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Life in WW1 Trenches - GCSE History - …

History coursework gcse trenches

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Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science. History Coursework Trenches! Breeds of Livestock, Department of Animal Science. Department of Animal Science - Oklahoma State University. Breeds of modern technology essay Livestock, Department of Animal Science. Breeds of coursework trenches Livestock - Oklahoma State University. Breeds of Livestock - Oklahoma State University. W elcome to the Breeds of Livestock resource presented by the Department of Animal Science at Oklahoma State University. This site is intended as an educational and informational resource on breeds of livestock throughout the world.

We hope you enjoy the information provided and find it both educational and consultants fun. We see this site as a continually growing resource. History Coursework! As time passes we will be expanding the performance educational and scientific information pertaining to breeds. We already have breeds from every inhabited continent and we have cooperative projects underway with individuals at history coursework trenches, a number of other Universities to add to our listings and to about modern essay, expand existing information. We would welcome additional cooperative efforts so please let us know. The classic definition of a breed is usually stated as a variation of this statement. Animals that, through selection and breeding, have come to resemble one another and pass those traits uniformly to their offspring. Unfortunately this definition leaves some unanswered questions. For example, when is a crossbred animal considered a composite breed and when do we stop thinking about them as composites?

Perhaps this definition from The Genetics of Populations by Jay L. Lush helps explain why a good definition of breed is elusive. A breed is a group of domestic animals, termed such by common consent of the breeders, . a term which arose among breeders of livestock, created one might say, for their own use, and no one is warranted in assigning to this word a scientific definition and in calling the history coursework trenches breeders wrong when they deviate from the formulated definition. It is their word and the breeders common usage is what we must accept as the correct definition. Application Essay Consultants! As you can see from Dr. Lush's definition it is at least in part the coursework trenches perception of the breeders and the livestock industry which decides when a group of autocratic vs democratic styles essays individuals constitutes a breed. The development of the breeds takes different routes also. In some breeds you can see the amount of change that can occur as the result of trenches selection for a small number of traits.

As an example, Holstein cattle have been selected primarily for milk production and are the highest milk producing cattle in the world. Other breeds have traits that result from natural selection pressure based upon the environment in which they were developed. An example of this might be the N'dama cattle from west Africa. These animals have, through the centuries, developed a resistance to trypanosomiasis or sleeping sickness spread by the tse-tse fly, which is fatal to most other breeds of cattle. Broker Stock! Why are we concerned about preserving information about minor, or relatively unknown, breeds of livestock? Is there a reason for coursework gcse trenches the preservation of minor breeds of livestock?

Couldn't more improvement be made if there were fewer breeds? Well, lets go back to our Holstein example again for a moment. While the Holstein clearly has an advantage over other breeds in the production of whole milk, this advantage is based on phd thesis high computing, feeding high levels of cereal grains and pricing that favors low milk-solids content. History Coursework Gcse Trenches! A drastic change in either of these factors could result in a decrease in dependent computers the advantage of the Holstein. History! Given these conditions perhaps a breed that is currently rare or endangered, such as the Dutch Belted, which displayed excellent milking ability in broker stock a grass-based dairy situation in trials in history coursework trenches the early 1900's, would find itself on the forefront. Dependent Computers! In Australia, composite breeds, such as the Australian Friesian Sahiwal, have been developed which have higher milk production levels than Holsteins in the tropical regions of that country.

Another example might be an increased need for natural resistance to diseases or parasites should a current antibiotic or other treatment become unavailable or ineffective. An example of this type might be the natural resistance some breeds of sheep have to coursework, internal parasites. Modern Technology Essay! Should anthelmintics become restricted or uneconomical then a breed such as the critically endangered Gulf Coast Native, with the parasite resistance it has developed through natural selection, could be of critical importance in coursework gcse trenches the sheep industry. In many areas, genetic diversity should be maintained to help meet the potential challenge resulting from changes in production resources and dependent essay market requirements. We hope that this project will serve as an information resource for the potential of gcse trenches some of these breeds. Why do we have livestock at all?

Don't they just eat the food that would be better utilized by being given directly to phd thesis performance computing, people. Agricultural animals have always made a major contribution to the welfare of human societies by providing food, shelter, fuel, fertilizer and other products and services. They are a renewable resource, and trenches utilize another renewable resource, plants, to produce these products and services. Phd Thesis Performance Computing! In addition, the manure produced by the animals helps improve soil fertility and, thus, aids the plants. History Coursework! In some developing countries the manure cannot be utilized as a fertilizer but is dried as a source of fuel. Food is, by vs democratic styles essays far, the most important contribution of agricultural animal, although they rank well behind plants in total quantity of food supplied. Plants supply over 80 percent of the total calories consumed in the world. Animals are a more important source of protein than they are of calories, supplying one-third of the protein consumed in the world. Meat, milk and fish are about equal sources of history coursework gcse animal protein, supplying, respectively, 35%, 34% and high 27% of the world supply of total protein. There are many who feel that because the world population is growing at a faster rate than is the food supply, we are becoming less and coursework gcse trenches less able to afford animal foods because feeding plant products to animals is an inefficient use of potential human food. It is true that it is more efficient for humans to eat plant products directly rather than to allow animals to convert them to human food.

At best, animals only produce one pound or less of human food for each three pounds of plants eaten. However, this inefficiency only applies to those plants and plant products that the human can utilize. Autocratic Vs Democratic Leadership Essays! The fact is that over two-thirds of the feed fed to history gcse trenches, animals consists of substances that are either undesirable or completely unsuited for human food. Thus, by their ability to convert inedible plant materials to dependent, human food, animals not only do not compete with the humans rather they aid greatly in improving both the quantity and the quality of the diets of human societies. Table 1 presents some statistics that are ignored by gcse trenches those who would suggest that we can no longer afford the luxury of animal foods. Only about one-third of the land area of the world is classified as agricultural. Autocratic! Thus, roughly two-thirds of the land area of the world is not suited for any sort of agricultural use because it is covered by cites, mountains, deserts, swamps, snow, etc.

Of the 35 percent that can be devoted to agriculture, less than one-third (or about 10% of the total land area) can be cultivated and produce plant products that the human can digest. The remaining two-thirds of the world's agricultural land is covered by coursework trenches grass, shrubs or other plants that only ruminant animals can digest. Thus, the inefficiency of animals is broker not a major concern since they represent the only way these plants can be converted to human food. As the human population of the world increases, it is likely that we will be forced to depend more and more on ruminant animals to meet the increased demands for coursework food. Thus far, nothing has been said about monogastric animals. Component Essay! It is true that swine and poultry can be competitors with the humans for food if they are produced by history the intensive confinement systems widely practiced in the developed countries.

In fact the highest proportion of feed grains and other concentrates, such as oilseed meals, fed to livestock in the United States are fed to about modern technology, swine and poultry. Current grain prices make this profitable. This obviously could change if grain prices increase in the future. However, the high reproductive rate and favorable feed efficiency of gcse swine and poultry would keep them as important contributors to the diets of humans. Breeds of Livestock Committee: Udaya Desilva. We are currently looking for high resolution pictures of any of the phd thesis performance breeds.

Please mail your original copies with our email form. Please provide a description of this breed as well. Project initiated April, 1994 - Initial web site opened February 22, 1995.

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WW1 Coursework - GCSE History - …

Simple Software for Better Interview Skills. Learn how to land the job with Big Interview’s powerful video tutorials and coursework gcse trenches, virtual interview practice software. The Art of component essay, Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement. Guest contributor and professional resume writer Kimberly Sarmiento will help you make your resume stand out with a summary statement. In resume writing, you know you need more than just a list of history coursework, jobs and education, but how to begin? Or rather, how should your resume begin? First, nix the modern technology, objective statement. It is trenches almost impossible to write an objective statement without either telling the hiring manager something they already know or focusing on what you want to get from modern, a job. Both are things you should absolutely avoid in a resume. Instead, use a summary statement or what I like to call your “written elevator speech.” Why You Should Use a Resume Summary Statement.

Professionals who work with career coaches and those who have done some solid web research have come to understand that they need to master their “Elevator Speech”. This speech is a short summary of an employee’s value proposition and should be thought of as a “sales pitch” that is ready to go anytime you run into a potential hiring manager or networking contact. A carefully prepared “Elevator Speech” is customized to history the person giving the speech and contains information that makes the professional stand out while still focusing on things the employer wants to know (excels in cutting costs, not excellent deep sea diver). The same holds true for your “Written Elevator Speech” or resume summary statement. College Essay Consultants. This “speech” is given at the top of your resume — in the prime resume real estate where a recruiter or hiring manager always looks first.

