay, a story of forgotten or vague origin which is supernatural or religious. A story was made up to explain or rationalize one or more aspects of the world. It is also important to remember that these myths that are given as examples in this document have at some point been believed to be true by the people in the societies that used or originated them.

Therefore it is clearly separated from the everyday speech meaning of the word myth, which mostly refers to an imaginary story (Brandenberg, 1994). The Romans copied their mythology from the Greeks; therefore we will only mention the Greek creation myth in this text. To be able to explain the differences and similarities between the guilt, Norse and the Greek creation myths I’ll begin with a short presentation of the horn sonata essay, two myths, which both begin with nothing. The world is nothing but a dark and void place (Brandenberg, 1994). In the Greek Creation Myth, in the darkness of the Greek creation myth there is guilt macbeth, a bird with black wings. This bird is making a golden egg from which the God of Love is coming. One of the shells from the egg becomes the sky, which is also called Uranus, while the other shell becomes the mediation case studies, earth, Gaia (Brandenberg, 1994).Later on there is a fight between the God of Loves child and grandchildren. The child of the God of Love had heard from the Oracle that his son should eat him up so when his son Zeus was a little boy his father instead ate him up(Brandenberg, 1994).Trying to run away from his fate, he is punished and at least Zeus and his brothers win against their father. Zeus has two sons who have one responsibility each.

One of them, Prometheus, should create mankind and the other, Epimetheus, should create the animals. They should also give their creations one gift. The animals received one gift each, and nothing was left for the human, so Prometheus gave them fire. Because fire was only meant for the Gods, Zeus became angry and guilt had to punish Prometheus and mankind. When Epimetheus married Pandora they were given a lot of gifts from the other Gods. There was one special gift, called Pandora’s Box, which they were not allowed to open but off course they could not resist the temptation. Opening the box they had suddenly let all the pain, sickness and creative assignments for high school students envy out to the world. There was nothing they could do to stop it. Later on they heard a sound, like “let me out”, from the box. They opened the box one more time and out flew all hope (Brandenberg, 1994). The Norse Creation Myth begins, with nothing but dark chaos.

This nothing, called Ginnungagap, is macbeth, placed south of Nieflheim, where there is only ice and mediation studies north of Muspelheim where there is nothing but glowing embers (Greek and Roman 2003). In Ginnungagap the ice from Nieflheim and essay the parks from assignments school students, Muspelheim meet and create an evil giant called Ymir. When Ymir is completed the ice and the sparks also create a cow, which is guilt, good. The cow feeds the giant Ymir, and itself is licking blocks of ice. One day when it is licking a huge ice block the god of Love, Bure, comes out of it. (Greek and community studies Roman 2003) Later on guilt, Bures offspring has a struggle against Ymir and mark antoine laugier's essay the other giants. Ymir dies and the gods threw him into Ginnungagap where his flesh becomes the macbeth, earth, his blood the seas, his bones the mountains and so on. The dwarves and the dark elves in the Norse mythology are created of the horn sonata essay, maggots from Ymir’s flesh. (Cook, 1914) When some of the gods are walking on essay, a shore they see two tree trunks and mark on architecture give them souls, motions and senses. These become the two first humans, Ask and Embla. (Greek and Roman 2003) In the Norse creation story the world was made from an guilt macbeth essay, evil giant (Greek and Roman 2003), while the world in the Greek creation story was made from an on crayola, egg (Brandenberg, 1994).The Greek people looked at the world in essay, a different way. Maybe they thought the world was more fragile than the shoe horn sonata, Norse people did.

Fighting against nature more than the Greek people did, the macbeth, Norse people experienced the negative and hard things, like darkness and coldness, in nature. Creative Students! In both stories there was a struggle between a god, who later on guilt macbeth, would be the ruler of the other gods, and someone else. In the essay on architecture, Greek creation story, Zeus fought against his father (Brandenberg, 1994) while Odin fought against the giant, Ymir. The ruler of the gods had to guilt macbeth essay show everyone that they were good and brave enough to be the leaders. Then the other gods and the humans could respect and trust them. It is also very interesting to draw parallels to Oedipus and Beowulf (Curtius and Robert 1963). Beowulf had to give his life to show his people that he was their right king.

A king could never be afraid of shoe horn sonata conclusion, death nor to struggle. Oedipus did not have to struggle physically, but instead he solved a riddle and that way he saved the people. Not solving the riddle he would never have become the king. Essay! The idea fate was very important for both the Norse and the Greek people, but knowing their fates, they acted in completely different ways. The Greeks always tried to run away from their fate (Curtius and Robert 1963). In the Greek creation story, one might have noticed that Zeus father ate Zeus so that the fate would not be fulfilled, but you can again draw a parallel to Oedipus (Curtius and Robert 1963), which is a story based on running away from fates. Drunk Driving Essay! In Norse mythology they instead prepared themselves to meet fates .The Greek gods punished the guilt macbeth, people with the opening of Pandora’s Box. Here it is easy to draw a parallel to essays the Christian religion, which also lets the people live with a sin (Curtius and Robert 1963). In the Norse creation story, there is nothing about punishing or living with a sin.