The summary statement serves as an introduction to the reader that seeks to trenches answer the question “Tell me about yourself” in just a few lines of text. The resume summary statement will help your resume stand out by: a. Catching the reader’s attention immediately. b. Ensuring a clear understanding of your top selling points at a glance (important when hiring managers are skimming through dozens of resumes at a time and component essay, attention spans are short) c. Putting emphasis on your career highlights and key strengths in an easy-to-scan format. d. Briefly communicating your professional objective if relevant (if the objective is gcse trenches not obvious) Every resume can benefit from a summary statement.

For some candidates, it can be critical. 1. Component Essay. Career Changers — A summary statement can help a hiring manager quickly see your transferable skills. History Trenches. Without a summary statement, a recruiter might look at your most recent experience, assume you’re not a fit because your experience isn’t traditional, and toss your resume. 2. Recent College Grads — A summary statement can help you customize your resume for different opportunities. This is especially helpful if your background is somewhat general. You can use the summary to highlight skills and experience most relevant for vs democratic leadership styles essays, each position. 3. History Gcse Trenches. Experienced Professionals with Diverse Backgrounds — For experienced professionals, a summary statement can become the “executive summary” of your resume, tailored for each position. Modern. This allows you to pull the trenches, most relevant and impressive skills and career accomplishments and feature them at the top of your resume. Elements of a Strong Resume Summary Statement. The Basics — Your summary statement should consist of modern essay, a title and a few lines of text. The text can be in paragraph form and/or use bullets.

The summary statement should appear directly below your contact information at the top of the resume. and history coursework, should reflect a general (or specific) idea of stock, your career goals. Your Title — When working with my clients on their resumes, I typically recommend starting with a title that communicates their professional identity. Think of it as a headline that will catch the reader’s eye and help them see your fit for the position at hand. Examples include Social Media Brand Strategist, Senior Marketing Executive, Multifaceted Art Director, and Global Operations Professional. See Resume Summary Statement examples below for additional titles that may spark ideas for history gcse, you. The Format — The main body of your summary statement should be approximately 3-4 lines of text and should NOT be written with first-person pronouns. If you are tempted to make your summary statement longer to component essay squeeze in more details, resist the history coursework trenches, temptation. Industry research tells us that most hiring managers spend only seconds reviewing a resume before they make up their minds to component essay call a candidate or not. We also know that when they see large chunks of text, their eyes will skip over coursework gcse trenches it.

Therefore, it is autocratic leadership essays vital to limit the coursework gcse trenches, length of a summary statement to ensure it gets read. Resume Summary Statement Examples. Below are several examples of “written elevator speeches” or summary/branding statements with titles. A versatile and technology, creative writer fuses a background in journalism and academics with expertise in business writing to deliver quality, customized material spanning news, marketing, web content, curriculum, and career development. Provides sales support and highly-rated client service and trenches, excels in meeting deadlines in quick-turnaround settings.

FINANCIAL OPERATIONS SUPPORT PROFESSIONAL. Blends academic training in economics and business administration with hands-on experience in sales and computing, operations support to offer employers a track record of delivering on tasks accurately, efficiently, and quickly. Known for providing best-in-class customer service and communications in gcse trenches a variety of business settings. A proven leader of autocratic leadership styles essays, US and international sales organizations offers expertise in developing successful growth strategies and training both individual representative and history trenches, team leaders in product benefits and computers essay, customer service techniques. Also known for creating dynamic marketing/brand strategies that engage consumers and take away business from the competition. Effectively manages PL on history coursework gcse trenches, multimillion-dollar, multi-product lines of business. How to essay Write Your Resume Summary Statement. Since you have limited space, it’s important to carefully plan what goes into your summary statement. Gcse Trenches. Your statement must be concise AND represent the strongest elements of you as a professional. Here are three steps to writing a strong summary statement for your resume:

Step 1: First, think of three or four things that define you as a professional. This can be a strong sales record, excellent customer service, expertise in drawing engineering plans, or an ability to manage large-scale technical projects. These professional traits will vary according to profession and phd thesis high, skill level. Managers and history gcse trenches, executives should focus on business skills as well as technical expertise — even if they fall into dependent a technical industry. Entry-level and recent graduates can include academic training and experience to gcse support professional abilities. Step 2: Next, think of the about modern, things you enjoy the most in coursework trenches your work. College Application Essay. When you write your summary statement, you aren’t just telling the employer what you are good at, you are also telling them what you want to do day in and day out. Ergo, no matter how well you do something – don’t talk about it if you don’t want to do it. My wisest clients have pointed it out to me when I have focused too much on something they don’t particularly enjoy and we rework their summaries accordingly.

Step 3: Align your summary statement with the company’s job requirements. Once you identify the skills you want to history coursework gcse trenches focus on, do a little research and see if they line up with job requirements listed for the positions you are seeking. If you are a project manager, you probably want to establish early that you are skilled at managing resources and phd thesis performance, ensuring assignments get completed on-time/on-budget. This might not be the coursework, thing you want to focus on dependent computers essay, the most, but it is essential to work in. More Tips on history trenches, Resume Summary Statements.

1. Customize for Your Experience Level. Each of the above example statements effectively sets up the skill sets, achievements, and even certifications/degrees that the applicants highlight throughout their resumes. When writing your statement, it is important to consider where you are in your professional progression. While a job description might want an MBA, PMP, or other certifications, whether or not you mention such things in your opening statement will depend greatly on how much experience you have to back your application. When the job seeker is young and needs to rely on academic experience to strengthen their qualifications, it is best to call that out from the start. Consider the example below:

Blends lab management experience with academic training at the University of Florida to modern offer solid skills in clinical experiments and research activities. Incorporates a background in office administration to provide employers with proven organization, communications, and scheduling expertise. In this instance, the job seeker focused on coursework trenches, things learned through education and transferable skills that could be applicable from part-time work experience. On the other hand, when the job applicant has strong experience, there is no need to rely on the academic training any longer and it doesn’t need to essay be mentioned. 2. History Gcse. Focus on your most important selling points. Some requirements can be covered in the body of the resume and just aren’t important enough to modern technology place in that opening paragraph.

One example I see a lot is proficiency in MS Office. Even if you are a technical professional, software and hardware skills need their own section on the resume and history trenches, don’t belong in the opening statement. The summary statement is for the strengths and accomplishments that truly make you stand out as a candidate. Consider the vs democratic leadership essays, following examples of resume summaries for technology professionals: A proven leader of IT startups and established operations offers expertise in defining technical strategies that support overall business objectives. Supports efforts to develop and market technical solutions to both internal and external clients.

Oversees team development and vendor selection/maintenance for multimillion-dollar operations. COMPUTER/HARDWARE SPECIALIST /TEAM SUPERVISOR. Leverages technical expertise on history gcse, hardware setup/configuration to provide exceptional user support and resolve critical operational issues. Experience includes managing security and after-hour support for classified materials and resume stock, communications. Known for coursework gcse trenches, creating and college application, implementing training that expands team member capabilities and trenches, instructs users on system utilization/improvement. Works with government, civilian, and corporate stakeholders. Of course there are other things you might want to call to the reader’s attention early, including language proficiencies, award-winning performance, or being named on one or more US patents. While these qualifications can be contained in the body of a resume (and should still be placed there) , it could be relevant to highlight them early to establish your unique value as an employee. Please note again that none of these opening paragraphs are written with first person pronouns. While you do write the paragraph in present tense, you write it as if you are the vs democratic leadership essays, understood subject of the history, resume.

This allows the focus to remain on broker resume, the employer. Use of “I, me, my” places the coursework trenches, focus on the applicant and the goal of the resume is to sell the employer on what you can do for performance, THEM. By telling the reader what you “do” and what you are “known for,” you get the reader thinking about how you can do those things for them. This message should be reinforced throughout the resume as you use achievements and certifications to reinforce your opening paragraph and highlight examples of when you have done the things that summary statement promotes. Remember, aside from a cover letter, the trenches, summary statement is the component essay, very first thing the hiring manager reads about you. It is coursework trenches your handshake long before you meet the broker resume stock, interviewer. It is history your first impression long before you get a chance to pick out your best outfit. It requires more than “I am seeking a job as….” It is your first chance to answer the question “Tell me about Yourself” and you want to make the most of college essay consultants, it. HUMOR: Also, if you’re struggling for ideas, why not let Barney Stinson inspire you with some “creative” ways to highlight your awesomeness. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview.

As an interview coach, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and coursework gcse, advising managers at organizations from American Express to the City of college application consultants, New York. She is an adjunct professor at New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association. 20 Comment to The Art of history coursework, Writing a Great Resume Summary Statement. Nice one Pamela. One more thing I would like to add here is vs democratic one should never try to history gcse trenches add any fake information in their resume which can put them in trouble. @terrylewis – thats great. Component Essay. Maybe you can share it here once you’re done. @Arman – that’s correct. History. Faking info will very likely come back to bite you. So resist the temptation to be too “creative”.

What an exceptional post Pamela. I have seen many articles on resume tips but nothing like this one. Just want to add more tip here that job seekers should never try to add any fake information in their resumes just to impress the technology essay, recruiter. This is the part that is very difficult for me, i work in the service area, i work for coursework trenches, a very prestigious hotel brand and i don’t know how to convert what i do into a summary. I want to advance in resume stock my career, i want to move in int administrative part of the coursework, hotel, not front office.

No I’m not a front desk agent nor a concierge. I am having so much trouble coming with the perfect resume so i can apply to better jobs.! Here’s a way to possibly get unstuck and draft your summary statement: 1) Brainstorm a bit about the most important qualities required for the job(s) that you want. If there’s a job description, scan it for component essay, keywords. 2) Think about your 3 most valuable transferable skills/strengths/areas of trenches, expertise and how they relate. 3) Draft a sentence about each of those three selling points. 4) Combine/arrange/edit them into a summary statement using the examples in the post for inspiration.

Depending on performance computing, your level of experience, your statement may be a few simple sentences or a brief bulleted list. Please feel free to post a draft of your summary statement here and I would be happy to give some feedback. Keep track of the interviews. Maintain a record of the .information about the history, interview so that you can refer to it in future. Many times you would have more than one interview with an organisation and it would help if you have jotted down somewhere what happened in the previous interviews. Essay. As the human memory fades with time it is preferable that you record the information within 24 hours of the interview.

While maintaining the summary of interviews include the following information:• Name and position of interviewer(s) After the Interview. It is not over until you finally get the job. So don’t just sit back and history coursework, relax. College Application Essay Consultants. Now is the history gcse trenches, time to do the follow up procedures to finally get selected and gain the dependent essay, job of your dreams. Get Selected at Job Interviews. • Job profile/description: duties, responsibilities, powers, salary, other benefits etc.

• Category: positive, negative, average. • Date of contact with the organisation. • Specific points discussed: stressed on coursework gcse, some qualifications, achievements more than others. Pamela you are genius…Just read your blog….It is simply amazing. Already started working on creating my own personal branding statement. It would be great if you can suggest what should be the computers essay, caption or heading for personal branding statement. For instance, the categories/headings which appear in a Resume/CV are Core Competencies, Professional Experience, Academics, Personal Information etc. Is it a good idea to write heading ” Senior Banking Professional ” followed by branding statement under this heading. Since, I am a banker with 8 years of history coursework, experience in executing cross- functional assignments in Retail ( Marketing Campaigns for Retail banking ), Corporate Banking (Commercial Credit to SMEs ) and Strategy (Launch of Wealth Management Business) with MBA as background. Keeping my fingers crossed …to discover a nice branding statement for me… THANKS A LOT…. Outstanding post Pamela!

I am a young creative professional and find it very difficult to put my skills and experience into a summary when its such a broad field. Dependent Essay. After reading your article I now have a better understanding of what companies look for history coursework trenches, in a resume. Dependent Computers Essay. Thank you! Outstanding post Pamela and gcse, very helpful but I am some time confused that – What type of CV format should I opt for HR post please help as I am working as an HR? What type of frequent question can be asked during an interview? How can we describe a healthy interview? How can I create my own profession brand as an HR? It seems like the examples used are trying to application show some corporate bean counter that you know a lot of big words. Is this really what sells? I don’t want to jump through a bunch of history coursework trenches, hoops to dazzle some corporate sell out.

What ever happend to keeping it simple? Great article. I’m running into trouble highlighting my transferable skills that I got from being a corporate lawyer because I now want to work on research teams for news shows, or in production. Its difficult trying to connect the two. Can you write an example here. Good article, exposed some weaknesses in broker stock my resume, I’m make the changes today!

Thanks. Helpful article, though I find myself wondering at the images you chose for history coursework gcse trenches, the sections. They are all part of a larger work by Pablo Picasso, titled “Guernica,” which was his attempt at a propaganda piece criticizing war. Performance. The painting depicts innocent people being firebombed by German and Italian warplanes. Clearly shown are tormented soldiers, a dead child in history the arms of a ravaged woman, and citizens and livestock burning alive. Dependent. Perhaps this is a strange choice of artwork to coursework gcse use for this article.

Awesome. Autocratic Leadership. shares some other resume design skill in AmoLink resume. Hope it’s useful to history coursework gcse all of us. I found it odd also. This is why doing arts papers while studying for component essay, your business degree is so important. Something incredibly ironic about someone who is an history coursework gcse, expert in selling yourself plastering her blog post with images from college application essay consultants, a painting as brutally about suffering as this. I guess whoever pieced this page together thought “oh, it’s art, so it must be sophisticated.” And they say I’m irrational for thinking business people aren’t necessarily very bright. Thank you for the inspiring article! I have been struggling to history trenches find a job that fits my professional profile and when I finally find it, I get no attention… at all! Now, I migh have identified some of my common mistakes.

Anyhow, I have a big problem. I am a BA in International Relations and I have no idea how to name my professional title…. Any ideas? I rarely get sidetracked by advertisements or odd artwork in blog posts, mainly because I’m inundated with it. Broker Resume. But my concentration was quickly. diverted to the slightly barbaric images as soon as I could make out an. Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. History Gcse Trenches. As one of the country's top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at computing, companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and history coursework, JP Morgan Chase. She also has more than 15 years of experience training and advising managers at performance, organizations from history, American Express to the City of New York. She is an adjunct professor at resume stock, New York University and an instructor at the American Management Association.

Continue reading. Copyright © 2017 Big Interview – Job Interview Training - All Rights Reserved. Skillful Communications, LLC | 244 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor | New York, NY 10001 XML SItemap.

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100 ads for packing in Full Part Time Jobs Available. Picking and Packing operative required for coursework immediate start – Our customer is application essay looking for a highly motivated and hardworking individual’s to join their small but ever expanding team based in Saxmundham We are seeking a keen picking and packing operat. Are you looking for history coursework trenches Warehouse work in Watford? The role involves hand picking, packing and re labelling of specific products. Attention to detail and reliability is key. Days 7am till 6pm Back shift 6pm till 3am Night shift 11pm till 7am.

We are a 24 hours online supermarket open 7 days a week. We are looking for Full-Time and about modern essay, Part-Time staff to Pick Pack. History Coursework Trenches. The responsibility is to manage the orders, ensure the orders are accurate and items are correctly prepared and packed. Vs Democratic Styles Essays. Full Time Order Picking / Packing Assistant. We are looking for a Orders pickers and packers for our online Retail company. History Coursework Gcse Trenches. Hours - 09am - 6pm Duration - 6 days per week starting ASAP. Phd Thesis Performance Computing. Location - Manor Park - 2min walk from history gcse trenches, Woodgrange Park Overground station/Manor Park station . Tas. Warehouse Operatives for picking, packing and loading - Night Shifts. We are currently seeking experienced warehouse operatives for autocratic vs democratic styles essays a warehouse based in the Crossways area.These roles could be ongoing for the right candidate. The role will include heavy lifting and manual handling, candidates must be a self starter and.

Earn Cash for Christmas - Temporary Packing Staff required for Nov Dec in Send– Flexible Hours. We are a family business in coursework gcse the Surrey area looking for flexible part-time and full-time packing staff to join the friendly team at our warehouse in Send, Surrey in the run up to phd thesis, Christmas. Previous warehouse experience not necessary, but energy, Charity Fundraisers for Bag Packing. We are looking to recruit new Fundraisers for Bag Packing Collections. We have full-time, part-time, weekends and evening positions available at our pre-booked locations inside and outside of London. If you are outgoing, enthusiastic and frie.

We are looking to recruit new Fundraisers for Bag Packing Collections. We have full-time, part-time, weekends and history, evening positions available at our pre-booked locations inside and outside of London. If you are outgoing, enthusiastic and frie. Warehouse packing for online company - Purley Way Croydon. We are looking for a warehouse pickers and packers for our online toy company.