The Greek people were more often punished because they always ran away from macbeth essay, their fates, something that the Norse people never did. Instead there is nothing about hope in the Norse creation story, compared to the Greek creation story where a bird flew out of Pandora’s Box with hope (Brandenberg, 1994).When you have been punished you need something to believe in, you need hope. In Norse mythology there are a lot of elves and witches compared to the Greek mythology (Curtius and shoe essay Robert 1963). What could the reason be? Those imaginations about guilt macbeth, witches and mediation elves are much easier to have when you are living in guilt macbeth, a cold country with a lot of dark forests. Perhaps the Norse people had even more stories and thoughts about the elves before the Norse mythology came and when it did come, they involved them in the new mythology/religion. Here one can draw a parallel to fury paper the Christening of the Norse people. When Christianity came to the north, the people tried to involve their old rituals in the new religion. It is easier to macbeth accept the new things if you are allowed to keep the old ones.

To further emphasise that the Greek and Norse mythologies are connected to each other we have also studied some words, which have travelled through languages and time. Urd, which means Fate is related to essay the old English word wyrd , which originally meant Fate too. Today we have the word left as the Weird Sisters. Macbeth! First I thought it meant strange sisters, but after research I found out about the the sound outline, real meaning. Macbeth Essay! They are the three sisters of Destiny, which play a big part in Shakespeare’s Macbeth. (Curtius and Robert 1963) In Greece Odeion was the name of a sort of a construction, which was often used as a theatre. Maybe the driving essay, Romans used this word too and the Vikings heard it, interpreted it their own way and guilt macbeth essay named their main God with a similar name (Odin). Lots of names may have been travelling around like this. Today the English word odeum means the same thing as the mark on architecture, Greek word odeion.

If words have travelled from one place from another, the stories and culture might just as well have travelled the same way. This indicates that Norse mythology could have lots of influence from Greek and Roman mythology. Norse mythology is the religion of the Norse people. The Norse people are the ancient people of northern Europe (Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark, Northern Germany etc.) (World Book 259).A major difference between Norse mythology and guilt macbeth essay Greek mythology are both cultures views of the afterlife and what happens there. In Greek mythology there is one allotted place for people to go after death and once they are there they stay there for all eternity. Writing Assignments! In Norse mythology there are four different places for the dead: Folkvang, Valhalla, Helheim, and Ran’s hall or the guilt macbeth essay, halls of mediation studies, Ran. Folkvang is the allotted area for your everyday warrior who fought and died and macbeth essay did nothing more.

Valhalla is Odin’s hall where 800 of the on crayola crayons, bravest warriors go and train for guilt essay, the coming of Ragnarok (literally the ending of the gods or the end of the world) Helheim is literally the house or home of Hel; Hel is the goddess of the “underworlds” Niflheim (land of fire and heat) and Helheim. Helheim is the place where one who didn’t die or in battle goes, those who died from diseases, accidents, old age, etc. The Sound And The Outline! Ran is the goddess of the sea and the drowned. She is said to sink ships and collect the drowned in a net and take them to her hall where they dwell there. In Greek mythology they go to the underworld (or Hades) and they are then separated and either got to Tartarus (hell) or the Elysian fields (heaven) (World Book 257). Macbeth! Folkvang, Valhalla, Helheim, and The Halls of Ran are four separate areas in the world of Norse mythology where as Hades is one and Tartarus and the Elysian fields are two places within Hades. The Greeks and the Norse, two big groups a long time ago, were very big on myths and used them to explain everything and anything that didn’t make sense. Driving Essay! It also so happens that the myths are very similar and reasonably different. So how might these to power house countries myths compare?

First off, the Greeks and guilt essay the Norse came from totally to shoe horn conclusion different areas and life style (World Book 257) On the Norse side you have all the guilt, Northern countries which ranged from a lot of different backgrounds and the Greeks who at one point were considered the greatest country. The Norse, up north, had a difficult time. The Sound And The Fury! They had extreme drops of temperature during the winter with barley any light and a great rise of temperature during the summer. Another thing is that Greeks and the North had a lot of basic ideas that were the same. Macbeth Essay! They each had only one ruler of the gods and man, Zeus and antoine Odin, and they each had wives, Hera and Frigg, that had a little less power than their husbands but more than the other gods.

Each had the certain realms such as a god of, war, love, seas/water, and underworld/death. This might not seem like a big thing but if you look at other myths from different groups you will find only one god or creator but the Greeks and the Norse had gods for almost every different realm possible. Another thing you could conclude is guilt essay, that these gods kind of checked the power of Zeus/ Odin who also would check the power of the gods. The Greek gods were more joyful and happy compared to the dark and gloomy Norse gods (World Book 257) The climate can be the mark antoine essay, reason for that but it also greatly affected the essay, adventures and studies stories of the gods. With the Greek myths you could see that a lot of guilt macbeth, them were mainly love stories such as Venus and Adonis, Cupid and Psyche, and the story of the sound and the fury outline, Ceres, Proserpina, and Pluto. Even though most these stories don’t end up in a good way you can still tell by guilt reading them that the personality was more playful compared to the Norse gods. The Norse myths were more about battle and struggle with usually an end result of death such as the story of the shoe horn sonata, Death of Blader or the stories of the two heroes Beowulf and Siegfried. Both Greeks and Norse seemed to have the same idea of guilt macbeth, fate being important as it can be related to many of both their myths. The Norse called the gods of faith Norns and the Greeks used the now day word fate or Fates (World Book 257) both groups had three of these gods, they were females, and they both of course served the same purpose. One sets out the string of life, another decides the length and decides what is to happen to this person and the third cuts it off or ends it, which in simple form can be said as one sets the past, another the present, and community the third the future. it seems that the Fates and Norns were more superior then the gods themselves even though they fall into macbeth essay, a different realm then the horn essay conclusion, gods which truly shows how important these fates or this idea of fate was to the Greeks and Northen people (World Book 257) As you can see both the Greeks and Norse believed that their lives are predetermined and they can’t really do much about macbeth, it.

The creation of the two stories is also slightly related. The Norse believed that the world was once frozen over and after years Ymir was born and community mediation case studies Ymir was one of the first giants who was later killed by his grandchildren while the Greeks believed the world was formed from chaos were Gaea (mother earth) and Uranus (the heavens), were created. You can draw out from both stories that the macbeth essay, creation of the gods and world was a struggle and not a very good place until these superior gods came in power. Crayons! This idea really shows how much honor both gods had from their people. In each creation story a god raised up to macbeth fight the current ruler which was usually. In the Greeks creation Cronus killed Uranus, who later followed the same fate as Uranus, and was killed by Zeus and in the Norse myths Odin fought against Ymir the essays on crayola, giant whose body created the earth and heavens.

The rulers of both stories can be viewed as brave and guilt macbeth essay powerful because they both had to overthrow the last ruling god. Even with all the other gods it seems that no one comes close to the power that Zeus and Odin held. All in all the great Greek myths and the Norse myths are very similar in community mediation, basic concepts and structure. A lot of other groups used myths but nothing can compare to the Greek and Norse myths with their great meaning and reason for everything. Both sides are alike from the creation to the same power structure to the belief have having a preset faith. The only real difference is the mind set and personality of the stories which can be explained to the major difference of climate between these two countries.

Why might they be so similar? Was it that the same idea passed from Greek to Roman up north or was it just similar thinking, who knows. Only one thing is certain and guilt macbeth that is that the antoine on architecture, Greek and Norse myths are very much alike. While the individual stories of the gods and macbeth essay heroes differ, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Both are polytheistic mythologies – they have multiple gods. Often the mark antoine essay on architecture, god can be seen affecting the earth through some natural phenomenon. Guilt Essay! For example, Zeus in Greek mythology and Thor in Norse both had a connection to lightning. Gods were often patrons of different trades or types of antoine on architecture, people. Both Demeter (Greek) and Skadi (Norse) were connected to the harvest. The greatest difference is in the end of the gods. Essay! In Greek mythology there is no apocalypse – no end of the world.

The gods will always be on Mount Olympus, ruling over the earth. Norse mythology, in contrast, had a definitive end of the world Ragnarok when great heroes of the past would return from the dead to do battle. During Ragnarok, it was said that the gods were fated to die – many of the “top” gods would die in battle with the greatest enemies and creatures of the mythology. Hundreds of mark antoine essay, years ago people did not have the guilt, technology to explain different forces of nature. They created gods, each with separate powers, to rule their domains. Some of the gods were merciful, some were wicked, and others were merely servants of more powerful gods. Looking at mediation case the gods, it is easy to tell what the civilization most valued.

I am going to look at the Greek and the Norse gods to compare what was most important to their societies. Both cultures had a king of the gods. Guilt Macbeth! In Greek mythology there is no god who is more powerful than Zeus. He is the youngest son of Cronus and Rhea, ruler of the Titans. Cronus was told that one of his children would overthrow him, taking control of his kingdom. To be sure this would not happen; Cronus swallowed his first five children: Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Rhea could not bear to see another one of her children, devoured so she replaced Zeus with a rock wrapped in swaddling. Cronus, thinking he ate Zeus, left Rhea time to leave Zeus in a cave where he was raised by a divine goat, Amaltheia (pantheon/odin). After Zeus was grown he went back to Cronus with the help of Gaia and creative writing assignments Metis, who made an elixir to cause Cronus to vomit his brothers and sisters.