Hours - 10am - 3pm Pay - ?7.50ph Duration - 3 - 5 days per week starting ASAP through to Christmas. Location - Purley way, Croydon - 10min walk from Waddon station. Phd Thesis High Performance Computing. TGT Solutions Recruitment Agency are looking for reliable hard working temps for any short or long term work that may become available. We are based in Guildford so please only apply if you are fairly local, work can be within a 20 mile area appro. Warehouse Worker Picking Packing Temporily Urgent Basis.


I DO: PAINTING AND DECORATING LAMINATE FLOORING GENERAL MAINTENANCE FLAT PACK FURNITURE TV/PICTURE MOUNTING BLINDS CURTAINS PLUMBING TILING DRYWALL WOODWORK FRAMING FLOORING BA. Computers Essay. Five volunteers needed for two charity bag packs. Health in Mind are currently looking for five people to gcse, help us on Saturday 7 or Sunday 8 October for college consultants a huge charity bag pack. This will help us raise funds ans awareness for gcse the vital mental health services our charity offers people in Edinburgh and. Needed: 5 volunteers for component essay 2 charity bag packs. Health in Mind are currently looking for five people to help us on Saturday 7 or Sunday 8 October for a huge charity bag pack. This will help us raise funds ans awareness for history coursework trenches the vital mental health services our charity offers people in Edinburgh and. Warehouse Worker - Packing Orders, Operating Direct to computing, Garment Printer General Housekeeping.

Hello, We're a warehouse operating in Parkhall (Longton), Stoke on Trent, ST3. History. We are looking for college consultants a enthusiastic and coursework gcse trenches, flexible person for part time warehouse work that could end with full time employment. Dependent Computers. If you like to get to gcse, work on college essay time and g. Warehouse worker to history, pack and prepare pallets of tiles - one or two days work a week. A part time worker is college needed in our warehouse in Brandon, Suffolk to prepare orders of ceramic and gcse trenches, porcelain tiles.

Heavy lifting involved. Forklift license would be an advantage but not necessary. The main tasks are: Picking and palletising ce. Warehouse Packing Packaging Assistant. Warehouse Packing Assistant Description Product Packing, Testing Warehouse Organizing We are seeking an enthusiastic person who can work quickly under their own steam in broker resume a variety of duties around the workplace. The successful candidate. Trenches. General Assistant Picking / Packing Job Ebay Amazon Online Part Full time Immediate Start. We are looking for an ambitious, vibrant and phd thesis high performance, self-motivated individual who will be able to work on their own as well as within a team. The ideal candidate will have excellent attention to detail and a proactive approach.

Due to the nature of the job. Person for Packing on eBay needed - Full time / Central London. PaxRomana Ltd. is history coursework trenches a leading Company in the UK for Ancient Art and Numismatics. We are looking for new member of phd thesis performance computing our team, responsible for packing and processing orders. The job is full time - Monday - Friday from history trenches, 10am to autocratic styles, 6pm. The starting salary is 1. Fundraisers needed! bag packing/bucket fundraising.

We work for a number of charitable organisations and at the present moment, we are looking for both full-time and part-time fundraisers. We have a range of pre-booked locations and we allow fundraisers to choose where they would like to work and. Fundraisers needed! street fundraising/bag packing. We work for history gcse trenches a number of charitable organisations and at the present moment, we are looking for both full-time and broker stock, part-time fundraisers. We have a range of history coursework pre-booked locations and we allow fundraisers to choose where they would like to work and. URGENTLY REQUIRED 25 ORDER PICKERS / PACKERS FOR BUSY FASHION WAREHOUSE As above we are urgently looking for Order Pickers and Packers to modern, work in our clients busy Warehouse and Distribution Centre in coursework gcse Larkfield near Maidstone. You will be Order. Dependent. HANDYMAN,PAINTER,LAMINATE FLOORING,PLUMBER,FLAT PACK,WALLPAPER,TV MOUNTING,RENOVATIONS. I AM LOCAL HANDYMAN,PAINTER,PLUMBER,GARDENER IN YOUR AREA. I DO: PAINTING AND DECORATING LAMINATE FLOORING GENERAL MAINTENANCE FLAT PACK FURNITURE TV/PICTURE MOUNTING BLINDS CURTAINS PLUMBING TILING DRYWALL WOODWORK FRAMING FLOORING BA. Warehouse Operative Staff -Picking Packing.

Warehouse operative staff required. The role is an active role with picking and packing. Restocking, inventory counting. Manual handling or lifting may be required. Working in a team to hit targets Help with the customer service experience as.

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clinician resume Phone: (330) 270-3040. Fax: (330) 270-1996. Liberty , Ohio 44505. Phone: (330) 759-3040. Fax: (330) 759-3070.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, about one in five Americans experiences a mental disorder in the course of a year. The good news is history gcse trenches, that a range of stock, treatments exists to achieve good mental health, leading to history coursework gcse an overall sense of leadership, well-being. Churchill Counseling Services offers comprehensive mental health services to history gcse trenches meet the needs of the persons served. Counseling services are provided at either of the two Churchill Counseling facilities or in the natural environment of the client. Regardless of location, services are provided in such a way to ensure privacy. The focus of high, these services is on treatment of the coursework gcse trenches, client’s mental or emotional issues. Services may include collaboration with the client’s primary care physician, psychiatrist, or other providers, with the signed consent of the client.

At the first appointment, a mental health assessment will be conducted to ascertain the nature of the dependent computers, client’s concern. The initial assessment delineates the reason for seeking services, a brief social history, and gcse assessment of the client’s mood and component essay behavior, history of abuse, and other pertinent information to make a diagnosis. Counseling services are intended to help the client work toward understanding and gcse trenches resolving emotional conflicts, developing healthier coping strategies, restoring more positive interpersonal relationships, and exploring alternative behavior patterns. Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management. Since a main objective is the provision of high quality outpatient services, provisions are made for psychiatric consultation when indicated. Clients may be referred to a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner to assess medication needs.

At the discretion of the psychiatrist or nurse practitioner, medication may be prescribed and resume follow-up visits may be scheduled with the history coursework gcse trenches, client so that the effects of the medication can be monitored. High Computing? Recommendations may also be made for history, further assessment and/or inpatient treatment. The purpose of psychological testing is to determine the client’s primary problems, identify his or her strengths and weaknesses, and determine which methods of treatment are most likely to be effective. The client will be told the cost and expected outcome of specific testing, for example, psychological or educational (IQ testing). The client has the dependent computers essay, right to refuse testing. Results of psychological tests are explained to the client and/or parent/guardian and may provide information about the client’s ability to benefit from counseling services and coursework trenches suggest the treatment modality that may be most effective. Consultation services are provided to schools, day care agencies, businesses, and other organizations. Churchill Counseling is a provider of autocratic vs democratic essays, Continuing Education , as certified by the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage Family Therapy Board. Churchill provides workshops in such areas as client treatment, ethics, supervision, and safety. Critical Incidence Stress Briefing is history coursework gcse, provided upon request.

We have assisted banking institutions and schools following a “critical incident” such as a robbery, death, or other threat. Employee Assistance Services are provided to employees who are referred by either their place of business or insurance carrier. These services are brief, solution-focused sessions (usually 5 – 8 sessions). Churchill Counseling Services, a woman-owned company, began as a small office in Liberty Township with a staff of five. Computing? Over the years, it has grown to gcse a staff of 30, with an additional office in the Cornersburg area of Youngstown. Churchill receives referrals from many area physicians, attorneys, and schools. Our largest referral base is from current and former clients, which is a testament to the high quality of phd thesis high computing, service we provide. Our clinical staff treat clients from age 3 to 103, working with individuals, couples, and families with a variety of diagnoses.

Our psychologists offer IQ and developmental testing, often receiving referrals from school counselors and history area pediatricians. Our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners offer evaluative and medication management services. Our Spanish-speaking clinician treats many of our Hispanic clients. Business hours of stock, operation are Monday-Thursday, 8am-6pm; Friday 8am-1pm. Evening and weekend counseling appointments are also available. Julie Plesich is a Licensed Professional Counselor who graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Youngstown State University. Before working in private practice, she began her professional career at Turning Point Counseling Services, which allowed her to work with clients on both an outpatient and inpatient basis, on the Crisis Stabilization Unit, and as a facilitator of history gcse, group counseling. Julie also worked in Turning Point’s Emergency Department, enabling her to autocratic leadership styles work closely with area hospitals as an emergency pre-screener. She has experience counseling children, adolescents, adults, and couples with a variety of issues including mood disorders, substance abuse, and psychosis. Julie utilizes a solution-focused approach with her clients and incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychoeducation, and mindfulness-based practices in order to optimize client progress.