Zeus then led the fights against the Titan dynasty. Afterwards they banished the macbeth essay, Titans to Tartarus, the lowest place on earth, even lower than the underworld. Zeus and his brothers then drew straws to find who would rule where. Zeus gained rule of the sky, Poseidon ruled the seas, and Hades ruled the underworld (pantheon/odin). Zeus is the god of community studies, law, justice, morals, thunder, lightning, and rain. Essay! It was his job to oversee and make sure laws were being kept. He was worshipped originally as a weather god.

He was depicted as a middle-aged man with a youthful appearance; he was regale and was almost always shown ready to throw a lightning bolt (pantheon/zeus). The large part of today’s spiritual and prevent drunk essay intellectual ideas is the result of combining Greek and Norse mythology. Guilt Essay! Upon comparison of common beliefs held today and those from the days of old, surprising similarities can be found. The fact that these two sets of beliefs were combined is extraordinary, taking into account the fact that Greek ideas are almost completely opposite community mediation, when compared with Norse concepts. Greek mythology was created to escape the guilt essay, horrors found in a barbaric world, and is therefore blissful and mark laugier's dreamy. Norse mythology, by contrast, is gloomy and guilt essay full of impending doom. Although a few similarities can be found, the stark contrast between Greek and Norse mythology is much more obvious. The creation story, as told by Greek mythology, is very different to the Norse creation. In Greek mythology, the gods did not create the universe; rather they were created by the universe. Mark Antoine Essay! The first descendants of Chaos were Night, Day, Heaven, and Earth.

The gods were then descendants of Mother Earth and Father Heaven. As a direct contrast, in Norse mythology, the gods were responsible for guilt, building the universe. In the Elder Edda, it is stated that, “of old there was nothing.” Giants were the first creatures created, and the sound outline the gods were descendants of the first giant, Ymir. Essay! The gods then in turn slew Ymir and made the earth, sky, and heaven from his body. The Norse heaven, Asgard, is based on a completely different ideology than where the Greek gods dwelt, Mount Olympus.

There is no joy or bliss in Asgard, merely a dismal sense of doom. Accompanied with Asgard is the unceasing threat of inevitable and complete destruction. The gods who inhabit Asgard know that one day Asgard will eventually be completely inebriated. Community Studies! Mount Olympus, by contrast, is a place full of merriment and carefree celebration. The gods spend their time drinking ambrosia and guilt macbeth toying with the forces of and the fury, nature. Their every action is for their own joy and delight, not necessarily for the benefit of mankind. Never does any thought of devastation or doom cross their minds, for the gods of Mount Olympus cannot be brought down. Another distinction between Greek and Norse mythology is essay, seen in the attitudes of creative students, their gods. The Greek gods are immortal and indestructible while the Norse gods know they will be defeated and annihilated by evil forces. Macbeth Essay! The Greek gods are assured victory in any battle, and cannot be considered heroic for this very reason.

Every Olympian is immortal and invincible; they go into a battle sure of their victory and fearing nothing. Community Mediation Case Studies! A drawback to this great advantage is that the Greek gods never know the exhilaration in overcoming astounding odds, or the adrenaline that comes from guilt macbeth essay, confronting danger. The Norse gods are well accustomed to this type of stimulation, for they exist with the knowledge that they will one day be defeated. Community Mediation Studies! In the guilt essay, end, when the forces of good and mark on architecture evil fight the final battle, evil will succeed over the Norse gods. Guilt Macbeth! There is nothing the gods can do to prevent their fate.

The gods do not give up, but will put up a strong fight until the very end. In all cultures, a hero is one who closely resembles the gods; therefore Norse heroes are always destined for doom, but face their fate fearlessly. Norse heroes confront disaster, knowing they cannot escape through heroic deeds. Driving Essay! The Norsemen felt that the macbeth essay, ultimate proof of a hero is community mediation studies, continuing to resist while facing certain death. In this manner, the hero dies undefeated, for essay, he did not let even death falter his courage. Signy, a Norse heroine, embodies these ideas.

She dies along with her enemy after getting revenge for essays on crayola crayons, her family’s death. Her heroic death is more of a triumph than avenging the macbeth essay, wrong done to her. Mark Twain stated that, “Courage is essay on architecture, resistance to guilt macbeth fear, mastery of fear not absence of fear.” The Norse idea of shoe essay, a hero embraces this idea, but the Greek notion of a hero opposes it. Contrasting to the Norse heroes, Greek heroes are fierce warriors who seem unconquerable. As Norse heroes are like Norse gods, so are Greek heroes like Greek gods in that they appear invincible. They slay monsters left and right, avenge those who have been wronged, and guilt essay overcome all odds. The true test of a Greek hero is found in community mediation, his strength, courage, or lack of fear, and guilt brave deeds.

Hercules, the quintessential Greek hero, was the most loved and most famed of all heroes in Greek culture. The son of a mortal woman and Zeus, Hercules is half god and half human. Oftentimes appearing godlike himself, Hercules possesses an incredible amount of strength, and fears nothing. His innumerable counts of bravery even include aiding the gods in antoine laugier's on architecture, conquering the Giants. A major difference between Greek and guilt macbeth Norse mythology can be found in essays crayons, the personalities of Zeus and Odin. The Greek Zeus is Lord of the Sky and macbeth ruler over all the other gods. He is a powerful god with the ability to induce fear, but also, “a capital figure of fun.” Zeus is shoe sonata, supposed to have upheld the standards of right and wrong, but this is not always a very high standard.

He entertains numerous affairs with mortal women and guilt macbeth delights in causing trouble for mankind. Zeus is shoe horn sonata essay conclusion, often pictured as amorous, joyful, and comic. Odin, Zeus’ Norse counterpart, is guilt macbeth, also the sky father and prevent drunk driving ruler of the guilt essay, other Norse gods. Other than their similar roles in mythology, Zeus and Odin could not be more opposite. Odin is always described as being strange, solemn, and detached, a probable result of his constant grapple with threatening doom. While Zeus spends his time frolicking with other women, Odin seeks as much knowledge as possible, often gained only through physical trials. He alone bears the brunt of the responsibility for delaying as long as possible the day of complete destruction. The chasm between Greek and Norse mythology is huge. Driving! Norse mythology is full of despair, sacrifice, and desolation, creating a dark and gloomy portrayal of guilt, Norse culture.

The only mediation case studies bright spot in Norse mythology is remarkable heroism, which is characteristically marked by the death of the protagonist. Greek mythology contains stories of great victories over evil, love, adventure, and a carefree life. The hero inevitably wins and mankind is always celebrated. Macbeth Essay! It seems impossible that the two could become one, but as different as they are, Greek and Norse mythology have combined to form the culture of the modern world. The Norms exist in the Norse mythology as the three creatures that determine Fate. Before they came to Asgard time did not exist. Because of this, one can say that the Norms are above the studies, gods in such meaning that the gods cannot stop the Norms from doing their job, which is to create time. Without time one cannot determine Fate, because then you don’t know when the events are going to take place or in guilt macbeth, which order. The Sound And The Fury Paper! The Norms visit each being, human or god, immediately after they are borne to macbeth essay determine his or her future. Even though some stories say that there are many Norns, there are usually three mentioned; Urd (past), Skuld (present) and Verdandi (future).

These creatures live by the first root of Yggdrasil (the world tree) next to a well, which is and the research, known as the Well of Fate. Every morning they come out of the cave they spend their night in, then scoop up water and mix it with the guilt, sand around the tree to prevent drunk essay create magic dough. They spread it on Yggdrasil to prevent it from become rotten and macbeth preserve the essays, life spirit of the tree (Kirk, 1974). The Fates of Greek mythology are also known as the Moirae or Apparotioners. These three females decide how long every individual is going to live. They were sometimes considered superior to the gods. They were called Clotho (the Spinner), Lachesis (the Drawer of Fates) and Atropos (Inevitable). Clotho comes to the newborn and spins out the thread of life, Lachesis measures it and decides what is going to happen to this being and Atropos cuts it off. (Kirk, 1974).There is a verse about them to remember what they did: Clotho colum retinet, Lachesis net, et Atropos occat, which means Clotho holds the essay, spinning wheel, Lachesis spins and Atropos cuts it off. (B3) They are often imagined sitting around a cauldron or a spinning wheel. (Kirk, 1974).In both sets of mythologies the creatures that determine Fate are identical in purpose, gender and number.

They are both above the gods and their jobs are inevitable for everyone. No one can go against the Fates. There are several Greek stories, which tell about the tragedy of the persons who try to overcome their fate (e.g. Oedipus). Essays On Crayola! In Norse mythology Odin himself learns about his fate (being killed during Ragnar??k, the essay, doomsday, by the wolf Fenris) from the Norms, and the sound and the research outline there is guilt essay, nothing he can do about it but prepare himself and the sound and the fury outline his allies.

Both the Norms and the Fates were thought as sitting around something circular, this may represent the circle of life, which is not exclusive to these myths. If we consider the guilt, mythologies as a reflection of the society, the conclusion is the sound and the fury research paper, that both the Greeks and Vikings believed that their lives were already decided and macbeth essay one can only follow his/hers fate. This maybe made it easier for people to live, as no matter what they did it was already predicted. As written, the power of the Weird Sisters was inevitable for everyone (Kirk, 1974). The Greek and Roman Mythologies have fascinated human beings for centuries, inspiring books, movies, research, and conversation among those who want to learn more and who want to share the fables of the Gods and Goddesses. Their stories (myths or mythos, depending on the origin), their triumphs and failures, and their imminent Immortality has been the influence of many other religions, including Paganism and Norse Mythology. Shoe Sonata Essay! Unfortunately, many people do not know the differences between Greek and Roman mythology, assuming that the two are interchangeable at will. In reality, the two are very different from one another, and capture almost opposing life values that are central to the people of the time.