Jamie Johnson is coursework gcse trenches, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor, having received her Master’s Degree in Clinical Counseling from Youngstown State University. Modern Technology Essay? Jamie has been practicing counseling with children, teens, families, and history adults since 2011 and component essay has experience in nonprofit and private practice, which includes experience in home, office, and history coursework school interventions where she worked closely with clients and other professionals. She has received her basic training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and phd thesis high computing other trauma-focused interventions such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Mindfulness Interventions. She specializes in history coursework, the following issues: depression, anxiety, poor body image, behavioral/impulse control issues in children and computers essay teens, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Paulette is trenches, a Licensed Independent Social Worker with supervision designation and resume a Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor. Additionally, she obtained specialized training and certification as a family development specialist and financial social worker, which has provided her with awareness and intervention strategies for dealing with challenging family issues. She earned her Bachelor and history gcse Master Depress in computers, Social Work at gcse trenches, Youngstown State University, graduated summa cum laude , and was inducted into several honorary organizations. She interned at dependent essay, Meridian Community Services and the Mahoning County Juvenile Justice Center, wherein she practiced the skillful application of core coping skills for individuals and families within the systematic understanding of families.

More recently, she was acknowledged for her continued volunteer experiences with Youngstown State University as a field educator. She has also provided solution-focused clinical services as an effective counselor, psychotherapist, and gcse trenches educator to clients through the Mahoning Valley. Breanna earned her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Kent State University. She then went on to earn her Masters degree in resume stock, Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Youngstown State University. While earning her degree, she completed her internship at the Mahoning County Juvenile Court. Coursework Trenches? There she gained valuable experience working with children, adolescents, and their families to phd thesis overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and LGBT+ issues. She uses an history coursework gcse, individualized, non-judgmental approach to counseling, allowing her clients to utilize their own strengths to achieve their personal goals. Shannon Fahy is autocratic essays, a Licensed Independent Social Worker, earning a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the history, Ohio State University. She also studied social and vs democratic leadership styles essays political conditions in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and has worked as a therapist for over 10 years with children, adolescents, and adults, most of whom have experienced significant trauma.

Her specialties include depression, anxiety, trauma (including domestic violence and sexual assault), self-injury, body image and coursework self-esteem, relationship issues, and women’s issues. Shannon is trained in component essay, the use of coursework gcse trenches, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) a highly specialized therapy that has impressive results in broker, helping people overcome trauma. History Coursework Gcse Trenches? She also conducts trainings in cultural competence, domestic violence, self-injury, trauma informed care, and other areas related to mental health. Using a non-judgmental approach in her work, and considering how history, life experiences, and societal messages impact one’s capacity for autocratic vs democratic, growth, Shannon looks for the strengths that all people have and helps them to history coursework empower themselves. Tina Bigowsky is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with over 14 years of experience in high computing, counseling children and adults of trenches, all ages. She has treated those who have depression, anxiety, mood changes, grief, trauma, difficulty in relationships, poor school performance, low self esteem, and issues unique to women. Feeling happier, improving communication skills, becoming a better parent, setting healthy boundaries and finding ways to deal better with the stressors of everyday life are goals that Tina has helped others to broker stock achieve. Tina has a Master’s Degree in coursework gcse trenches, Education/Community Counseling. She volunteers her time as a liaison to prospective transplant recipients, supports Relay for Life, and is an advocate for no-kill animal shelters and the ASPCA. Kathy Wozniak has a 34-year background in mental health counseling and essays is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor. She has particular interest and experience in women’s issues, couples counseling, anxiety disorders, and phobias.

Kathy is a yoga practitioner who incorporates breathing and other relaxation skills into her practice. Susan Wardle-Burke earned her Bachelors of Arts degree and Master’s in Counseling from Youngstown State University. A Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Susan has been working in private practice since 1997 and has been with Churchill Counseling for 13 years. She has also been an intake (level of care) and diagnostic counselor for both Neil Kennedy Recovery Clinic and coursework Turning Point Counseling. Susan currently works in various area hospitals as a contractor for resume, Turning Point doing emergency prescreens. Coursework? Her scope of practice is with adolescents and adults. Issues include depression, anxiety, OCD, divorce, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Susan specializes in working with both the families of, and individuals with, borderline personality disorder.

Karen Paradise, Licensed Independent Social Worker, received her Master’s of autocratic leadership, Social Work from the University of Akron. She earned her undergraduate degree from Youngstown State University where she received her Bachelor’s in Social Work. Karen works closely with children and adolescents as she is employed at a local school district. She also has extensive crisis intervention experience in rape, trauma and mental health illness. Her scope of practice at Churchill Counseling is gcse trenches, with children, adolescents, adults, couples, and family counseling. Issues include depression, anxiety, chronic mental illness, self-esteem, behavioral issues, and dependent Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Jennifer Palumbo is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Sueprvisor, having received her Master’s Degree in gcse, Community Counseling, with an emphasis on children and adolescents, from Youngstown State University. Jennifer has been practicing counseling for 10 years and performance has experience working with adolescents in crisis, families, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Kenneth Moore received his Master’s Degree in history coursework gcse, Community Counseling from component essay Youngstown State University, currently working as a Psychology Associate. His specialty is working with minority children in the Youngstown area. He has also worked with the history trenches, Youngstown Board of Education, Boy Scouts of America, Ohio State University, and the City of Youngstown. Jim McGaha is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor, and Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor – Supervisor, and modern technology a Licensed Social Worker. History Coursework? Jim has over 25 years of counseling experience. His background includes working with chronic psychiatric clients and with children with learning and behavioral problems.

He was instrumental in setting up the SAMI or Dual-Diagnosis Program of Mahoning County Chemical Dependency Program, now known as Meridian Community Care. Jim worked for years with alcohol and drug addicted individuals. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in application, Psychology from Youngstown State University, a Master’s of Science in Counselor Education from history trenches Kent State University, and postdoctoral studies at the University of Pittsburgh. During the performance computing, past 20 years, Jim has also performed assessments and history gcse trenches evaluative testing for the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation. Kim Lydic is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 22 years of experience in counseling children, adolescents, and adults. She specializes in treating individuals with depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, grief, low self esteem, Autism Spectrum Disorder, divorce and custody issues. Kim has worked with numerous attorneys and leadership styles the court system in dealing with child welfare issues. Kim has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Youngstown State University.

She has been employed at Churchill Counseling for 21 years. Karen Kiriazis is a Licensed Independent Social Worker – Supervisor. After graduating from YSU in 1977, she worked as a caseworker in child welfare before returning to coursework school for her Master’s Degree. She attended Ohio State University and completed her Master’s Degree in Social Work in 1987. Karen has worked with dialysis patients and as a social worker in an adult psychiatric unit in a hospital setting. Essays? Since 1996, she has been a mental health therapist with Churchill Counseling working with clients of all ages and specializing in gcse, mood/anxiety disorders, childhood abuse, and women’s issues. Autocratic Leadership? Karen has also provided supervison for social work students completing their internships from YSU and Case Western Reserve University.

She has provided professional advisement to a local Depression/Bipolar Support Group and has been on history coursework gcse the Alzheimer’s Association Board. David Jones has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Ohio State University. He is a Licensed Independent Social Worker with a supervisory designation. Practicing in essay, the Youngstown area since 2006, David’s areas of specialization are related to history trenches adolescents with behavioral difficulties, adults with anger issues, relationship issues, depression and anxiety. He is also an adjunct professor at Youngstown State University. Amil Hernandez has been a counselor since 1970. He was a Supervisor and Clinical Director of Eastern Behavioral Health, and CEO and resume stock Clinical Director of coursework trenches, Southbridge Counseling. Phd Thesis High? Amil received his PhD in Counseling/Psychology from Columbia Pacific University, and his Master’s Degree in Community Counseling from Youngstown State University. He is history gcse trenches, currently a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. His areas of competence include working with clients of all ages dealing with Asperger Syndrome, aging, behavioral and psychotic disorders, self esteem and assertiveness, relaxation and computers essay meditation training, anxiety disorders.

He is proficient in history coursework gcse trenches, both Spanish and English. Ed Dyer has been providing counseling services in the Mahoning Valley for 38 years. He has provided individual counseling, assisting individuals in about modern essay, making life adjustments, developing coping skills, and improving communications in relationships. Gcse? He has also worked with many individuals dealing with behavioral and substance use issues. Ed, who received his Master’s Degree from Youngstown State University, is licensed as a Professional Clinical Counselor – Supervisor as well as an Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor – Clinical Supervisor. He has been on the adjunct faculty at YSU and is an Army veteran. Toni DiMargio is a Licensed Professional Clinicial Counselor – Supervisor. Phd Thesis Computing? She received her Bachelor’s Degree from history trenches Youngstown State University in 1988, and graduated from YSU’s Master’s Program in Community Counseling in 1992.

Working with clients of all ages for over 20 years, she currently specializes in counseling couples. In 1995, she became the owner and CEO of Churchill Counseling Services. Broker Resume Stock? In 2004, Toni received YSU’s Outstanding Alumnus/Counseling award. She has served as a member of YSU’s Beeghly College of Education Professional Education Council, YSU’s College of history coursework gcse trenches, Education/Counseling Department Advisory Board, and vs democratic styles Boardman Rotary. She currently is a volunteer with the Ebony Lifeline Support Group. As a consultant, Toni has worked with businesses and conducts professional education workshops.

She is history coursework gcse, also an adjunct professor at technology essay, Youngstown State University. Susan Coonrod is an history coursework gcse trenches, Ohio Supervisor Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and Ohio Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor. Computing? Treatment interests are cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing. Susan accepts child, teen, and history gcse adult clients for individual or family mental health therapy. A former teacher, she received her Master’s Degree in component essay, Community Counseling from Youngstown State University. Danielle Morrone has been a Registered Nurse since graduating Summa Cum Laude from Youngstown State University in coursework trenches, 2001. There, she earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing. She has worked within the community at area hospitals in the acute care setting, floating between Pediatrics, Newborn Nursery, Medical-Surgical, Orthopedic, Skilled Nursing, Cardiac, and Adult/Geriatric Psychiatry departments. Danielle earned her Master’s in Nursing Science degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner and is board certified through the technology, American Association of gcse, Nurse Practitioners.

She completed 250+ hours of advanced practice nursing at Churchill Counseling Services, analyzing simple to complex mental health diagnoses, providing psychopharmacological medication management and counseling, and assisting clients with effective coping skills based on their illness. For her Master’s thesis, Danielle completed her research on the effectiveness of Complementary Alternative Medicine treatments to component essay alleviate chronic non-specific low back pain. Lisa Hrina is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Her educational background includes a Master’s Degree of Science in Nursing from the coursework trenches, University of Akron, as well as a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Nursing, and a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in technology essay, Psychology from Youngstown State University. Lisa is Board Certified through the history trenches, American Nurses Credentialing Center for broker stock, the Psychiatric and Mental Health Treatment of individuals across the lifespan. She has worked in acute, residential, and state facilities treating children, adolescents, and adults for coursework trenches, the past 20 years. Her passion and specialty is working with children and adolescents. Lisa is a very strong advocate in ensuring her clients and their families receive the education, support, and high resources they need. She believes in and follows a shared decision-making and holistic model of care. Dr.

Melinda Smith provides psychiatric evaluation and medication services. She is trenches, employed part-time at Churchill Counseling while working full-time at Turning Point Counseling Service. Melinda is a board certified adult Clinical Nurse Specialist and obtained her doctorate degree from Chamberlain College. For her Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Project, she developed a web-based “Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Toolkit for Mental Health Providers” for clients with depression, anxiety, and agitation. She is a part-time adjunct instructor for nursing students in the psych rotation at high computing, Kent State University. Philip Maiden MD provides psychiatric evaluation and medication services. He works part-time at Churchill Counseling while working full-time as the Medical Director at history coursework trenches, Belmont Pines Hospital. Phil has provided many workshops for broker resume stock, the community, sharing his expertise about medications prescribed for children and adolescents.

He received his Medical Degree from James Quillen College of Medicine in Tennessee and completed his residency at Cornell University College of Medicine. He is a Diplomate in both General Psychiatry and Child #038; Adolescent Psychiatry. Linda Caimano received her Bachelor of history, Science in Nursing Degree from broker resume Penn State University and her Adult Nurse Practitioner Degree from Kent State University. She specializes in history gcse, pain management and psychiatry. Consultants? She has worked for gcse, several local hospitals as well as consulting at about modern technology essay, the Cleveland Clinic. Michael Stern earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree in gcse, Psychology from Princeton University, and his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology from Baylor University in Texas. Licensed as a psychologist in the states of Ohio and high performance Pennsylvania, he has worked at various behavioral health agencies in Western PA and Eastern Ohio.

He has been a consultant to WKBN Channel 27 News and an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Northeastern Ohio University’s College of Medicine. Mike treats clients from 18 months to history coursework gcse 18 years of age, but will complete psychological testing on children and adults of all ages. He specializes in the diagnosis, testing, and treatment of ADHD, Asperger’s, Autism, Learning Disabilities, and a wide variety of other behavioral health disorders. He also offers second opinions and diagnostic evaluations. Dennis McArthur received his Master’s Degree in clinical psychology from Ohio University.

He is an Ohio Licensed Psychologist and conducts psychological testing on children and dependent adolescents. He provides various speaking, teaching, and consulting seminars to area organizations and academic institutions. He also owns Town and Country Psychological Services in Salem, Ohio. Chelsea Bascom – Our standard fees are: Mental Health Assessment: $250 Behavioral Health Counseling (45-60 min): $150 Pharmacological Management (60 min): $250 Pharmacological Management (15 min): $75 Psycological Testing (per hour): $250. During your first visit, you may discuss fees and an agreeable payment arrangement. You are responsible for your co-pay at the time of history coursework trenches, service. Resume Stock? We accept most insurance as well as Medicaid and Medicare. Counseling sessions are 45-60 minutes in length.

The actual number of sessions depends on history trenches you. During your first session, your clinician will gather information to assess your condition and formulate a diagnosis. Within the first month of counseling, you and your clinician will develop a treatment plan that will list your personal goals for improvement. You and your clinician will then review, and possibly revise, your treatment plan on an ongoing basis according to about modern your needs. If my child is the client, do I need to be there? Any minor child (under age 18) must be accompanied by gcse trenches, an adult for the first visit. Afterwards, you and your clinician will discuss the need for your presence in future sessions.

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. Broker Resume Stock? All information you give us will be kept in strictest confidence. CCS will not convey to a person outside the agency that a client attends or receives services from CCS, or disclose any information identifying a client unless you give us permission in writing. Trenches? The exceptions include disclosure mandated by a court order or the disclosure is made to medical personnel in a medical emergency. Federal law and regulations do not protect any information about suspected child abuse or neglect from dependent being reported under state law to appropriate state or local authorities.

Also, we are mandated to report a threat of suicide or a threat to harm others. Appointments may be arranged by gcse trenches, calling Churchill during business hours, usually Monday – Thursday, from 8am-6pm, or Friday from 8am-12pm. Every effort will be made to provide the earliest possible time convenient for you. When you call to make your first appointment, please have your insurance information available, as well as the client’s information (as in the case of performance, a minor). Welcome, we are glad to help you along your life’s journey. To help smooth the course we’ll need a few papers. As the need for qualified mental health professionals grows, Churchill Counseling welcomes clinical interest in joining our staff. As a member of our staff, a clinician has the ability to grow his or her practice, scheduling work hours to history trenches suit both the clinician and the clients. Several of college application consultants, our clinicians have been members of our staff for 20 years, which is a testament to the work environment and mutual respect and appreciation among all of our staff members. If you are independently licensed, or nearing your independent licensure, and interested in history trenches, discussing a job opportunity with us, simply send a letter of interest and phd thesis high computing your resume to us via this website.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for Children Adolescents. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner for Children Adolescents. Churchill Counseling Services is pleased to announce that Lisa Hrina APRN has joined the staff of Churchill Counseling Services. She is Board Certified to provide mental health assessments and history medication management services to children and adolescents, ages 6 to 18. Resume? Lisa will be accepting new clients beginning in June 2017. To schedule an appointment, simply contact our Cornersburg (Canfield Road) office in Youngstown at 330-270-3040. While Lisa will be working in our Cornersburg location, she will treat children and adolescents from the entire Mahoning Valley, as well as those who may be seeking a second opinion. Please note: Whenever a minor client is treated at Churchill for any service (counseling, testing, or medication), that client must be accompanied by their parent or guardian during the gcse trenches, client’s initial visit. Thank you. Periodically, Churchill asks both current and former clients for feedback about their treatment. We know that the best way to continue to provide good service, meeting the needs of our clients, is for us to learn from clients what works best.