Greek and Roman gods were not worshipped, as the Christian God is, but rather used as a model for how mortal humans should and should not behave. The Greeks came first, some 1,000 years before the guilt, Romans. Their most appreciated work, the Iliad, was distributed 700 years before the Roman’s most popular manuscript, the Aeneid. The Iliad was based on at least 300 years of myths and stories, which were gathered from the tales passed down by mortal observant, which certainly correlates with the Christian Bible. It was not meant as a holy scripture, however, but as a recorded history of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, who were revered by the sound and the fury research outline men during that time. The Greeks were focused primarily on life on macbeth, earth, versus the eventuality of the afterlife.

They believed that a man’s worth was determined by his actions during his life, and that his true immortality was in the remembrance of his gifts to the world. His traits, his personality, and his interaction with other people spoke for his self-worth. Gods and Goddesses were based on human personality traits – such as Love, Honor, Dignity, and prevent driving essay Hatred – and guilt their actions in myths were symbolic of the actions of men. Many myths involved a mortal or a deity snatching something back from the Underworld, which illustrated their belief that the afterlife was not of any concern, and that it was the pysical world that was important. Poets, artists, and those who gave themselves to creative pursuits were well-honored by the Greeks. They held creativity above physical works in shoe conclusion, the mortal and mythical world; myths reflected those personal traits and were meant to expose the positive and negative aspects of humanity.

Deities were important to the progression of life, but mortal heros were just as sacred, for it was their contributions to society that mattered in the end. Individualism was also very important; the macbeth, actions of a group were not as consequential as the actions of an individual. Men were responsible for their own well-being, and essays could not be bothered by macbeth the mistakes of the masses. Romans, on the other hand, were far more disciplined than the Greeks, and focused on actions rather than words. Whereas the Greeks revered the poet, the Romans held up the warrior as the epitome of sanctity, and rewarded bravery and risks taken by both mortals and deities. They strongly felt that good deeds on drunk essay, earth would be well-received in macbeth essay, Heaven, and they strove to earn their place among the Gods in the afterlife. In fact, they believed that if one performed well enough in life, that they would transcend to Gods after death.

The Romans adopted many of the myths and deities of the Greeks, though they changed names and community case studies circumstances to support their own beliefs. For example, the Roman Gods were not individualistic, as were the Greek Gods, and were named after objects and actions rather than human characteristics. Myths were rooted in macbeth essay, the brave, heroic acts of the Gods, and rarely displayed the lives of mortals, because mortal life was not as important as that after death. Also, Roman Gods and Goddesses were often not gender-specific, since their individual characteristics were not central to their actions. Roman and Greek Mythologies are decidedly different, though they are rooted in similar histories. A study of their individual characteristics illustrates the values and beliefs of the Greeks and on crayola crayons Romans respectively, and can offer a better understanding of how these myths and anecdotes originally came about. In Western culture there are a number of essay, literary or narrative genres that scholars have related in different ways to mark laugier's on architecture myths. Examples are fables, fairy tales, folktales, sagas, epics, legends, and etiologic tales (which refer to causes or explain why a thing is the way it is). Another form of tale, the parable, differs from myth in its purpose and character.

Even in the West, however, there is no agreed definition of any of these genres and some scholars question whether multiplying categories of narrative is helpful at all, as opposed to essay working with a very general concept such as the traditional tale. Non-Western cultures apply classifications that are different both from the Western categories and mark antoine from one another. Most, however, make a basic distinction between “true” and “fictitious” narratives, with “true” ones corresponding to guilt macbeth what in the sound and the, the West would be called myths. If it is accepted that the category of traditional tale should be subdivided, one way of doing so is to regard the various subdivisions as comparable to bands of color in a spectrum. Within this figurative spectrum, there will be similarities and analogies between myth and folktale or between myth and legend or between fairy tale and folktale. Macbeth Essay! In the section that follows, it is mark antoine laugier's on architecture, assumed that useful distinctions can be drawn between different categories. It should, however, be remembered throughout that these classifications are far from rigid and that, in many cases, a given tale might be plausibly assigned to more than one category. The importance of studying myth to provide a key to guilt macbeth essay a human society is a matter of historical record. In the middle of the 19th century, for instance, a newly appointed British governor of New Zealand, Sir George Grey, was confronted by the problem of how to come to terms with the Maori, who were hostile to the British.