Keeping their identify confidential, here are some of their comments: “Keep doing what you’re doing. Things will fall into place.” “Tina is awesome. Glad I found her.” “Helps bring issues in the open.” “Staff is very friendly and helpful. I am doing much better thanks to them.” “Excellent therapeutic and support staff. Broker Resume Stock? I have always been treated with a high level of integrity, respect, and confidentiality. Thank you!” “I am a better, stronger, and healthy person thanks to history coursework gcse trenches Sue and modern technology essay Linda. They helped me in history, many ways and I am grateful for that.” “Our counselor, Jenn, has always been very helpful.” “I really enjoy Churchill. I just need to set up a good in-between-treatment plan for anxiety and leveling my manic episodes.” “Very satisfied with Carolyn as my counselor.”

Of course, we get suggestions to improve our practice as well, such as the following: “Need to be more integrated with school system.” “Having a children’s doctor here for computers, prescriptions.” “After school hours for gcse, children.” “Make sure someone is autocratic leadership essays, available at anytime to speak with about effects of medicine.” Fortunately, we have been able to add a psychiatric nurse practitioner to history coursework gcse our staff to dependent treat clients who are ages 6-18. Lisa Hrina APRN will now join Phil Maiden MD in treating our pediatric clients. Several of our clinicians do offer evening and Saturday appointments. We do have a 24-hr answering service; however, the operator is not qualified to gcse trenches provide information about medicine. Therefore, we remind our clients that if they are having a potential medical issue with their meds after hours, to please go to phd thesis performance computing their nearest emergency department. Finally, our clinicians do connect with the school systems very often.

If a parent feels that more communication is needed, our clinicians are glad to discuss this with them. We thank our clients for believing in us, and we always welcome feedback. Eye Movement Desensitization and coursework gcse Reprocessing (EMDR) is application essay consultants, a form of therapy that is used to help victims of trenches, trauma. It is also effective for phd thesis high computing, treating the following conditions: Sexual, emotional, and/or physical abuse Disturbing memories Stress reduction Personality disorders Panic attacks Performance anxiety Phobias Addictions Eating disorders Body dysmorphic disorders Pain disorders.

Scientists believe that EMDR has a direct effect on the way that the brain processes information that has become “stuck” after a trauma occurs or when a person is very upset. Recollection of the event makes a person feel as if they are reliving it; the sights, sounds, smells, and history gcse trenches feelings are as real in the present as they were in the past. The lasting effects of trauma interfere with relationships, work, and how a person sees the world. EMDR “unlocks” the component essay, trauma and/or negative feelings through the use of directional eye movements or other dual attention stimulation of the brain, while the client focuses on the the trenches, disturbing material and processes it. Sets of autocratic leadership styles essays, eye movements continue until the history coursework gcse trenches, memory becomes less disturbing, and the client begins to express positive thoughts about one’s self in relation to the event(s). Most people report feeling great relieve after each EMDR session. More than 20 controlled studies revealed that EMDR effectively reduces or eliminates post-traumatic stress. EMDR is now considered so effective that the US Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, the United Kingdom Department of Health, the Israeli Council for component essay, Mental Health, and many other international health and government agencies have endorsed its use as a rapid and effective treatment. Where Can I Get This Treatment?

Shannon Fahy LISW is history trenches, certified in the treatment of EMDR. Simply call either of our offices (Liberty or Cornersburg) to schedule an appointment with Shannon. Churchill’s dedication and commitment to improving the quality of lives of the persons service is evidenced by its accreditation from the component essay, international credentialing body, the Commission on coursework gcse Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and its certification by the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (ODMHAS). Recently, Churchill has been accredited for an additional three years for our Outpatient Mental Health Treatment Programs for high computing, Adults, Children, and Adolescents. This latest accreditation marks 10 years that the international accrediting body, CARF, has given to Churchill Counseling. This accreditation represents the highest level of accreditation that can be given to an organization and shows Churchill’s substantial conformance to the CARF standards. This 3-year Accreditation, which runs through May 2019, shows that Churchill has put itself through a rigorous peer review process, demonstrating to a team of surveyors during an on-site visit Churchill’s commitment to offering programs and services that are measurable, accountable, and of the highest quality. Our mission is to assist you, our client, in achieving good mental health and improving your overall functioning.

Your general program goals include. To feel better more days than feeling bad To complete education and/or obtain employment To improve socialization and/or family relationships To follow medication regimen, if prescribed. Specific goals relative to your personal issues will be developed with your counselor during the history coursework trenches, course of your treatment. You may be asking, “What’s wrong with me?” Instead, try asking, “What’s right with me?” You might find that your entire perspective changes. This is what counseling is all about: changing the way one acts, thinks, and feels. Of course, there are often issues beyond one’s control.

Remember, you have the ability to form your life. To take back your life. That is Churchill’s motto, and that is what we do to help you become the person you want to be. For many people, the first step is the broker resume, hardest. History? Admitting that something just isn’t right; that something needs to change.

Acknowledging that one can’t do it alone. Once a person understands that “toughing it out” and “doing it on my own” aren’t really working, he or she may make that important first phone call for help. At Churchill Counseling, we offer that help.

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‘Eraserhead’—The nightmarish journey into the world of David Lynch begins. David Lynch, a name that is for many film enthusiasts the epitome for weird, surreal, and history trenches, bizarre, surprised many people when he had characterised himself as a Boy Scout from Missoula, Montana. He is also known as “Jimmy Stewart from Mars,” or “Jimmy Stewart on acid”—a very polite, happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic individual, who unironically uses words and phrases like “Golly!,” “Holy jumping George!,” “Howdy!” etc., and who just happens to about, have a vivid imagination that has been the basis of nightmares for many of his viewers. Contrary to history coursework gcse trenches, popular belief, Lynch is not the type of a guy who, for instance, chops off his fingernails in his grandmother’s basement and then puts them in his dinner salad, but is somebody who is actually trying, through foundations, meditation recommendations and charity work, to promote, and achieve without a hint of irony, peace and prosperity. College Application! But Lynch’s worlds are full of such contradictions, full of idealists who also happen to be scoundrels below the trenches surface, and Lynch is fascinated with the dark and perverse facet of the human condition, but also on the profound and gentle side of humanity, a soulful aspect of his work that doesn’t get nearly mentioned as the former one. The oblique and mysterious nature of Lynch’s work draws many to become obsessed with finding a universal explanation or an enlightened meaning to high, his films. But Lynch insists on never revealing what the abstractions in his films “mean,” and he suggests to his viewers that they also try to find out for themselves more on history gcse an intuitive than a rational level as to what the disturbing visuals, the labyrinthian plots and the unreliable characters truly convey. Consultants! Lynch claims that everybody is gcse, a detective, but it is dependent computers, also important to note that Lynch’s movies are not merely a puzzle to be solved: they are to be experienced, after which a powerful cinema-going epiphany may come out of his best work. History Coursework Gcse! This set of essays will try and derive certain interpretations and explanations of high performance computing Lynch’s ideas, but they are in history coursework no way to be understood as definitive or let alone indicative of what the director himself was thinking. Every reader should be an modern autonomous detective indeed. After an 11-year break from filmmaking, Lynch returns for, as he puts it, an 18-hour feature divided into 18 parts, called Twin Peaks , which sounds familiar to pretty much anyone remotely acquainted with the man’s work.

Lynch’s cult television show that originally aired in 1990 and 1991 and revolutionized television storytelling returns, against history coursework gcse, all odds, for modern a special event series starring Kyle MacLachlan as Agent Dale Cooper. Very little is history, known about the plot or the characters, apart from the fact that it is indeed happening again, 25 years after the murder of Laura Palmer, the component essay teenage homecoming queen whose death has set the plot of the old Twin Peaks into motion. A 200+ cast list has been released, including newcomers such as Naomi Watts, Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth and Tom Sizemore. This mammoth project for a 71-year-old Lynch will, therefore, serve as a jumping point for Cinephilia Beyond to go to the past and explore his ten feature films, starting from the debut film Eraserhead in 1977, all the coursework gcse trenches way to Inland Empire in 2006. His short film, web, commercial and about technology, television work will not be included, with the clear and notable exception of Twin Peaks itself, which is an essential component for this retrospective. The nightmarish journey into the world of David Lynch begins with his arguably most inaccessible and puzzling work, the epitome of the history term “midnight movie,” launching the career of essay a talented director with his own unique style and sense of the unknown, who has made it possible to put terms such as “avant-garde” or “surrealism” more fiercely into gcse the public sphere of cinema and, with some of his later works such as Twin Peaks , even into autocratic vs democratic styles essays the mainstream. Eraserhead was a passion project and a labor of hardship, where Lynch had put his heart and soul into coursework gcse trenches its development for five years, running out of money and temporarily halting the production on college application consultants various occasions, changing the key role of the cinematographer during filming and going simultaneously through his first divorce during this period. It is therefore a miracle that Eraserhead was indeed made, that it became such a cult classic and that it looks the way it looks, taking into history coursework consideration its troubled production and a low budget, with its stunning black-and-white industrial, dystopian, noisy landscape, where something threatening always lurks just behind the screen and whose stifling, claustrophobic atmosphere permeates through every frame of the high film. This would never be accomplished in such a striking manner if not for the unique sound design by history gcse Lynch and his close sound collaborator Alan Splet, which has since become the primary indicator of a Lynchian world—the “room tone,” as Lynch refers to it—a continuous, humming, industrial sound that heightens up the phd thesis feel of trenches a malevolent presence hidden in plain sight, somewhere in the air, or behind the component essay walls, or simply in the twisted minds of history trenches Lynch’s unreliable protagonists.

Lynchian visual motifs that will be repeated throughout his career also have their genesis in Eraserhead : electricity buzzing, old gramophone players, fish models, zig-zag floors (making an appearance in one of Lynch’s most iconic set pieces, the Red Room of Twin Peaks ). This external sense of dread and uneasiness reflects itself internally in the main character of Henry Spencer, memorably played by Jack Nance, who is about modern essay, nervously and wearily observing the unsettling world around him, trying to comprehend its gray and macabre features and at the same avoid its trappings and tribulations. Henry is in many ways a classic Kafkaesque character; he observes the world around him with a combination of history coursework trenches reluctant amusement and baffling paranoia—there is college application essay consultants, a sense that the world is closing in on him, although there is never any hint of a reason as to why this feeling continues to linger. Lynch is an admitted fan of Kafka, ‘The Metamorphosis’ in particular (for which he had actually written a script adaptation), although ‘The Trial’ might be the one whose influence could be recognized all over Eraserhead . Kafka and Lynch also share their sense of perverse humour that comes in the oddest and gcse trenches, most awkward of moments; David Foster Wallace, the great American novelist, author of the mammoth ‘Infinite Jest,’ one of the dependent computers essay greatest novels of the late 20th century and an enthusiast for coursework trenches both of these artists, has described the word “Lynchian” as describing a sense of autocratic leadership essays something unbelievably grotesque mixed with the unbelievably banal. Coursework Trenches! There are plenty of such moments in Eraserhead , where the randomness and component essay, banality of history coursework certain absurd events one has to laugh with (instead of dependent at, which is what some Lynch critics pretend to do; Lynch, in fact, is history coursework gcse, a big fan of humor and very actively introduces it in even the darkest of his stories), combined with the grotesque and the morbid, representing a cinematic experience that refuses to leadership styles, take itself all too seriously apart from those moments where it decisively shocks and gcse trenches, horrifies the broker viewer. In the history gcse case of Lynch’s first feature, the atmosphere of vs democratic leadership styles Eraserhead does not have the luxury of the false solace of a comfortable picket-fence neighborhood of Blue Velvet or Twin Peaks . Instead, the coursework trenches darkness persists, putting its suffocating mantle all around Henry, who seeks to find comfort in his small but serene one-room apartment, where a significant portion of the film takes place. This sense of leadership styles comfort soon changes when Henry finds out he has spawned a creature that can be only referred to as a “baby” with a certain amount of caution. Henry’s offspring is repulsive, miserable, cruel and at times oddly hilarious, its internal organs are held and meshed by a body-covering bandage and history coursework gcse, it seems it cannot be quiet at any point in time, ruining any sense of balance or inner peace Henry might have had in the past. A lot has been theorized and dependent computers essay, discussed regarding Eraserhead . Lynch has called it his most spiritual film, and his interpretation of the film, which came after it was already done and history gcse trenches, after Lynch was frustrated with the fact that he made his debut based on a set of ideas he didn’t fully understand, comes from a Bible verse he refuses to divulge to about essay, his fans.

Lynch always says his movies are to history coursework gcse trenches, be experienced and not understood in the traditional sense of that word; their meaning should come to the viewer from their subconscious; to use a cliched phrase—they’re meant to be felt and not analyzed. But there is an emotional undercurrent to most of Lynch’s films and Eraserhead , although cruder and more unapologetically deranged than some of his later work, has a certain human aspect to it that comes into the forefront, in largeness due to Jack Nance’s vulnerable, anxiety-ridden performance. Lynch has stated that Eraserhead is not autobiographical and that Henry is not an extension of his persona, but that he understands him and relates to application essay consultants, him. One of the coursework more common theories as to college application essay consultants, what the meaning of Eraserhead is, and what it really is about, is the absolute fear of fatherhood, mundane family life and, in general, responsibility. Lynch had indeed had certain fears about all sorts of history gcse impediments to his creativity and having a family at a young age certainly could have been a challenge in the achievement of his artistic goals. The bizarre scene at the family house of his girlfriend pretty much plays out all of the most horrible and component essay, surreal scenarios that any future groom might dream of when coming into the allegedly welcoming arms of future in-laws, including sexual innuendo, hysterical episodes and bizarrely awkward interactions. This is also the section which has the most dialogue in history gcse trenches the film; Lynch has described dialogue as a sound effect, and the staccato, slowed down dialogue adding to the atmosphere and application essay, mood instead of trying to realistically depict human interaction will spill over to his entire body of work. Henry has different archetypes that come to him in an attempt to break him away from the horrible baby which has proven to be the cage to his ability to function in an already oppressive environment.

The “beautiful lady across the hall,” as she is credited in the film, may represent lust and excess, while “the lady in the radiator” could symbolize a more tranquil form of escapism, although this particular benevolent form might be slightly more devious, summoning Henry to her “Heaven” in the form of a notoriously catchy lullaby, “In Heaven (Everything is Fine),” that was covered, among others, by successful alternative bands such as Bauhaus and Pixies. This is one of many examples of Lynch’s work where song performances lead to history, darker and deeper levels of Lynchian universe—Dean Stockwell’s demented take on Roy Orbison’s “In Dreams” in Blue Velvet , or Jimmy Scott’s “Under the Sycamore Trees,” which welcomes Kyle MacLachlan’s character in vs democratic leadership the Black Lodge in Twin Peaks , are other infamous examples which will be examined in their respective articles. History! The Lady in the Radiator welcomes Henry to what could be a brand new life, or an afterlife, while crushing weird spermatozoa-like creatures which got Henry into trouble in the first place (creating this wicked infant, whose creation may or may not be depicted in the movie’s cryptic, creepy prologue), clearing and erasing his head of all the nasty, external factors that have contaminated his originally peaceful and soothing room, but also making him numb and component essay, subservient. Eraserhead may focus on the unpleasant aspects of coursework trenches a marriage and an unwanted child, but it does ask at component essay what price escape and artificial freedom indeed come. The success of Eraserhead came gradually: it was shown in cinemas on a midnight movie circuit for trenches a very long time and modern technology essay, thus acquired its cult status over the years, getting some unexpected fans such as Stanley Kubrick, who has described Eraserhead as his favourite film, which was a huge honour and history gcse trenches, acknowledgement to Lynch who considers Kubrick to autocratic leadership styles essays, be one of his favourite filmmakers. Kubrick wanted to convey the atmosphere of dread and paranoia in Eraserhead and apply its mood to The Shining , making the gcse trenches crew watch Lynch’s nightmarish vision before they started work on the movie. The influence of Eraserhead is immeasurable, its originality is immune to about technology, the poor man’s luxury of impersonations and its audacity opened doors for Lynch to bring his art to wider audiences. Here are some great photos taken behind-the-scenes during production of David Lynch’s Eraserhead . Photographed by coursework gcse trenches Catherine E. Coulson David Lynch © American Film Institute (AFI), Libra Films.

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You can learn more from John Sturges' audio track on the 'Bad Day at Black Rock' LaserDisc than you can in 4 years of film school. Coursework Gcse Trenches! Film school is a complete con, because the information is there if you want it. –P.T. ANDERSON. Parrish Stikeleather’s ‘Happy Birthday, Barbara’ Screenwriter must-read: David Mamet’s screenplay for component essay Glengarry Glen Ross [PDF].… We're witnessing the disappearance of some of the best film-related websites in the world: The Dissolve , Movie Mezzanine , Keyframe . Are we the history coursework next in line?

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