He learned their language, but that proved insufficient for essay, an understanding of the way in which they reasoned and argued. In order to be able to guilt conduct negotiations satisfactorily, he found it necessary to study the Maori’s mythology, to which they made frequent reference. Other government officials and Christian missionaries of the 19th and 20th centuries made similar efforts to understand the mythologies of nations or tribes so as to facilitate communication. Such studies were more than a means to an end, whether efficient administration or conversion; they amounted to the discovery that myths present a model or charter for man’s behavior and that the world of myth provides guidance for crucial elements in human existence–war and antoine laugier's on architecture peace, life and death, truth and falsehood, good and evil. In addition to such practically motivated attempts to understand myth, theorists and scholars from guilt, many disciplines have interested themselves in the study of the subject. A close study of prevent drunk driving essay, myth has developed in essay, the West, especially since the 18th century. Much of its material has come from the study of the Greek and Roman classics, from which it has also derived some of its methods of interpretation. The growth of philosophy in creative for high school, ancient Greece furthered allegorical interpretations of myth–i.e., finding other or supposedly deeper meanings hidden below the surface of guilt essay, mythical texts. The Sound! Such meanings were usually seen as involving natural phenomena or human values. Related to this was a tendency toward rationalism, especially when those who studied myths employed false etymologies. Rationalism in guilt, this context connotes the scrutiny of myths in such a way as to make sense of the essay, statements contained in them without taking literally their references to gods, monsters, or the supernatural.

Thus, the ancient writer Palaiphatos interpreted the story of guilt macbeth essay, Europa (carried off to Crete on the back of a handsome bull, which was actually Zeus in disguise) as that of a woman abducted by a Cretan called Tauros, the Greek word for bull; and Skylla, the bestial and essays on crayola cannibalistic creature who attacked Odysseus’ ship according to Homer’s Odyssey, was by the same process of rationalizing interpreted as simply the name of a pirate ship. Of special and long-lasting influence in the history of the interpretation of macbeth, myth was Euhemerism (named after Euhemerus, a Greek writer who flourished about 300 BC), according to for high school which certain gods were originally great people venerated because of their benefactions to mankind. The early Church Fathers adopted an guilt essay, attitude of modified Euhemerism, according to which classical mythology was to be explained in terms of mere men who had been raised to superhuman, demonic status because of their deeds. By this means, Christians were able to incorporate myths from the culturally authoritative pagan past into a Christian framework while defusing their religious significance–the gods became ordinary humans. The Middle Ages did not develop new theoretical perspectives on myth, nor, despite some elaborate works of historical and etymological erudition, did the mediation case, Renaissance. In both periods, interpretations in terms of essay, allegory and Euhemerism tended to predominate. About 1800 the Romantics’ growing fascination with language, the antoine laugier's essay, postulation of an Indo-European language family, the study of Sanskrit, and the growth of comparative studies, especially in history and philology, were all part of a trend that included the study of myth. Macbeth! The relevance of and the fury research outline, Indo-European studies to an understanding of macbeth essay, Greek and Roman mythology was carried to an extreme in the work of Friedrich Max Muller, a German Orientalist who moved to prevent essay Britain and undertook important research on comparative linguistics. Guilt Macbeth! In his view, expressed in such works as Comparative Mythology (1856), the mythology of the mediation, original Indo-European peoples had consisted of allegorical stories about the workings of nature, in particular such features as the sky, the Sun, and the dawn. In the course of time, though, these original meanings had been lost (through, in macbeth, Muller’s notorious phrasing, a “disease of language”), so that the myths no longer told in a “rationally intelligible” way of phenomena in the natural world but instead appeared to writing assignments school describe the “irrational” activities of gods, heroes, nymphs, and others. For instance, one Greek myth related the pursuit of the nymph Daphne by guilt essay the god Phoebus Apollo.

Since–in Muller’s interpretation of the shoe sonata essay conclusion, evidence of comparative linguistics–“Daphne” originally meant “dawn,” and “Phoibos” meant “morning sun,” the original story was rationally intelligible as “the dawn is guilt macbeth, put to flight by the morning sun.” One of the problems with this view is, of course, that it fails to account for the fact that the Greeks continued to tell this and similar stories long after their supposed meanings had been forgotten; and they did so, moreover, in the manifest belief that the stories referred, not to nature, but precisely to gods, heroes, and assignments for high school other mythical beings. Interest in myth was greatly stimulated in Germany by Friedrich von Schelling’s philosophy of mythology, which argued that myth was a form of expression, characteristic of a particular stage in human development, through which men imagine the guilt essay, Absolute (for Schelling an all-embracing unity in which all differences are reconciled). Scholarly interest in myth has continued into the 20th century. Essays! Many scholars have adopted a psychological approach because of interest aroused by the theories of Sigmund Freud. Subsequently, new approaches in sociology and anthropology have continued to encourage the study of myth. In the industrialized Western society of the macbeth, 20th century, myths and related types of tales continue to be told.

Urban folklorists collect stories that have much in common with the tales collected by the Grimm brothers, except that in the modern narratives the lone traveler is likely to be threatened, not by a werewolf, but by a phantom hitchhiker, and the location of his danger may be a freeway rather than a forest. Computer games use sophisticated technology to mediation case represent quests involving dragons to be slain and princesses to be saved and married. The myth of Superman, the superhuman hero who saves the world and preserves “the American way,” is a notable image embodying modern Americans’ confidence in the moral values that their culture espouses. Not dissimilar are myths about the early pioneers in the American Wild West, as retold in countless motion pictures. Such stories often reinforce stereotypical attitudes about the moral superiority of the settlers to the native Indians, although sometimes such attitudes are called into question in other movies that attempt to demythologize the Wild West. A particular illustration of the essay, power that myths continue to exert was provided as late as the 1940s by the belief in writing assignments, the existence of an essay, Aryan racial group, separate from and on crayola crayons superior to the Semitic group. Guilt Macbeth! This myth was based in part on the assumption that peoples whose languages are related are also related racially.

The fact that this assumption is spurious did not prevent the Aryan myth from gaining wide acceptance in Europe from the 18th century onward, and community mediation studies it was eventually to provide a supposed intellectual justification for the persecution of the Semitic Jews by guilt their Aryan Germanic “superiors” during the period of mark antoine laugier's essay, Nazi domination. This episode suggests that, in politics, a myth will take hold if it serves the interests and guilt macbeth essay focuses the aspirations of a particular group; the the sound fury research outline, truth or falsity of the macbeth essay, myth is irrelevant. In a sense, of course, this function is merely an extension of mark essay, its more general role in religion, where a myth, as well as addressing questions such as a society’s place in the cosmos, may serve to justify a particular kind of governmental organization. In conclusion, if we think of myths as true, if we believe in them, then obviously, we are thinking in religious terms. But belief is also psychological: some say humans need to believe in some power greater than them. Others, like Joseph Campbell, see the origins of guilt, myth and religion in the psychological response of creative assignments for high students, early man to the trauma of death. Thus, belief in a greater power arises when humans are faced with the mystery of what happens after death. The earliest efforts to macbeth essay rationalize myth by seeing it as disguised history, as disguised philosophy, or as fables illustrating moral truths all proceeded from a desire to make the mark antoine on architecture, seemingly irrational and immoral actions of gods and men appear rational and moral.

Thus, bizarre or grotesque elements in the stories could be rationalized as disguised history, philosophy, or morality. However, these early rationalizes often ignored elements of the myths which did not fit into their allegorical schemes and guilt macbeth essay made little attempt to look at myths psychologically or symbolically, or to place the them in their proper historical context. (The “history” of these early “euhemerizers” was often mere wishful thinking, as when they saw Zeus as a tribal hero who had been deified.) But myths do embody historical, philosophical, and moral elements; we must search for horn sonata conclusion, them more carefully than early mythologists did. Students should remember, however, that the symbolic, religious, ritual, or magical explanations that myths offer may differ from guilt macbeth essay, modern scientific or historical explanations. Something as great as God may be quite difficult for limited human minds to case comprehend, Joseph Campbell says we can only know God through stories and symbols, or myth. But our stories are human and limited, and thus cannot, according to Campbell, tell literal truths, but all can and do tell metaphoric and symbolic truths. Ritual is another way in which humans attempt to embody or even call upon the unknown. Ritual patterns may reappear in myths and mythic motifs may be reflected in rituals (Hero 381). But there is no easy rule for tracing the macbeth, influence of antoine laugier's essay on architecture, ritual on macbeth essay, myth or vice-versa. Mythologists continue to mark on architecture argue whether the repetitive patterns of motifs and guilt macbeth plot seen in many myths stem from ritual patterns (Hero 381), or from psychological archetypes inherent in humans, or from the repetition common in oral forms of creative students, storytelling (Hero 381). No one way offers a key to the interpretation of myths, but all can offer insights to guilt essay different motifs and plot elements. When interpreting myths, students should remember Campbell’s wise advice: “There is no final system for the interpretation of myths, and there never will be any such thing” (Hero 381).

This may sound like a cheerless sentence, but cheer up: there may be no foolproof system, but there are ways to antoine laugier's essay trap the guilt essay, truth in myths. The Sound Fury Research! According to Campbell, myths are like the guilt macbeth, god Proteus (sometimes called the Old Man of the Sea) in the Odyssey who “always speaks the truth” (Homer 52, my emphasis). But first you must catch him and shoe horn sonata hold onto him, which isn’t easy because he constantly changes shapes in macbeth, order to get away. Fury Outline! “He will turn into all sorts of shapes to try you, into all the creatures of that live and move upon the earth, into water, into blazing fire; but you must hold him fast and press him all the guilt macbeth, harder” (Homer 53). Great advice for any student of myth! Hold onto that story, no matter how much it changes or how weird it seems, and eventually it will calm down and answer your questions.

But Proteus only answers the specific questions put to him. So, to get good answers, you have to ask a lot of different questions. Brandenberg, Aliki .The Greek Gods and Goddesses of Olympus. p. Prevent! 30. 1994. Burkert, Walter. Ancient Mystery Cults. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1987. Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces.

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